Monday, March 28, 2016


Time is in the countdown before the A-Z Challenge
and my illustrious face will be missing. (I heard that sigh
of relief but honest, I always made my posts short).  I've participated 
in the A-Z every year but always tearing out my hair
because April spring is the busiest month of my year. 

What is it (I'm sure you're asking) that keeps an old broad
so busy in the spring. 
    1. Do you recall the post about the big tree being cut down? There is black
weed cloth that now has to be removed AND it's under a foot of dirt. Then I'll
spread black dirt and gypsum over the whole area for another garden.  Here's
a gardening tip........gypsum will improve hardened soil and clay. It makes
soil lovely to work with.

    2. I will then empty the 3 compost boxes (that are now filled with pure
black gold) and spread on all the gardens.

    3. Then it's "clean the chicken coop" that is filled with the missing
ingredient for the black gold and transfer that to the compost boxes. Chicken
poop makes one of the very best fertilizers.

    4. On Pat's birthday all-day rhyming bash,  I got 5 baby chicks that are
now peeping away in the living room.  Names are Larry, Moe, Curly and
Mildred. There's still one to name. Any suggestions?

I do have a crew of buffed men coming on May 19  to finish up the heavy
outdoor work  but I'll probably have most of it done by that time.

I'll be peeking in on you and I wish you all a Happy A--Z  Month.