Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Working!!!!

I'm not all Barbie, ballroom, bangles and banter. :) I have another blog on Wordpress that touts nutrition and health. Never the twain do normally meet but I'm going to let you read my latest post on my cleansing program.

Hurray, hurray!! I’m dancing for joy. I’m dancing with some toxins twirling around in my bloodstream but THAT’S A GOOD THING. I just had my report from Ken, my medical intuitive and my body is doing deep, deep cell cleansing. It’s flushing out the old toxins, metals, and parasites.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I’m on the Gerson Therapy. That calls for ten glasses of juice a day and that is possible with my illustrious Norwalk Juicer…. shown in the thumbnail picture. I wash that baby ten times a day. I know every line and curve to it’s body. It’s more rewarding than a love affair, by far.

I was determined to wait eight weeks before I talked to Ken again. I wanted to give my body a chance to cleanse, a chance to gain the benefits of those glorious live enzymes my beautiful Norwalk is pouring forth. It’s only the beginning . My trusty Norwalk and I have a long way to go yet but it’s just sooooo exciting to know that it’s really working.

The detoxing is done mostly with the food. Yes, it’s rigid.There’s only certain food that is allowed but you can eat as much of it as you want. For breakfast, fresh orange juice and oatmeal. For lunch and dinner, baked potatoes, 3 kinds of vegetables, salad and fruit. You can have salt-free rye bread but only after you have eaten the required food. Two bowls of Hippocrates soup during the day. No salt. Everything is salt-free.

The juicing alternates green drinks, carrot and carrot with apple. There are some supplements with a liver shot mixed with vitamin B-12.

I am busy all day long because the food preparation is time consuming. I spend most of the day, standing in the kitchen and I noticed my legs were beginning to rebel. I bought rubber floor mats at Home Depot and bingo, it solved my tired leg problem.

Thank you Ken for my wonderful, amazing report. Back to the drawing board for more cell work. As my kids used to say, “I’m jazzed.” Well, I guess that phrase is now politically incorrect but it means I’m determined!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why Old People are Politically Incorrect

I'll tell you why old people are politically incorrect. You call something by a certain name for 65 years and suddenly everyone starts calling it by another name. OMG. The old name is ingrained. It's a part of our non-thinking vocabulary. It just spills out. After we've blurted out the unaccepted name, we get the shame sign. How could we be so unfeeling to call someone an Indian when they are Native Americans. How can we mix up Oriental and Asian? Oops, did I just call a CD a record? When I say I talked to a gentleman on the phone, everyone knows I'm old. Or when I refer to a lady's "gentleman friend" instead of saying "boyfriend" they know I'm lavender and lace. If I think about what I'm going to say, I can utter the correct words, but it makes conversation "oh, so slow, and no fun at all." I'm getting a little better. I actually used the word "awesome" but I didn't like myself so I think I'll put that one back where I got it. My "bee's knee's" will still do just fine. It may even come into vogue again. Fat chance!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Said By Red Skelton in 1969. Strange How Things Have a Way of Coming True???

Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Bloggy Friends. Time to give thanks. I am so thankful for my country and the opportunity it provides us to be successful. Let hope shine in our hearts that this glorious country will once again offer all the advantages I grew up with. Rejoice and be grateful on this day of celebration. Yeahhh America!!!!!

The video below was done by Red Skelton in 1969. How strange that things have a way of coming true.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Evening Was a Surprise

Hi Bloggy Friends. Around 7 PM I stretched out on the sofa with my kindle and a peaceful feeling. There was a blaze in my phony gas fireplace and a glass of fresh carrot juice beside me. The evening announced "quiet" and I wanted to become one with it. Such tranquility ..........

What seemed like the next moment, I opened my eyes and looked at the open kindle on my chest. OMG, I must have fallen asleep. Why am I on the sofa? What time is it? Ten PM? Impossible, I just laid down a minute ago. Am I in Oz or Kansas? Dang a foggy waking up. I'm still in Montana and Cody's sitting by the door, wanting out.

Surprise, surprise when I opened my door. The snow gods had visited and left 6 inches of fluff on the railing. That white stuff wasn't there when I laid down. It arrived in silence.

Cody pranced around the yard and nosed into one spot. "Now where did I leave that bone?"

