Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is For Xavier

Posting daily in April for A-Z Blogging Challenge. Today is X. My theme is Flamenco.

X is For Xavier (Cugat)

If Flamenco music sounds too foreign, you may want to listen to transitional music. Xavier Cugat's Latin band from the 40's and 50's might be just the sound to ease your listening ear into a Flamenco Rumba. Traditionally, rumba is not considered pure Flamenco but a Latin-type Rumba is often danced at Flamenco performances. The rumba is one dance that is lively with lots of hip movement. You can have fun with it.


  1. Funny guy! What a great old clip.

  2. I do remember Xavier Cugat. He was a regular TV guest along with 4th wife Charo. Cuchi-cuchi. I remember how much my parents loved him. Think I was into R&R at that time.

  3. (i was wondering how you'd manage an "X". :))

  4. I like how the violinist is using his bow to conduct the music. And how he has that one little riff where he shows us his awesome staccato stroke. Wish I had that much confidence while playing my violin.

    Nice dance music. :)

  5. Oooh, I grew up listening to Xavier Cugat. He was wonderful.

  6. Great post. Great musician. Great song. Thanks!

  7. Awwww loved the clip, thank you!!!! Great song and fun music!! Take care

  8. Great guy. Amazing how we're all managing to come up with the A to Zs!

  9. I could have fun with that puffy shirt. Too funny. The guys look like they have feathers on their arms, and when they're playing the music, I think they're going to take off!!
    Thanks for finding me on the blogosphere.

  10. Great clip! Takes me waaaaaay back. :)

  11. Beautiful music, now where can I get that duck?

    Thanks for the follow!

  12. Thanks for the visit to my blog. Much appreciated.

    Well done on finding an X... and an interesting one too!

  13. X marks the spot with Xavier! Great choice and I really enjoyed the clip!

  14. Loved the clip. Not heard of Xavier Cugat before :O)

  15. My Baby John : And old it is.

    Patti: I think Charo was is last wife. He was a full blown Narcissist and had plenty of wives. He was successful but I bet most of his money went out in alimony. Ha.

    Texwisgirl : So was I. :)

    Angela : he was trained as a classical violinist but found he could make more money in the entertainment business.

    Karen : He seems dated now but he was good.

    Anne : Thanks for dropping in. It's my pleasure to meet you.

    Kitty: One more day for the royal event. Yahhh

    Thank you, everyone. Manzanita

  16. I had fun going back over several of your last alphabet posts. Very clever, informative, and entertaining. I've been a bit preoccupied (as you know!) so I'm behind on catching up on my favorite blogs!

  17. I couldn't get the youtube to play. Our internet is acting up and it kept freezing. Soooo annoying. Do you watch Dancing With The Stars? My mom learned to ballroom dance about 20 years ago and it drives her crazy (not in a good way). Some of the dancing is okay, but most of it is not technically ballroom, so when they call it a rumba or something, she really gets upset. "That was NOT a rumba." LOL. Anyway, I will come back and try to watch your video. Thanks for dropping in on me when you can.

  18. It's been a coon's age since I've heard this song! Make me wanna get up and dance, dance, dance!

  19. Rosalind :This has been so much fun, hasn't it? We've all met so many friendly and sweet people.

    Mary ; Yup looks a big old rooster.

    Laura : Don't go too far back or you'll end up as old as I am. Ha

    Sidney : Thank you for stopping.

    Wanton Redhead : Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming by.

    Morning AJ : It's my pleasure to meet you.

    Talli : Thanks for your support and following. You certainly have mine too, now.

    Empty Nester: Good X ... it's been a tough one. :)

    Madelein : It's probably way before your time.

    Manzanita. Thank you everybody.

  20. Galen : I know you have a lot on your mind these days.

    Robin : I competed in ballroom for 25 years. Yes I do love it. I take the phone off the hook, get my pen and paper and judge. I still teach a few classes in my studio but it's mostly Flamenco that I do these days. I love judge Len. All the judges were champions but Len is special. I nearly always agree with him. No one in my family bothers me when DWTS is on. We all have our special little programs. My daughter likes that runway program where they design clothes. I sat through it once with her but that wasn't my cup of tea so I can understand why DWTS isn't for everyone. Hope you feel good. Love to you.

    Bish: Well just DO IT, girl. Dance.

    Thank you everyone for the lovely and stimulating comments. Manzanita

  21. Really used to enjoy Xavier and his hoochy koochy wife. (And aren't you the clever one for using him for your X?!)

  22. Oh,wonderful music! I've not heard of Xavier before, thank you for sharing with us! ;-)

  23. I loved Cugat! Two of my favorite guitarists are Charro (who was one of his ex-wives) &, of course, Andres Segovia.

  24. Hi, greetings from The Farm. Came across your comment over at Niki's, and here I am. Looks like I'm in good company. Pleased to meet you via this Challenge.
    I like Xavier Cugat. Louis Armstrong too - which I had for my 'W'.

    You are welcome to visit The Farm some time.

    Life on The Farm

  25. Gotta love those shirts with the ruffles!

  26. That was fun! The rhumba. I just like saying that word. :-)

  27. Susan : I recently saw her on TV. She is still Hootchy Kootchying.

    Talei : Be thankful, he was before your time :)

    Fishducky : I recently saw her on TV and she played her guitar. Segovia has always been a favorite of mine. He used to do concerts in Minneapolis and I loved watching him in person.

    Grandpa : Greetings and thank you for your visit. It is my pleasure to meet you. So many great musicians of yesteryear. Cugy and L. Armstrong certainly stand out.

    Thank you for your lovely comments. Manzanita

  28. Irene : How'd you like to iron that baby?

    Su-sieee : The Ruuuuumba. Time to dance, Susie.

  29. What a fun clip. All happy and perky.