Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why Old People are Politically Incorrect

I'll tell you why old people are politically incorrect. You call something by a certain name for 65 years and suddenly everyone starts calling it by another name. OMG. The old name is ingrained. It's a part of our non-thinking vocabulary. It just spills out. After we've blurted out the unaccepted name, we get the shame sign. How could we be so unfeeling to call someone an Indian when they are Native Americans. How can we mix up Oriental and Asian? Oops, did I just call a CD a record? When I say I talked to a gentleman on the phone, everyone knows I'm old. Or when I refer to a lady's "gentleman friend" instead of saying "boyfriend" they know I'm lavender and lace. If I think about what I'm going to say, I can utter the correct words, but it makes conversation "oh, so slow, and no fun at all." I'm getting a little better. I actually used the word "awesome" but I didn't like myself as I said it so I think I'll put that one back where I got it. My "bee's knee's" will still do just fine. It may even come into vogue again. Fat chance.