The bird bath looked like the top of a big snow pie crust. My fluted edges are never that perfect. I will let Mother Nature make my pies from now on. What a glorious evening. The snow was perfect for making snow angels. I had the greatest urge. Should I???? I looked at my slippers and sleeveless tee. Nawww I'll dream that I did. Come Cody, let's go to bed.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

American Emblem, the Eagle. Symbol of Strength and Freedom

I honor men and women who enter the field of service to protect our country. The two past wars that I was involved with are WW ll and the Korean War. The following wars I just sat on the side lines and listened to the news. No, my son was in the Marines during Viet Nam War so I had a personal concern there, too.

For three years I lived with people of the Islamic faith and there was a deep bond and harmonious relationship with many of them. I could never understand this so-called war. I screamed in protest when I first heard about it.
I know now how my Father must have felt when he was ordered to fight the Germans, the people of his people. My Father loved and believed in America, the Republic. He was a simple man of honor whose handshake was his bond. He put his life on the firing line for most of four years of WW ll but it was his destiny to return and live out his remaining years trying to make this a better country.

My Father was active in The VFW and American Legion. He got me into selling the poppy and Buddy Poppy on what was then Armistice Day. Do they still sell the poppies? I have no idea. But I do want to wave an American flag for all the service people and all the past veterans, alive or fallen. You are all heroes and I honor you. Yeahhh.... go America.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's a Poor Dog To Do?

Incarceration Sucks

Boy, it really sucks. But it was even "suckier" when I was "do'n time in the" big house." you know, Humphry Bogart lingo. I don't even know why I was there. I try to be a good dog. Then this nice lady came and adopted me and she gives me great food, takes me for walks, and gives me treats. Then the old one called "Nana" says, "Don't give the dog so many treats. She's getting fat." But I like my treats. I wish Nana would keep her mouth shut but I hear that's the way it is with Nana's. I still have this fence but there's a grassy yard behind it. Oh, and I have lots of balls to play with, too. I love balls and my little fluffy toys.

P.S Maggie, a cocker, was adopted from a dog shelter by my daughter, Lisa. A smart, good little dog. Please friends, adopt and spay your pets. These little innocent angels are at our mercy. Make a dog your responsibility, only if it's volunteering to walk a shelter dog once a week. They're worth it and you'll be loved unconditionally.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Like Water For Chocolate

Vibrational cooking or "how to get your man."

Cooking is such a powerful art that it’s actually scary when you give it your entire thoughts. The cook’s emotions are transferred into the food and those emotions are then, in turn, sent into the person eating the food. This process can be totally unintentional. It’s especially scary for people who eat in restaurants. Maybe the food is being prepared by a disgruntled chef who hates his wife or maybe your own wife is angry at the time she prepared your dinner.

I was Macrobiotic for 30 years and many times I recall Avelyn Kushi telling us that the Mother of a family, as food preparer had complete responsibility for the health and emotions of the entire family. Avelyn, being Japanese and speaking limited English, I never fully understood. I knew about the health part but not the emotions until I saw the movie "Like Water For Chocolate." Then I began reading more about vibrational cooking and I realized Avelyn was giving us supreme information.

I remembered the old saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” If you aren’t familar with the movie, it’s a Mexican movie, made in 1992. It won a multitude of awards. These pictures are from my copy, an old VHS. Every so often I dig it out from a box in the garage and renew my love affair with the movie’s characters.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Thinking of Gratitude This Morning

Howdy Bloggy Friends,

I'm sitting at my new monitor with my overly-generous green drink. (Got a little carried away this morning with the green leafy stuff). I am extremely grateful for my life. I have everything I want or need. That means, my wants are fairly simple. I surround myself with furniture and objects that add only to my comfort. I've never been one for style, design or "what's in."

I turned my garage into a studio with a floating maple dance floor that I designed myself. This was not a "want," but a need. I have always needed to dance. I tell my students to put the music inside of them and the result will come out in the form of dance. It's absolutely amazing what music will do in your life. I am so grateful for good knees, a strong body and hips that still move in any direction!!!!!! Dancing may not be your passion but be grateful for whatever it is. Grab hold of your passion and embrace it. In the end, it's what really matters.

My daughter found the following video on YT. This woman is 107 and still follows her passion.

P.S. During the day hours, when many people are online, this has some pauses. When I watched the video in the evening, it was perfect and it really is worth watching. :)