Monday, April 25, 2011

U is For Ugly

Daily April post for the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Today is the letter U. My theme is Flamenco.

U is For Ugly

There are moments during a Flamenco dance when intense emotion can make even the most beautiful face, Ugly. Ugly is not a kind word but it is the opposite of pretty and a Flamenco dance expression is rarely pretty. The raw emotion that has been stored inside a dancer now comes to life in her facial expression, hands and head movement. A good Flamenco dancer is long remembered after her performance.

I am not referring to the dances that have roots in folk dances but this is meant for pure Flamenco.

Beginning dancers strive for that Flamenco look. If they don't feel the music, the look on their face betrays them. My advice to beginners, "It takes a long, long time. Only took me 20 years. Be patient, it will come." :)

The Farruquito family has always been a favorite of mine. Pure Flamenco.


  1. Manzanita, thankyou. There was so much love, pride and joy expressed each person to the other. Ugly? At a pinch I suppose, but fitting. Saccharine sweet and cute are so namby pamby in comparison. Sue@JumpingAground (Alliteration & drabbles)
    Sue@traverselife(Workplace bullying)

  2. True emotion often does not look "pretty".

  3. Oh that little boy!!!! Awwwww!! What a cutie!!!

    I like how the woman seems to be in control of the whole thing - sending all these men in a dancing frenzy!! Nothing ugly there - just amazing!! I wish I know what she was saying/singing though to get such manly passion flowing! Take care

  4. Oh Manzanita... I actually have tears in my eyes after watching that.

    Ugly.... I just thought it was just like you said... RAW EMOTION. How proud everyone was of that little boy.

    Thank you Manzanita for another beautiful Flamenco. I am eagerly awaiting V, W, X, Y and Z.

  5. Isn't it amazing how we classify raw emotion? The term ugly doesn't seem right. It's almost like calling a newborn ugly, when in fact, it is human and real and gloriously lovely!
    A beautifully written post.

  6. Yes, the facial expressions are what I remember most about Sacramonte.
    The video and little boy are incredible!

  7. But ugly is the beauty. It is the ugly in the face that conveys the beauty of the dance :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. this was a great post. loved that fact that beginning dancers try to 'fake it until you can make it'. :)

    then the video - what a family! those boys are all heartbreakers! fantastic!

  9. Me: Thanks for coming all that distance :)

    Sue: It's the drama, isn't it?

    My baby John: My sentiments, exactly.

    Terry: I'm happy you saw the raw emotion. :)

    Pamo: I know. But they we use the expression, He's so ugly, he'd cute.

    Laura: I'm so glad you had that experience in Spain.

    Jules: I agree with all you say... but I needed a subject for the letter "U". Ha..

    texwisgirl" : Heartbreakers.... waaa hoo... I love the long wavy hair on those handsome gypsy guys.

    Manzanita... thanks for the meaningful comments.

  10. These dancers are amazing. I loved the first glimpse of the little boy's hands. Emotion fills every movement, even the tiny ones.

  11. I don't believe any dancer can be ugly. Not when they are dancing to beautiful music!

  12. Ugly is only one way of looking at it. Apparently, flamenco = emotions, emotions = facial expressions (sometimes very severe) & flamenco = life! It's amazing how early the children are able to express their emotions! Another beautiful & very moving post.

  13. We are so caught up in trying not to be ugly...we lose much raw emotion needed to create.

  14. I can believe with the power of the emotions that the face could become "ugly." But isn't that also part of the beauty of Flamenco, that the emotions are raw and visible, laid bare for all to see?

  15. Interesting choice for 'U'. :-) I hope the old photos that were taken during our performances will never resurface. ;-)

  16. I wonder what she's singing. So much solemnity in their facial expressions, yet the dancing are bursts of joy and freedom.

  17. Expressing raw emotion may not pretty but it must be so therapeutic.

  18. Carol: The little ones are lucky. They are born with it. We Americans have to learn it.

    Gigi: I appreciate your following Flamenco. :)

    Jane: Thank you for stopping.

    Fishducky: I like the way your one thing led to another. Yes, it is life. Speaking of life... your name is a sparky piece of life. Love it.

    Ann: Well said. I thought about that for a while and you are so right.

    Angela: Yes, it's so much a part of Flamenco

    Bish: It's all part of Flamenco. Beginner's stand in front of the mirror and practice "the look" but of course it isn't real if it doesn't come from within.

    K.C. : Were you a dancer or a performer?

    Su-sieee: I have more tapes of this family and everyone in the family is a performing member of their troupe. Amazing.

    Rosalind: Their raw emotion is done so beautifully when natural. The moment a dancer or singer "tries" it shows and the performance is grating. It's strange, but true.

    Thank you everyone, Love to you. Manzanita

  19. Ah, passion and intensity is what I see on that dancers face. ;-)

  20. The same thing could be said for singing. I've seen some strange expressions when good singers do their thing.

  21. Miriam: I appreciate your stopping and commenting

    Talei: Yes, me too. but I need my U subject for today... Ha :)Thanks for your lovely comments.

    J.L : Yes, singers express that raw emotion too and it's beautiful.


  22. Cool. (= I was in Madrid years ago and I loved the music and the dancing!
    Found you on A-Z.

  23. I think it explains it better than angry. Watching some of these videos, the dancers looked angry. Now I understand I was wrong.

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