Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby Chicks in the Spring and Life in Montana

This morning the phone rang at 6:30. Not exactly early for me but who calls at that time, anyway?
It was my son. The conversation went like this.

My son said, "Mother, I just drove by your house and was going to shovel for you but it was all done."
"I did it at 3 this morning. I like to get it shoveled for the kids when they walk to school."
"You've got to stop that. You're not a spring chicken anymore, you know."
"I know. But thanks for coming by. I appreciate your offer. I forgot to get gas for the blower so I shoveled by hand."
"Oh god, stop that."

End of conversation

I'm trying to analyse that "spring chicken remark. I used to raise chickens at the ranch and I got baby chicks in the spring. Teeny, fluffy little baby chicks. They sure couldn't shovel snow. If you equate chicken life to human life, they couldn't shovel snow until they were old and seasoned. So, according to that, who is the better able to shovel snow? Me, that's who.

I'm just being a smart ass, because isn't it like finger-nails on a black board when someone tells you you're not a "spring chicken?" (even though they're right!!!!!)

It was sweet of son to come by to shovel. He's such a great person and I'm not ungrateful.

Although the sun is shining brightly today, it's a big fat deceiver. Try out -3. A good day to stay in and try to catch up on blog reading. Tonight it's headed for -15. Wanna live in Montana?

Would you like the name "no spring chicken?" (Get over it, Manzi :))

P. S. Just got weather update.... tonight -21..ouch.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ole Mister Blues Ain't Got Me

Ole Mister Blues Ain't Got me because I installed my full spectrum light bulbs. I keep 3 bulbs scattered throughout the house, one by my computer, my reading spot by the sofa, and by my bed.

In short, the light mimics the qualities of natural sunlight and perks up the people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Syndrome. I don't know if I'm one of them because for years, I've used the bulbs during the winter before Ole Mister Blues had a chance to get to me.

Of course, you lucky people living in tropical zones can kiss natural sunlight hello and the blues good-by but for the rest of us, bulbs do the trick.

I happen to buy Blues Buster because that's what my local health food store carries but there are many brands, as Chromalix, Verulux and sold under cutsie names. Every member of my family used to ski. Now my youngest son, age 48 is still hot-shot of the slopes. His skiing family gets that high altitude natural sun but they still use the bulbs. I've heard people talking about winter depression, but we seem to avoid it with the seasonal light bulbs.

Blues can be good for something...... West Coast Swing. You don't have to know all the intricate moves, just get up and let your hips tell your body what to do. OO la la. Some hot moves for Mamas and Papas !!!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hey Bloggy Dancers and Waltzers

I had to have some of the original Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Song.

As an old dance teacher of 50 years, I'll let you in on a secret. Don't think of this as an old corny video but let the waltz beat and the perfect harmony inside of you and I bet you'll be off your chair and waltzing.

One, two, three........ one, two, three....... side, together, in place.
You got it !!!!!

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some Warm Words on a Cold Day

Hey Bloggy Friends
Start Your Day With a Smile

Monday, December 20, 2010

One Rose or a Dozen. Did Timmy Really Fall in the Well

Have you ever heard the old 50's song, "I got tears in my ears from lying on my back in my bed, crying over you." Every time I see John Boehner (new house speaker) I think of that song. I like him, but he's a cry baby. He actually went through two crying jags on TV. I know why.

I was strict Macrobiotic for 35 years. That main premise is built on Yin and Yang. Yin, being feminine and watery while yang is masculine and firmer. Some food is considered yin, and other food is yang. I can change my emotional make-up by what I eat. I can blubber when Lassie barks that Timmy fell in the well or I can flick off the TV in disbelief. Depends on what I've eaten for the past few days.

Things that are on the yin end of the stick ....... sugar, drugs, marijuana, sugary soft drinks. If I wanted to make my emotions hard as nails, I'd load up on salt and meat. Get the picture. What one strives for is the middle.... in other words, "well balanced."

Sooooo.... has John been smok'n too much weed, popp'n too many pills, guzzling the syrupy drinks or taking too many spoonfuls of sugar to make the medicine go down? Yin, yin, yin.... makes a guy all gushy and gooey, thinking it's more sentimental to bring a lady one rose than a dozen.

You can "man-up" John, by adding more salt, stop with the yin and move closer to the middle. But know where the middle is or you'll end up like Winston Churchill, soaking in the bath tub while smoking a stogie, dictating orders to your secretary and ordering roses by the dozen.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Make Me a Match, Find me a Find, Catch me a Catch

Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Make me a Match
Find me a Find
Catch me a Catch
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Look Through your Book
And Make me a Perfect Match

I'm pretty good at matchmaking. Let me tell you about Sophie and Ivan. Sophie, my 58 year old friend, was telling me she was sick of dating. Never even close to finding a match. Ivan popped into my mind. I knew his interests and background and they matched Sophie's. As I was suggesting her meeting Ivan, she was already shaking her head, no, with "They never work." As I was going out her door, she said, "OK, you can give him my number."

