Friday, April 15, 2011

M is For Martinetes

A-Z Blogging Challenge. My theme is Flamenco and today is M for Martinetes

M is for Martinetes

Martinetes are the songs of the Smithy. Since Gypsies were always on the run from being booted out of country after country, blacksmithing was one of the occupations they could unload their tools and be ready for business. As they hammered on their anvils, they would pound out a rhythm and sing or chant to it. The Martinetes is that type of song.

Traditionally, the Martinetes was not danced but today, theatrical productions dance all of Flamenco . Just be aware that when you see Flamenco on a stage, you are not seeing the pure, although it will be entertaining. The beat of the Martinetes is hauntingly beautiful.

I always think when you're singing and dancing, your misfortune appears a little lighter.

Below is example of Martinetes, danced to the beat of drumming and a cane.


  1. Oh my...that is incredible! There is so much more to the Flamenco dance...more than I ever expected. Thank you for sharing this and explaining...

  2. Amazing..who would have thought of dancing with a cane?

  3. i wouldn't be able to keep my feet going and still maintain a beat with the cane. wow!

  4. Mesmerizing! These dances...they must be choreographed no?

  5. This dancer rocks. It's like a more soulful version of tap.

  6. Turquoisemoon: Thanks for following the Flamenco A-Z
    mybabyjohn : Canes were one of the first beat keepers. Long before guitars. Guitars were only used during the last 150 years.
    texwisgirl :It's difficult. Like circling your tummy and patting your head.
    Bish : Probably only segments of a 12-count beat are choreographed. Then as she dances, she can put them in any order. When you dance that fast, you don't want to have to be thinking.


  7. I never realized there were so many types...and pieces...and different histories to Flamenco! Thank you so much for a tremendous wealth of information. I'm enjoying my time here everyday.

  8. That sent shivers through me!

    It's hell on hard wood floors though. ;-)

  9. I think I'm missing out on something here. It's only playing in mute at my end. It looks great though!

  10. I didn't know there was a similarity between Flamenco and modern tap dancing. She is wearing taps on her shoes, right? I love the syncopated rhythms.

  11. Another reason why I would have no problem having a cane. I wonder if the mama would change her mind if she what fund she could have with it. That was just beautiful. Some of the "simple" steps I do all of a sudden in the kitchen when I'm gathering breakfast. :-)

  12. These videos you have on your blog are all incredible. Wow.

  13. The Flameco is just so fasinating. I never realized there was so much to it. I will always think of you when I see someone dance the Flameco.... not that I see it very often, but once in awhile on an old TV show, you see the dance.

  14. I love that line about singing and dancing making your misfortunes appear lighter. How true. Feel crummy on the inside, but laugh, sing, and dance on the outside, and the inside eventually catches up.

  15. Hi, I just wanted to answer your query on my blog regarding our height.

    David is 6'1" tall
    I am 5'1" tall.

    yes, there definitely is a height discrepancy especially when we dance ballroom style.

  16. I'm giving out awards for the A-Z challenge participants and as I browsed your blog I want to award you the Creative Blog Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.
    PS. I love dancing and thoroughly enjoyed your blog!

  17. Laura : It's my pleasure to have you follow the Flamenco theme.
    Irene : That's why I put a maple floor in my garage.
    Rosalind :I'm sorry you're not getting the sound. I think you'd like this.
    gigi : No, they aren't really taps. Little nails. Letter S coming... It's shoes.

  18. Fishducky : I have an idea that you like to dance. :)
    Su-sieee : You could also do a little soft shoe with a cane. :)
    Plain Jane : Glad you like them. I know people are in a hurry to read blogs but sometimes they don't know what I'm talking about unless they see it.
    Terry : Well, I hope you see a lot of Flamenco.
    Susan : So true. You put that so nicely.
    Deirdra : I will. I feel so honored. Thank you.
    Gigi ; Doesn't matter. I'm just happy that you are dancing and enjoying ballroom. At social dances, this really short guy always asked me to dance..... I'm tall.... and I must be a head taller than he is. But he was a nice man and good dancer .... so I would dance with him. That was years ago.

    Thank you for the meaningful comments. Love to all of you. Manzanita

  19. There needs to be more Flamenco. Especially now that I am learning about it and could understand it a little better. Thanks.

  20. I have always been a fan of flamenco and gypsy music.

    Tossing It Out

  21. Yes, I DO like to dance!--but I've been married 56 years (my husband says we've been married 112 years--we both should get credit for our time) to a man who doesn't like to dance. I have to admit I've danced with quite a few others. I now use a cane--but it's for walking.

  22. It just amazes me how fast her feet are moving. I have a hard time keeping up with line dancing. This is just awesome.

  23. All these pieces and parts of Flamenco. Wow! Just when I think that is it, there is more.