Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is For Pitos

A-Z Blogging Challenge. Today's letter is P. My theme, Flamenco.

P is for Pitos

Pitos are sharp, cracking finger snaps. Guitars have been used for Flamenco accompaniment only during the last 150 years. Before that, the rhythm was kept by Pitos, hand clapping or pounding the end of a cane on the floor. The Gypsies are excellent at Pitos, as you can see the early start they get in the above photo.

Pitos are easier for some dancers than others. I have a student who is excellent and the sharp crack can be heard above a room full of footwork. I admire sharp Pitos as mine have always been rather weak and wimpy.

I include vids of some of my favorite dancers. A blogfest doesn't leave much time for viewing videos but they are there for your choosing.


  1. The body is its own instrument. It plays and dances all at the same time. Fascinating.

  2. I can't believe it took me so long to find your blog, especially with a theme so close to my heart!

    I did 'F is for Flamenco', with a different clip of Eva.

    Following you now, and catching up with the rest of your A to Z :-)

  3. That's amazing! I had no idea the world of flamenco was so complex - possibly because I have two left feet ...

    Have a great day!!

  4. My word! If I tried to dance the flamenco, people would pay me NOT to dance and then I would have to deal with leg and foot cramps!
    You have opened a world unknown to me and it's amazing!
    Have a great day!

  5. I am with cherie, people would ask me to go on television so they could shut me off.

    Loved watching her dance... so beautiful.

  6. Mybaby John : That is wonderful description of Flamenco. Thanks
    K.C. Woolf :Thank you for finding my blog. It's so strange we both had Flamenco for F and never found each other.
    Red : Two left feet means you have to find someone with two right feet. Are you now posting again? I'll check you out.
    Cherie : I know, I'm committed to the theme of Flamenco and I'll see it through. That's why I like to look at your beautiful photography.
    Terry : Thanks for stopping even though dancing isn't your thing. We share other things, don't we?

    Thank you for the comments. Love you all, Manzanita

  7. Oh I love the flamenco! Never heard of Pitos before. Always learning something new during this challenge.

  8. I'm breathless! Incredible dancing.

  9. This really has been the most interesting series. I'm so enjoying it and don't want it to end.

  10. I like seeing and hearing how different cultures have similarities. The husband was listening to the video from across the room. He was surprised to hear that Gypsies were singing. He thought they were American Indian.

  11. Breathless! Beautiful! Loved her ensamble. This was my favorite clip. Thanks to your previous posts, I knew more about what to look for and, thus, a greater enjoyment. How this dance built parallels a sensuous love scene.

  12. Her dancing is fantastic, but the guy on the guitar!! Awesome! It gave me chills! I love her outfit! The dress of all these dancers are wonderful!

    Learning so much!! Thank you!

  13. I now look forward to a lovely flamenco dance every morning & today's was one of the best! I find it hard to believe your pitos--or anything else about you--have ever been wimpy!

  14. Pitos . . . also mastered by mothers who know they will draw too much attention with a verbal reprimand of a child. Often used while talking on the phone and reprimanding said child at the same time, so as not to interrupt the conversation.

    Great blog. I'm enjoying your A to Z posts.


  15. Siv : It's just finger snapping.
    Bish : We're over the halfway mark....
    Bernie : Didn't you do one like this every day? A lotta work but I thank you for enjoying it.
    Su-siee : Yeah, they are both chanting. I guess a lot of the early music was.
    Kitty : Glad you like the clips.
    Irene : Thank you so much for following.
    Fishducky : Nice of you to say so, but my snappers are Nooo good. Ha
    Lucy : You are soooo right about the kids. I raised 4 and never did get the good snappers Ha

    Thank you, everyone for the lovely comments.

  16. I snap at the dogs now, as my kids are grown. :) I'm learning so many things about Flamenco from you!

  17. Oh she's beautiful!!!!!

    Another amazing peek into the vast world of flamenco!

    Take care

  18. Laura : Next, you'll just walk off the stage, kick back one heel, look over your shoulder and walk off dragging your shawl. You go, girl. :)

  19. Kitty : Only 10 more to go. You should be doing this. It really is fun.
    Love and peace

  20. Oh, that is just spectacular. The drama in the singing, the music, and then the dance.

    I echo the others who thank you for this series. It has been wonderful learning about Flamenco.

  21. I had no idea you could make such a loud sound with your fingers. I sure can't. It must take a whole lot of practice.

  22. I had no idea that finger snapping had a name, I've always just called it finger snapping.
    I can't fingersnap anymore, not that I could do it loud enough in the past. But I did once have a dog that was fingersnap trained. One snap would bring him to my side, two snaps would have him growling at whoever was knocking at my door.
    I love watching Flamenco.

  23. KJM : I thank you for following flamenco and it's always nice to see you.
    Kay : I sure can't either and I've practiced and practiced.. it just won't work.
    River : I love well trained dogs. A snap is a great command. I can't snap now.... have some arthritis in my fingers.