I was wondering why I get myself in these dumb situations by opening my big mouth. So I called Ivan and asked him if he was interested in meeting a great gal, knowing that all his past relationships ended in failure. He replied, "No, I'm off women. Never turns out well."
"That's fine." We chitchat a little. "I gotta run."
"Well, give me her number."
I did.
They're both dancers and went dancing three nights in a row and then were together four weeks in a row. Early one morning my phone rang and it was both of them on the phone. They wanted me to be the first to know that last night, as they were dancing to the song, "May I Have This Dance For The Rest of My Life," he asked her to marry him.

I was the one. I was responsible for their meeting. Marrying after knowing each other one month. Crazy.... or was it. They said they knew immediately and that was ten years ago and they still act like they're on their honeymoon.

Here I go again. I'm introducing two friends again on Sunday. They are both coming to my house. Yipes, why do I get myself into this???? I'll let you know.
Have you ever been a matchmater???

Friday, December 17, 2010

Awards and Another Step Beyond

Dear Bloggy Friends,
Do you ever feel like this dog? It's a long lonely road ahead, especially when the wind is blowing and the snow is snowing (like in the song) and Baby It's Cold Outside. All that weather may be true but this has been a warm week when I'm so honored to receive two blogging awards.

The Most Memorable Blogger Award was given to me by Gerry from Gerry's Soap N Stuff. It is a radiant design and graces my blog home page like a long friendship. Don't let Gerry's blog title throw you. She's more "stuff" than soap. Every time we talk, I'm amazed that one more talent pops up. Her artistry ranges from computer animation, every craft imaginable, cooking, home designing, to the one talent she's most modest about, her musical ability and piano accomplishment. Thank you Gerry. You do honor me.

I was also surprised and honored with the "Making Smiles on Faces Award" from Kittie Howard from The Block. Kitty is an exceptional writer who tells stories that grab you and draw you in. I can read Kitty and shut out everything when she transports the reader to her Louisiana heritage. She and Hub are now en route to her beloved Louisiana for the holidays. Bring back your cherished memories to share with us. Thank you Kittie.

As the pages turn and another year draws to the end, it also brings forth new birthdays. I'm shocked....I'll be eighty-one. How'd I get that old? Where did the time go? Then I look at Betty White at age eighty-eight and she's spunky but she looks like an old lady. Holy Crap.... I must look like that. I look in the mirror and I DO. But I'll tell you the secret of the old.... inside, we're still that Bodacious Babe of youth. Edgar Cayce says that when we arrive at the place where the Akashic Records are kept, we arrive in our youthful state. Oh Yeahhhh. Good-by wrinkles!!!

Then I ask my self, "Have I any regrets? What more would I do?" I guess the one thing I'd do is not stick so close to the tree trunk. I'd go still further out on the limb. So what if it breaks ....... crash and burn or survive and create. There's always that fine balance line, where you just instinctively know that if you go one step beyond, the bough breaks but just one teeny more inch or two.... that's what I'd do. Is it too late for that inch? I don't know. This year will tell cause I ain't got nuttin to lose. Come join me, bloggy friends. Let's do it!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Take Thee ........... FOR MY BLOG

People question me about the name of my blog, "Wanna buy a duck." In choosing a blog name, I asked myself, "Why don't I remember the name of certain blogs?" It's because so many of them sound alike. My main focus was choosing a name that would be remembered and would easily roll off the tongue. I went through a long list of names that I thought had the old bangaroony but all of them were taken..... except Wanna buy a duck.

Where The Phrase Originated
Joe Penner was a comedian during the 1930's. Contrasting his humor to today's standards, it's corny, corny, corny. But evidently he was very popular during his day. One of his scenes had to do with an adorable duck and what was a "hot chick"(girlfriend) at the time. That duck thing stuck with him and he would say the phrase, Wanna Buy a Duck, and everyone laughed.

Names of Blogs That Limit:
Many times you want to limit your audience to your particular passion so toss that word in the title. For instance, "Mechanic's Gazette" might be catchy to mechanics but it keeps me out, as does the word Housewife. I am a health ga-zoobe so put the word Health in a blog name and you got me, baby! On the other hand, it also eliminates a huge audience.

Back to Wanna buy a duck. Below is a corny and silly-by-today's-humor, video of Joe Penner and his duck. It's almost so antiquatedly guasa that it's amusing. Below that you'll see the names of some blogs that reached out and grabbed me. I read many other blogs, but these are just some that I easily remember.

Here are Some Blogs That Reached Out And Pulled Me In With The Name

1. Under the Tiki Hut That name, by Carol Kilgore, spoke to me immediately. I didn't know what it was about and I didn't have to. The words invited me in. I was curious and found a delightful blog by a good writer.

2. Teresa Evangaline Some people's real names sound magical and other's just don't. Teresa's name is a grabber.

3. The Block This name by Kittie smacked me right between the eyeballs. So simple, yet sharp. And boy oh boy, can she tell a good Southern story. I can smell the magnolias from here.

