Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is For Knees

A-Z Blogging Challenge. Today is K. Flamenco is my theme.

K is for Knees

Knees can be "Oh so important to a Flamenco Dancer." They have a powerful job. They bring the foot up toward your bum so it can drop with control and produce a sharp bang. The foot is never forced down because that would jar the knee. Always protect your knees. They get you where you want to go.

I'm amazed at the number of youngish people who have had knee replacement surgery. I'm curious..... "Why? What happens to the knees? How do they get bad? I've done Flamenco footwork for 60 years and my knees are still working . So are my "more mature" friend's knees. So what's the deal????

You do have to practice Flamenco foot movement. A beginner seems to think it's a marching movement but it isn't. If done properly, you can make noise for a lifetime and still end up with flexible knees. Do you think, perhaps Flamenco is the answer and it really strengthens the knees?

Below is a dance by Sara Baras. Notice how important knees are to Flamenco dance.


  1. Now that you explain it, yes I can see how the correct technique stops the knees being jarred.

  2. Wow...that was beautiful.

  3. I would have thought Flamenco would be brutal on knees. I guess it is like any physical activity, if done correctly, minimal damage. Also dancing keeps the weight down. Pretty sure over weight is probably worse than strenous activity on our joints.

  4. Unfortunately I have a bad knee at the moment... even driving is painful, but one of the comments from the doc was about weight causing more stress than the accident which caused the painful knee.. still hoping to do more exercise now we have the lighter evenings... xx fascinated by the flamenco theme to your a-z never knew there was so much in it.

  5. wow. she's fantastic. so powerful and graceful. thank you for sharing!

  6. Knee surgery seems to be the latest health craze, the thing the medical system is pushing. Gotta have those $$$ rolling in. Instead of people losing weight to take pressure off and get out there and use them, they replace them. I know many people in my age group who have done so and I, like you, think what is going on? My own knees aren't so great right now, but I Know I need to lose weight and stay active, so that's my plan for knee care.

    Flamenco does seem to be the perfect vehicle for your A to Z challenge.

  7. This would problably be a great exercise for all of those with knee problems....

    The Flamenco is such a beautiful dance. I am so glad you picked it as your Theme for A-Z. I have learned a lot from you about it. Thanks Manzanita!!

  8. Beautiful, lots and power and emotion. And yes, I can see how the knees work.

    I wonder if there are Flamenco roots in American tap dancing?

  9. I guess I am like my mother. She and I don't have arthritis or bad knees or bad hips. My husband does, though, and has to take meds for it. Not a fun disease to have!

  10. Thank you for yet another beautiful video. That dancer has so much grace and beauty in her arm movements she could probably dance sitting down! (Do they ever do that?)

  11. I do certain exercises to strengthen the muscles that "hold up" the knees, otherwise they don't work well. The more active I am, the less problems I have with them. I'm so enjoying your theme.

  12. How amazing is this!! I was just thinking that I wanted dance to be more a part of my life and you visit my blog. I am led to yours where Dancing is the theme. Wow. I have just been inspired to get off my duff and go to the gym.

  13. Oh, flamenco! What a wonderful video. I can see how knees would be super important.

  14. I knew your blog was one I'd want to follow as soon as I saw that great title, and after reading some of your posts, whattayaknow? I was right!

  15. Thank you for that beautiful video. The ending is amazing, how Sara Baras moves all to the! I'm also thinking S is for sensuous as, I'm learning, the Flamenco speaks on many levels (maybe depending upon one's life experience.) Loooove those dresses!

    About knees...people need to lose weight. A friend's mother was told to lose weight or her knee would give out, even after an operation. Well she didn't. It did. She died from the fall.

  16. Terrific video! Thanks for sharing. I think knees need that consistent exercise to stay flexible.

  17. You are dancing well through the A-Z challenge. My knees are still good for squash....and possibly the Flamenco.

  18. What a video clip!! Thank you!!! Ms Baras certainly shows the power and importance of knees in Flamenco! Beautiful!! Take care

  19. Jim: Thanks for following the Flamenco A-Z :)
    Mybabyjohn: Happy you enjoyed it.
    Patti : Everyone seems to comment on weight. Guess that' a culprit.
    Sage : Sorry about your knee. Take care of it. A castor oil pack really helps sore knees.
    Texwisgirl: Yes, She is my favorite of the modern flamenco dancers.
    Teresa : I totally agree with you. Hi-Five. It's sad, isn't it.
    Terry : That means a lot to me to have you say that. Thank you.
    Bish : It certainly might be the root to tap dance. Tap is lighter and slightly bouncy while Flamenco is heavier and a down into the earth movement.
    gigi : You and your Mother are lucky or you both have the good genes. Your Mother is a beautiful woman. She looks like goodness surrounds her. It was such a loving picture of the 2 of you in the restaurant.

    Thank you everyone for the meaningful comments. Manzanita

  20. Fishducky :Thank you for following the Flamenco A-Z Challenge. I've seen the men sitting down doing footwork, I don't know about the women.
    Su-sieee : That is such a grand idea to build the muscles above. Of course everyone should do that. Now that I'm into it, I like the idea of a theme. It holds it all together.
    Plain Jane : Yeahhh, I'll be your cheer leader. I got pom poms. It's a pleasure to meet you.
    Talli : Thanks for stopping. The A-Z is going well and people are having a fun time.
    Susan : I'm so happy you stopped by and it's a pleasure to meet.
    Kitty : OMG, so sorry about your Mother's friend. It's so hard to lose friends. Sara does Modern Flamenco and the dresses are more modern. They are beautiful and simple.
    Laura : When the correct technique of footwork is mastered, it actually feels good on the knees. Thanks for following Flamenco.
    Paul : You must have terrific knees. Squash requires lots of bending and twisting and sudden stops. I bet you play a fantastic game.
    Old Kitty :I'm happy you enjoyed it. I appreciate your following A-Z'ers.

    Everyone.... your comments are greatly appreciated. Manzanita

  21. She's so elegant. I'd love to dance like that. I know you told us to look at her feet and knees but I particularly loved her arm and hand movements at the beginning.

  22. Wow. She is just magnificent! Graceful, strong, passionate - and enjoying what she's doing.

    A wonderful recipe for life itself.

    I notice a variant of the hand-clapping at which I was so very poor. A great counterpoint to the dance.

  23. I never really gave knees much thought. This post highlights a part of the body I never thought much about.

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