Sunday, February 15, 2015

What a Day

                      What a day this has been
                      What a rare mood I'm in
                      Why it's almost like being in love

I think the above words are from the song, "It's
almost like being in love" but from what musical?
It feels like Guys and Dolls? I'm too lazy to look
it up but I'm sure someone will know and tell us.
It feels like when they went to Cuba on that bet
and she, (Jean Simmons in the movie) fell in love
with Marlon Brando.
God, he was really a hunk when young but look
what old age did to him. Twas a pity.

This is the day after the love day and where is the fat
little guy in the diaper?  Did he use up all his arrows?
What a bothersome little twit he is. Are all the
maidens puffed up and zitted out from stuffing their
faces with the chocolates from heart shapped boxes.

I was at the health food store yesterday and the check-
out gal asked me about my evening plans. I told
her that my lover was taking me to dinner and
he had previously asked me what I
which I replied, "A diamond tennis bracelet. He
is so generous." She just stared at me with her mouth
 open, as though she wanted to say something but
couldn't form the words. Then I said, "Kidding," and
we had a big laugh.

Darkness has fallen. I have to go out to the
green house and check the temp. I transfered the
new little plants from upstains to the green house
but I put a heat lamp on them for the night.

Hope your week is filled with new and exciting
ideas. uuummm...... I think I really would like
that tennis bracelet.

Dream on, kiddo