4. Things That Bother Me Here's a new kid on the block. The name beckoned but I thought it was for really young people from the pictures. What a surprise. This gentleman is one funny writer. He hits commonality smack in the core and makes you laugh at yourself.

5. Coming Down From the Mountain This blog by Karen, put imagery before my eyes. I wondered .... hummm how'd someone get up the mountain in the first place. This struck me the first time I glanced at it. It's more than worthy of the trip.

6. Never Growing Old Who can't remember this one. Good choice, Java

7. Gerry's Soap N Stuff This blog put suds in my eyes because I make all my own soap. It grabbed me and I found a gracious hostess, delightful writer and a great friend.

8. Ten Lives and Second Chances Here's a sweet one. Jennifer takes on the name "Old Kitty" and a portion of the post is written through the eyes of a cat named Charlie. It's a grabber keeper.

9. The New Sixty Written by Arkansas Patti. They're both grabbers. Anyone who calls herself Arkansas Patti..... well, you just gravitate to and remember her hilarious posts.

10. Take 25 to Hollister That's a unique "reacher outer. I remembered it the first time I saw it. Su-sieee writes neat things about a small town in CA.

11. Musings of an Aspiring Scribe I put that in the ole brain immediately because that is what I'd like to be but in no way, Jose. Talei's a talented writer.

12. Mi Chiamo Candace This zinged into my brain because Italian was my language in school. What a zinger her blog is. I'm so glad it beckoned to me.

13. Life by Chocolate Here's a comfortable grabber by Robyn. Drew me right in.

14. Inwardlydigesting This was a mouthful and I had no idea what it meant. The word tingled a bell in my head and I remember Christine's blog. She's a wonderful writer.

15. JJ The Disconnected Writer This is a catch-a-rooney. How can you forget two J's. Worthy of remembrance. This gentleman writes with great insight.

16. Fricko's Musings I was blog surfing when I came upon this one. Curiosity again and what a clever writer and story teller. She's always amazing!

17. No Botox Allowed This delightful country frolic is by Wendy who writes of her life on a ranch and includes all the girly stuff too. A fun read.

18. Life Can Be Funny (Sometimes) Count on Jeff to brighten your day with some fun banter and outrageous situations. Never a dull post.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Will The Classics Crumble into Dust

I've seen lists online of the classics that students "should" read. Get that word "should." But are the kids actually required to read the books on the list?

I'm sure school curriculum's require certain books to be read. My question is, why don't the newly graduated students know more about the classics? I've talked to bright students who have absorbed the subjects of their field in college, for instance, but had never heard of "Catcher in the Rye." I know I live in dinosaur-land but I thought kids still read that book. Guess I'm wrong.

My Granddaughter, a very bright girl, recently graduated in sports medicine. She met a young man who was an exception to present day rule. He was more like old school. He knew world history and had read the classics. Then she was suddenly asking me about the classics. Ah Ha.... a catalyst.

But it's true. The classics I cherished, like "Great Expectations," "Ulysses," and "Les Miserables" are crumbling on the shelves. "Wuthering Heights;" I still drool at just the thought of Heathcliff. It's a pity but they belong to a slower time of life. This electronic era is heralding it's own classics. I hope.

I'm pretty far removed from kids today. Tell me, what is your opinion of their reading choices.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hey Babes ..... Let's Move It

Dear Bloggy Babes and Babbetts.

That time again. Snow'n and blow'n outside and we don't want to brave the cold for our exercise. Below is a short video I made to a group of "My Fabulous Generation" about seven months ago after I had just turned eighty. Flamenco is my favorite form of dance and it teaches grace and agility. Grab a fan, (or not) get your butkus off the sofa and follow along. The basic step throughout is just side, ball change. Let's all have fun together.

P.S. Men can do it too. Leave out the fan and keep your fingers straight in a more rigid position, the only difference between men's and women's style.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

On The Wings of a Wing-Back

Oh the weather outside is frightful..... but the "fireside wing-back chair" is so delightful!!!
When the weather nips you in the bud, it's time to pick up a book and settle into a wing-back chair that embraces your warmth. I've purchased very few pieces of furniture in my lifetime. The chair below was a find in an old Victorian house a friend inherited. It was a sad frame with a few patches of red frayed upholstery. The non-matching foot stool was minus a leg and sporting a hideous plaid fabric. They were about to take a trip to the dump when I rescued them.

My passion for wing-backs continues with this find. It was just a frame that sat in a pile of "free for the taking" furniture on the curbside . Lucky I drive a pick-up. Screech. Load up and off to my upholsters. I also scrounge old stools as it's always comfy to put your feet up. I think of Martha Washington and wing-backs. She tried to make the house warm and cozy for George when he came home from his skirmishes. (I think)

I can't decide if wing-backs are my favorite or it's my attraction to scrounging and wing-backs rank high on the discard pile. Shrug!! But can't beat a good find. What's your favorite chair?