Friday, October 25, 2013

There's another row of wood behind this one and both rows  extend beyond
                 I asked the Buddha, "What did you do                  
                         before    Enlightenment?"
                                                            Chop wood
                                                            Carry water
                            And what do you do after enlightenment?
                                                           Chop wood
                                                           Carry water
Getting ready for winter as it will be here next week.  A lot of trees at the ranch decided to give up the ghost. Now the electric log splitter cometh forth. That log splitter is neat and I can handle it. I can't do the axe thing. Wimp.

I grew up with woodpiles and they were significant in my life...... kinda like electric lights were to some people. Hahaha  Wood piles were a great place to climb to the top, sit and think.  They were usually in the shape of a mountain when the wood was split by hand and just thrown into a pile. There was also a saw dust pile whose fragrance would drive one into a wood nymphs ecstasy.

That was then but it's now. I didn't even light the stove once last winter. The thermostat seems to do the trick but it's reassuring to know there will be heat if a solar flare hits or TSHTF for any other reason.
Do you do the wood thing?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Something you may be interested in and maybe not

Then how about a little laughter.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Milk Delivery. Demonstrations.

 2013  Car

     Midnight at the Oasis. Sing my camel to sleep. This car may look new to you but it reminds me how much I hated milk when I was growing up. They're not building cars for speed these days, that's for sure.
Milk Home Delivery Truck.....1930's and up
How well I remember the old milk delivery trucks. All white, the delivery men dressed in white, just like the color of the bubbly stuff that comes from cows.  Everyone had a little box sitting on their doorstep where they left empties in exchange for bottles of milk. It also held notes to the milkman if they needed butter and eggs.  It sure beat running to the 7-11.

I don't like to put my 2 cents in this but I wonder if Americans know what they are doing. This weekend a million vets are supposed to march on D.C.  Who is going to clean up after them? Evidently they won't be allowed to clean up after themselves. I just read that a civilian took his lawn mover to the grounds around Lincoln Memorial and began to cut the grass. He was promptly run off by Park Police and 3 cars filled with armed authority. Also, 10,000 truckers are scheduled to circle the D.C. Beltway in protest for 3 days.  ummmmmm

I don't care how peaceful the demonstration, crowds litter. What about porta-potties? I heard the Feds won't allow them. They say due to government shut-down, there is no money for maintenance of public parks. Sooooo what will be the outcome of this? Perhaps a reason for the president/government to seize total power? The president could declare a national emergency and pass an executive order to get dictatorial control in the name of preventing collapse.  Maybe that is what everyone wants. I don't know, beats me.