Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P for Pakistan

During April, I will be posting daily in the A-Z Blogging Challenge.
My theme is the Hunzas.
Today is P ..... for Pakistan

Pakistan is a country about twice the size of California. The form of government is a Parliamentary Democracy that has been in existence since 1947.

Pakistan is neither an ally or enemy of the US and I'm not writing about the politics between the two countries but I'm only interested in Pakistan as a whole, since the Hunza's country has become a part of Pakistan.

As I mentioned in other posts, the land shortage of the Hunza geography will not support any new families. When Hunza children leave home, they go to the larger cities of Pakistan or join the Pakistani army.



  1. Beautiful photography--rugged country--majestic mountains! Do the men & women ever dance together? I saw bagpipes being played. Is there any connection to Scotland?

  2. That's too sad that they have little land left. I guess as the kids leave for the cities, the Hunaz's will become a tribe of the past.

  3. Beautiful rugged scenery and tough rugged people. It's worked well for them so far...I hope it continues to work for them.

  4. Gorgeous photography. It's sad when these tribes enter their final migration.

  5. What does the future hold for a society that cannot renew itself by keeping younger generations at home?

  6. What beauty...I once had a student from Pakistan who spoke PunJabi and it was a fascinating experience for me. They were so appreciative of all I did for their child. Just lovely!

  7. I learn so much every time I visit your blog.

    I guess I had no idea that Pakastan was only twice the size of California. I guess I thought it was bigger....

  8. Well, that is some downright beautiful looking country.

  9. Wow quite the scenary, not sure I'd every want to go there, but it is wonderful to look at.

  10. Wow - lovely scenery. Thanks for the quick education.
    Leigh - from A to Z challenge

  11. Fishducky : As far as doing ballroom... no I doubt if they do. I don't know where the bagpipes enter their music... I honestly did not know they used ag pipes. Never read it. I should look it up.

    Rubye : And maybe not. They have to do that for a long time. They were isolated because their paths were so treacherous for outsiders to enter but they were so nimble and sure-footed that they came and went and took jobs as guides for the climbers and explorers.

    Delores : Me too. I've learned to love these people throughout the years and I've never met one Hunza.

    Kittie : Well, at least they know what they have to do. They don't collect health care until age 26.

    Galen : It must be OK because it's worked for almost 2,000 years but now there is more temptation in the world.

    Tracy : That is sweet and such happy news. That must have been a bit of learning for you and I bet you were grateful for the opportunity.

  12. Terry : You learn.... me too. I have to look most of this up. This pea brain can't remember it all. Ha

    Al : Looks like a rugged man-type country..... where men can show what they're made of. Don't take that too literal, Al

    Pat : I bet you have some (I was going to use the word awesome but my grandkids have ruined it for me) spectacular scenery. I'll look up some vids on YT.

    Leigh : Thanks for dropping by. Hope you A-Z is going dynamite.

  13. What a stunningly beautiful country. And, as I've always believed, the people are good, it's the governments that are bad.

  14. Hi Manzanita .. not sure I like the idea of the Pakistani army - but I guess pay is secure and they can send it home ..

    It's a stunning part of the world - and I'd love to visit - but I think I'll do it vicariously as it looks too too cold!

    Great theme .. cheers Hilary

  15. That video shows some beautiful scenery...far from the usual drab black and white images from that part of the world.