Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is For Yearn

Posting daily in April for A-Z Blogging Challenge. Today is Y. My theme is Flamenco.

Y is For Yearning

A Yearning permeates pure Flamenco song and dance. Hondo song is filled with deep, raw emotion for a return to a home the Gypsies never knew. They have no roots, no common language or legal documents to even prove that they were born.

My first contact with Gypsies was during the three year Korean War. Franco was then in power and trying to expell all Gypsies from Spain. I had a very dear Gypsy friend whose family taught me Flamenco while they were living on the beach outside of Algiceras. They were ordered to leave and we never saw each other again. I often have my own yearnings for her and her family and wonder if she ever found a home and a stable life. So many times I've wanted to tell her how much our time together affected the rest of my life.

Below is a video of Rosio Ponce, Flamenco dancer who teaches in California.


  1. I can't believe you are 81 years old!! All that dancing keeps you looking young. :)

    I have a spanish? follower and they left this comment - Tienes un blog lindo. could you please translate for me. Their whole blog is in spanish and I am not sure what to say back to them haha

  2. I have really enjoyed your posts about Flamenco.

  3. Maybe she'll see it on your blog? I too have enjoyed these posts - I had no idea flamenco was such a complex and fascinating topic! Can't wait to see what 'Z' is going to be!!

  4. the castanets section was my favorite in this one. wonderful. i cannot imagine the displaced life of a Gypsy. i am such a homebody that not having a home or homeland would be terrifying.

  5. Lovely clip - another beautiful dancer!! Yay! Thank you!

    Poor Gypsies!!! What a history - thank heavens for their vibrant and amazing culture that transcends all the horrors they face! Take care

  6. It sure has been a pleasure to read and be educated on your passion. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. I'm with Red. Wouldn't it be great if she reads this and comments.

  8. What a tragic story. But you have memory and the gift she gave you, a so she is alive.

    Another wonderful video. I so glad to have "met" you!

  9. Niki : Thanks for the comment. The Spanish phrase is "you have a beautiful blog." I also put this on your blog.

    My baby john : You honor me with your following. thank you.

    Red : That would be a flamenco miracle and they do happen :)

    Texwisgirl : I understand a homebody. During the 50's these people lived with constant interruption. I think now, their lives are more stable.

    Old Kitty : I feel their lives are better. That was also a disruptive war time.

    Jules : Thank you and it's been my pleasure to meet you and exchange post readings.

    Rosalind : WOW... To be able to tell her how much her culture influenced my life.

    Bish : Yes, I'm very lucky to have all my wonderful memories.

    Lovely comments. Thank you. Manzanita

  10. I don't know much about gypsies or how to tell them apart from other people. Did they wear a certain type of dress and wear their hair a certain way? Were the women who approached me for money in Rome gypsies?

  11. Your passion for flamenco comes through so strongly on this blog. I wanted you to know it has been my pleasure to read your posts during this challenge as well.

  12. I enjoyed learning that there are several different types of flamenco but I'm glad you posted this one today. The last few have been a little too gentle for me. Today's got my juices flowing!

  13. Another great video. I've loved learning so much about Flamenco. Thanks for sharing all this with us.

  14. One more day of flamenco! I don't know what I'm going to do once this is over -- I'll miss your video clips!

  15. Pivotal points in life like that are amazing to look back on. What a special time for you, learning a new lifestyle contained in a dance.

  16. When I was a young girl I was captivated by the idea of living in a gypsy caravan. Yearning is such a great word to describe them, at least from what I know. Perhaps this woman will see or a relative will see and a connection will be made. The Universe works in mysterious and beautiful ways....

  17. Roots spring from where ever we decide to plant ourselves. No silly dictatorial or xenophobic mumbo jumbo can take that away from any of us. Thank goodness!

  18. Someone said that the measure of a successful life lies in the positive effect it has on the lives of other people. Your friend and her family obviously had a very positive effect on you. How sad that you lost each other, but your love for the things they taught you lives on.

  19. I posted about my once being briefly adopted by a band of gypsies and what a wonderful experience it was. They nestled my sick little car in the middle of their caravan and saw me to safety. I'll never forget it.
    I hope you again meet your long ago friend.

  20. Well you are one post away from your goal. I do like what you posted along the way :)

  21. Gigi : I don't know that you can recognize gypsies by the way they look, especially at present time. They could be asking for money since it's difficult for them to get jobs. They do often travel with their own people.

    Karen : Thank you very much. I am honored to have had you following.

    Fishducky : I'm so happy you are a woman of passion and enjoy the emotional music. Me too.

    Carol : Thank you for dropping in and commenting.

    Talli : Yes, almost the end. It went so fast and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    I enjoyed reading your comments. Manzanita

  22. Laura : When I look back, it was a meaningful time of my life.

    Teresa,: You are right about the Universe. We seem to meet who we are meant to meet and do what is required.

    Su-sieee : I like that phrase about the roots. You used the X word. Good.

    Susan : I like the way you put that. At the time I was with the gypsies, I knew they were thieves because they had no choice.... steal or die of hunger but I think it was their carefree attitude that was so attractive to me.

    Patti : I don't recall a post about gypsies. Tell me what it is so I can read it, please.

    KleinsteMotte : Yes, one more left. Thank you for the nice comments.

    I appreciate the comments. Manzanita

  23. The history of gypsies is so very fasinating. I'm sure that your dear friend still remembers your kind and beautiful spirit and friendship.
    Great video! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  24. I'm so glad that you ended up meeting that family and they helped foster your love for dance.