Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for Verdiales

Posting daily in the April A-Z Blogging Challenge. Today is V. My theme is Flamenco.

V is For Verdiales

A member of our troupe

Verdiales are ancient, lively, folk dances, perhaps the oldest of the Fandangos. The song was thought to be named after a tiny village, Los Verdiales. Each province in Spain still adheres to their original folk songs and dances. Folk dances are lighter, bouncier dances and you will see smiles from the dancers. The general public, who is unaccustomed to Flamenco, is usually more comfortable with the Folk dances. Many of the classical Spanish dances are choreographed around the folk dances and often danced in ballet slippers. I say it's for the young with it's leaps and spins and fast turns. I'll pass on leaps these days, thank you.

I had to dig for this short vid of the folk dance, Verdiales.


  1. Neat! But yeah, I'll pass on the leaps too. :-)

  2. It is a much happier sounding and looking dance. None of the angry foot stomping and tension in this. I like it. (Not that I didn't like the other dances)

  3. it is a much lighter dance - celebratory. thanks for sharing.

  4. I wish I had some rhythm so I could dance, LOL! Thanks for checking out my blog, you have a fab V word!

  5. Oh, fabulous! I love Flamenco dancing, but this definitely looks more manageable--the folk variety. I love those things!

  6. I certainly have expanded my vocabulary with your postings on flamenco. Thank You. It all looks and sounds like a wonderful passion to have. And, from what I know, so very you. Love it.

  7. This might actually be something I could do! I'm glad I found you, learning about these dances has been wonderful.

  8. I'd pass on the leaps too. Great video.

  9. You have such in-depth knowledge of these dances. How fortunate we are to be able to follow along and learn to much about your passion.

    I loved your story of the hobo and the trains.--Inger

  10. Aww it's a lively clip, thank you!! I see what you mean about folk dancing a la flamenco being bouncier and jollier! Yay! take care

  11. Hubby and I used to be musicians for a folk dance troupe that specialized in Balkan folk dancing. Lots of syncopated rhythms.

  12. That looks like something I might be able to learn.... Maybe. I have no rythm, none, zilch..

    I can also do without the leaps and fast spins, although I do love to watch someone else do it.

    Can't wait to see what W brings us. Thanks Manzanita!!

  13. Hi Manzanita .. love the history behind the dances .. and glad you dug for the video - that was fun .. and I love the music .. the guitar at the top is superb - great picture .. thanks - Hilary

  14. It's beautiful, and such great music. Am really digging your series because I never knew any of learning something new every day!

  15. I, along with the rest of your Followers, never knew that there were so many varieties of flamenco. This was nice, but I much prefer watching the ones with the obvious passion.

  16. Jennifer: I appreciate your visit and nice comment.

    Mybabyjohn: It's rather divided. Some like the folk and Modern better.

    texwisgirl: Much lighter... Dancers have a smile on their face. :)

    up in the cosmos : Bet you are a good dancer :) Thank you for visiting.

    Hart: It is more manageable and I like using that word. Thanks

    Teresa : Thank you for supporting me and my passion.

    Bish: It's been my good fortune to meet you at this A-Z Challlenge.

    Angela : Been there, done that, huh?

    Inger: Thanks and I loved your train post. :)

    Thank you everyone, Manzanita

  17. Kitty: The folk and pure are really worlds apart.

    Gigi: That is sooo neat. What instruments did you play?

    Terry: I would be you are a good dancer. How do I know? A little bird told me.

    Talli: Thank you for supporting Flamenco.

    Hillary : Thank you and it's my good fortune to meet you.

    They Call me Varmit : It's been a fun bog fest and I'm happy to meet you.

    Fishducky : Thanks for saying that. I definitely do too but "different strokes....... Ha

    I love you all, Manzanita

  18. Nice to see some lighthearted flamenco for a change. They remind me of Mexican and Filipino folkdances, which are rooted in Spanish dances. It's funny, I can't watch those M & F dances without getting annoyed at the Spanish for conquering the people of those countries. But then I think, in the case of the Philippines, what the alternative would've been if Spain hadn't been arrogant about wanting the land so much.

  19. I apologize for not keeping up with your dancing posts. The stress of the situation with my dad and his cancer diagnosis has me very unfocused. I am not spending nearly the time on blogger that I was. I am trying to get my thoughts together and refocus. I do find your posts very interesting. And today I learned something new!

  20. This was such a fun dance to watch! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  21. No leaps for you? *lol*