Friday, April 8, 2011

G is For Gaffes Galore

A-Z Blogging Challenge. Today is G for Gaffes Galore

Although my theme is Flamenco, I'm giving Bloggie readers a little break today . I'm going to tell you about a few of my social blunders of Ballroom Dance. Along with Flamenco, I also competed in Ballroom for 25 years.

My partner and I were sitting on folding chairs waiting to go on. When our names were called I got up and proceeded toward the dance floor. I thought my skirt felt weird but as we stepped onto the floor someone rushed up and grabbed the chair I was dragging behind me. It got caught in my skirt and I was about to begin a Viennese Waltz with a chair attached. What a way to begin a dance. It took a while for me to live that down.

Before couples are called to the floor, nervousness reigns supreme. A young couple, competing for the first time, looked up to my partner and me as role models because we were seasoned dancers. When they finished their dance, they rushed up to us for comments, asking, "How'd we do? How'd we do?" Being nervous myself, I answered, "At least you didn't fall down." I can't recall saying that but what a let-down for the young couple who were expecting positive feedback. My partner still reminds me about that remark.

Judges are positioned around the edge of the dance floor with their clipboards. During a quickstep my partner went into some strange patterns that I was having trouble following. Behind a big smile like a ventriloquists dummy, without moving my lips, I said, "What the H--- are you doing?" But just at that moment he turned me and I said it directly to one of the judges on the sideline. My lesson from that was, "Shut up and follow."

We had Gaffes Galore.


  1. Love the stories of your gaffes! The second made me giggle - so I reckon there is a cruel streak in me somewhere!

    Hugs. Anna :o]

  2. Yikes! 'Shut up and follow' - hehe! It's hard to do.

  3. hahahahaha. You must've been wearing a "heavy" dress not to feel the weight of the chair.

  4. I probably shouldn't laugh, but I did. YOu must have been really nervous not to notice the chairSue@JumpingAground (alliteration & drabbles)
    Sue@traverselife(Workplace bullying)

  5. Dancing with a chair in tow - what a hoot! Thanks for the laugh. I enjoyed your gaffes :-)

  6. Now that's concentration on one's art: a folding chair on your skirt train and you're too in the zone to notice. Love it! Crazy gaffes make Good memories

  7. I always thought those competitions were choreographed and practiced....too much DWTS I guess....great memories.

  8. LOL, those were great. I took ballroom only to be told I heard a different beat and always had an extra step :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. Oh but look at you looking gorgeous!!!!

    Glad someone pulled the chair back in time though!!! Take care

  10. Well these made me smile. The image of dragging a chair is priceless!

  11. Oh these made me laugh! Thank you!

  12. Funny how you got caught by the judges. "The mike is always on" as politicians are learning. Love these gaffes and it is fun laughing with you, not at you.

  13. I'm laughing here because these sound like things I would do.
    Happy Friday!

  14. Yes, that was funny and you look gorgeous!--Inger

  15. Thank you for starting my day with a good laugh!

  16. This post is so hilarious!!! lol. I can just picture I LOVE LUCY segments on TV, using your material. Love it!!!

  17. It is so sad that ballroom dancing isn't a bigger phenomenon. It is entertaining both to do and to watch.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw. :)

  18. Hello, I've enjoyed reading your A-Z posts - and this one made me chuckle!

    A fellow A-Zer,
    Lady A xxx

  19. I'm laughing at the thought of you deciding to shut up and follow!

  20. Anna: The weird thing, I didn't mean to say that, it just came out and I didn't remember saying it... or did I really mean it????Spooky.
    Talli: Yeah, I know... but ballroom was written that way and I know females could do it better. Ha
    Su-sieee: The dress was like the one in the photo.
    Sue: yeah, everyone is always nervous
    Rosalind: Dancing with a broom, yes. But a chair, no.
    Teresa: The skirts were really heavy plus petticoats.
    mybabyjohn: DWTS is choreographed because only one couple on the floor but the regular comps you do patterns. No choreography because then you have to be in a certain spot and there are many couples on the floor.
    Jules: You were just being creative.

  21. Old Kitty; Me too. I was like the comedy relief. Ha
    Bish: I laugh now, but not when it happened.
    texwisgirl; I could have been the clown act. LOL
    Patti: Yeah, there a lot of that going on.
    Carol: Scorp gaffes
    Inger: Thanks Inger
    Fishducky: Glad to make you happy.
    gigi: Yeah, like the one in the chocolate factory where she can't keep up with the conveyor belt.
    Cole: It should be in the Olympics, it's as much work to train for. Sometimes we used to practice 8 hours a day.
    Antimony; Thanks and happy to meet you.
    JJ: I just get in trouble with the judges. Better I shut up. LOL How large a poster are you talking about?

  22. Thanks for sharing these great stories!

  23. This was so much fun to read. It reminded me a bit of the Japanese and American movie called "Shall We Dance?"

  24. My in-laws used to be ballroom dancers. S was a dressmaker to and made all her own dresses and often made K's suits too.
    I love watching ballroom dancing, I think it's beautiful.

  25. It was nice of someone to help remove your skirt from the chair. I think that might have thrown your steps off a bit. *lol*

  26. LOL, at least you didn't break any bones. :)

  27. Hi, Manzi!

    I'm Back! loving your A-Z's, and this one is just too much fun!

    And you look exquisite in that photo...absolutely lovely!

    xoxoxo, clare