Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is For Nanas

A-Z Blogging Challenge. My theme is Flamenco. Today is the letter N.

N is for Nanas

Rock A Bye Baby. Nanas are cradle songs sung to children at bedtime. Cradle songs, sung in a tender Flamenco style are irresistible. Slumber songs of the Nanas are sung in the rhythm of a rocking cradle. Nanas are not sung for fiestas or have guitar accompaniment. They date back to the first Mother and her Child.

Here is the English translation of a few verses of the Nanas

The little baby
wishes to sleep,
but the mischievous sandman
just won't come .....

I hold you in my arms
and am suddenly afraid"
what will become of you, little one,
if I fail you?

Little pink carnation,
buding rose,
sleep, my life,
while I sing you a lullaby.

Slumber song.....ay.....slumber song,
sleep, little star of the

Below is a video of an interpretation of a Nana by Manuel De Falla, A Spanish composer.


  1. oh my, that was mesmerising. Thankyou; now I need to see some live. Have a lovely weekend Manzanita. Sue@JumpingAground (Alliteration & drabbles)
    Sue@traverselife(Workplace bullying)

  2. I love how the dancer and singer just walks off at the end of the song/dance!!

    How haunting and very very sad!!!

    Thanks for sharing, take care

  3. The words to that cradle song are so sweet. As Sue said, it is mesmerising to watch.
    The grace of the dancer is almost ballerina.
    I really feel relaxed. Think I will watch it tonight right before bed.

  4. So hauntingly beautiful Manzanita - it sent a chill down my spine as I became wrappped up in it.


    Anna :o]

  5. Awesome! Gave me chills. I love how the dress and the train are so integral to the dance. And is that a Moorish/Muslim influence I hear in the singing? (Which seems possible as Spain was occupied by the Moors for what...400 years?)

  6. Wow this is too cool. I didn't know any of this. Thanks for the post!

  7. I liked the violinist! Did I tell you I used to study the violin in college? I don't play it anymore and sold it 20 years ago.

  8. Oh, wonderful lullaby and love this N post! ;-)

  9. I am completely mesmerized by your videos. Flamenco truly seems to be a ballet of the soul.

  10. The words of the lullaby even sing a song. The sweetness of the words ring true to this mother and grandma holding the little one and feeling the rocking come from within. I liked the post.:)

  11. Since I am going to be a "Nana" two times over this fall, I especially love this post!

  12. Beautiful. We called my grandmother Nana, but she wasn't a lullaby sort.

  13. Pure magic -- thank you so much for this post. The header photo is great too.--Inger

  14. very very beautiful.
    who can resist the softness and warmth of a all it's forms.

    Is that where the nickname for grandmas came from "Nana's"?????

  15. Sue : Of course. You need live Flamenco. There has to be Gypsies in Australia.
    Kitty : Most of the pure Hondo Flamenco just walk off. They never "play" to the audience.
    Patti : Nanas were never danced, just sung but now they dance everything.
    Anna : I'm glad you appreciated it.
    texwixgirl: Thanks for following.
    Bish : Yes, 400 - 800. The music would have Moorish/ Jewish influences but origins are always an endless argument.
    Theycallme varmit: Thank you. It's my pleasure to present it.

    Your comments are lovely and greatly appreciated.

  16. Gigi : Oh how wonderful that you play the violin. It's such a versatile instrument.Do you ever miss it?
    Talei : Thanks for stopping. Good to see you.
    Fishducky: You said that so perfectly.... what can I add.
    Lagaias :You said that so beautifully. You've got to be a Grandmother.
    Galen : You lucky Grandmother. You'll have 2 babies to sing to.
    Susan : Oh too bad but I'm sure she did other Grandmother things with you.
    Inger : Thanks and it's nice of you to notice and comment on the header.
    Wendy : Probably so, in some convoluted way


  17. This is beautiful. Her arms are so graceful and beautiful to watch. There's such feeling in the dance.

  18. Great theme for the A-Z challenge. I enjoyed this one especially....who can resist a lullaby. I have dancing daughters, ballet mostly, but we appreciate the language of dance in all its many forms.

  19. oh my goodness, how beautiful! Dance is so mesmerizing and I certainly wish I could dance but oh well, I wasn't in line for that talent.
    Thanks for sharing such an interesting art form.
    Happy A to Z!

  20. Haunting. I know I would trip over that dress. I know it.

  21. That was beautiful! Much more coordinated that I would be, as well.

  22. Beautiful, sweet songs. Very touching.


  23. Kay : She handles the skirt well too.
    Joyce : You must be proud of your dancing girls. It's so rewarding to be given talent in this life.t
    Tracy : But your talent will last forever. Dancing dancing isn't always forever.
    Bernie : Don't feel bad. I have too.
    Baygirl32:Thanks for visiting.
    Sarah : Flamenco takes a long long time to learn.
    Lucy : Thanks for stopping. It's a pleasure to meet you.

    Thank you for all the sweet comments. love to all From Manzanita

  24. I love the song, very beautiful. The words are very sweet.