Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Colorful Day

Let's hear it for the cooks, wearing special aprons, made by Terry of "My Journey With Candida."

On our special day of gratitude, I gave thanks to my wonderful Mac computer and all the technical mysteries that allowed me to meet so many beautiful people. Without this knowledge I never would have meet Terry and all the rest of you dear bloggy friends.

Sorry we have no runway or we would have come sashaying down it but the picture on our left shows my Granddaughter (Ashly) and Nana (Me), wearing our autumn-inspired colorful aprons by Terry. (You make cooking a joy, Terry)

Daughter Lisa, joined us, also wearing an apron made by Terry. This creation was worn in the fabulous film (joking, of course), "2 Old Broads" starring Manzanita and Marilyn.

We love your aprons, Terry. Thank you so much.

Here's a fun Christmas tree ornament, also made by Terry. On the L are tree ornaments in the shape of doggie bones with a little pocket that holds a doggie treat. Terry had made these for her daughter whose dog suddenly died. To avoid her daughter's reminder of a lost dog, Terry sent them to me (and Cody) to share with friends on our daily walk in the dog park.

I did just that and the reactions from the dog owners were priceless. The humans always greet one another while the dogs do their daily sniff greeting and I would add, "I have a present for you." Their look was skeptical with a heavy suspicion that a solicitation for money was to follow. After I gave them the doggie treat, one could feel our atmosphere change. They would break into a huge smile and there was love and compassion in the air as I explained how the gift came about. (That was sweet of Terry).

With that same fondness, I hope you all had a very special week.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alan's Song

Last night was the Montana PBS premier of my granddaughter's. Ashly's band, "Little Jane & the Pistol Whips" had been filmed as the first musical in this series, with the private showing at the University. Up to this point, no one had even a peep at the film and Ashly beamed all night, as she did in the picture to the left.

Ashly's mother ( my daughter) in the photo below, is sitting next to Ashly's Uncle. There was a lot of sniffling and blowing in that row.

One of my favorite songs is called "Alan's Song." I met Alan 9 years ago at a Sunday tea dance and much to my surprise, he was one of the best swing dancers I've ever met in Montana. If you're looking for a romance, sorry, we were just exceptionally good friends and dance partners.
He was kind, a true gentleman and put people at ease with his gentle conversation. He showed me pictures of himself when he was in the Navy during WW2, stationed in CA and dancing in a swing contest. No doubt he had no problem attracting dance partners for he looked like my ideal Heathcliff, wildly handsome with his black shining hair and strong Native American features.

Two years ago, Alan died quite suddenly and I haven't stepped on a social dance floor since. Ashly asked about Alan and his life. I told her what I knew and she disappeared for a couple hours, returning with "Alan's Song." Alan had a beautiful singing voice and was a yodeling champion. Ashly doesn't yodel but there's a similitude of yodeling in the song.

Below is a video of my son playing hockey in the Senior Mens League with the music of Ashley singing "Alan's Song." Hockey has no real connection to the song but I just made it a family affair. :) Son, Zonnie is #8 in red. The video is a little longer than most of mine so just give it a peek.
Adios Bloggy Friends.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Asteroid

Duck your head. An escapee from the asteroid belt is headed our way. Unaware to us, small carbon-rich asteroids, perhaps the size of our kitchen, pass by daily.

This asteroid is about the size of an aircraft carrier and could cut a 4 mile wide crater if it hit the earth. This spinning rock is traveling 200,000 from Earth and can't be seen with the naked eye. If it hit the Moon we could get pelted with Moon rock fragments.

Scientists assure us that this asteroid will not hit the earth. Only recently, with the advanced radar telescopes, science has been able to look back and realize the near misses. Whew, wipe your brow, safe this time, but the experts do assure us the big bang is inevitable to happen.

Until further notification, we can go back to reading about Kim Kardashians's divorce and whose knee Herman Cain is touching. Adios, my bloggy friends.

P.S. Anyway, it's time for chocolate.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Writing

I'm not a published writer nor do I have aspirations to be one. I enjoy blogging, but as truth be known, blogging "is" writing.

Hanging out with writers is interesting and I pick up a few writing tid-bits now and then. I don't participate in writer's workshops and although I read my writerly friends posts, I mostly don't know what the heck they are talking about.

I've been using the same handbook (published in 1939) as my writing source for 72 years. It's the one on top ...... Plain English Handbook. It's yellowed, weary and worn. The rules still apply but some of the phrases are archaic. I think.

Finally, after 72 years, it was time for an update and I bought "The Chicago Manual of Style." This is a big thick book and I was really going to get smart. Wrong.

I didn't understand most of it and it was sooo heavy, I had to take a nap after I carried it around for a while.

I went back to my frayed "Plain English Handbook."
It was a dear old friend, revisited with love.

But then, as if by timed magic, a blogging friend, JJ Botta, published a compact book, "7 Writing Tricks for the Clueless." It's directed at adults who can improve their writing skills with 7 writing tricks.

I love this little book. I was reminded of skills I once knew but had become careless with them throughout the years.

I will pay attention to what JJ writes because his posts serve as testimonials to easy reading. What a post-reading blessing it is to read his posts "once" and get the message. Have you ever read a post through 3 times and still wondered what the point was? These are the writers who could benefit from JJ's book.

I added JJ's book, 7 Writing Tricks for the Clueless to my flaking but spunky, Plain English Handbook and together they weigh 1/4 of the Chicago Style Manual and I can carry both around all day without having to take a nap. Good Deal.
Thanks JJ. It's a great little book.