Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Fine Mess You Got Us In, Ollie

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were comic film stars way, way, way back. Whenever they got into one of their antics, Laurel would say, "Another fine mess you got us in, Ollie."


Marilyn (my friend of 50 plus years) was staying with me this summer. We wanted to gather stone fossils embedded with plant designs that we use for soap holders. I knew of a deserted canyon very near the ranch where the mountains were oozing with fossil shale. We were excited to be on this fossil hunt as we grabbed our baskets and hurried from my little pickup. I've never seen another car in this remote canyon and the feeling of being the only two people in the world, hung heavy over us. We walked along the roadside and found gorgeous specimens as we chatted and ooow'd and aaa'd over each fantastic rock.

Suddenly I heard a rustling sound from behind a nearby bush. It wasn't Cody (the dog) for I could see her up ahead with Marilyn. Panic set in as I looked back at the truck, never realizing how far we had walked. OMG, I suddenly remembered we were intruding on the home territory of bears and mountain lions. I called to Marilyn, "Run back to the pickup. We could be in danger. "

You all know how old I am, so I'm not going to say it but we turned tail and ran like 2 twenty year olds. As we were running and huffing, Marilyn managed to get out the words, "Another fine mess you got us in, Ollie."

Did she have to say that because who can run when they're laughing so hard. That phrase took precedent over fear for the moment. We were still laughing as we reached the safety of the ranch.

This stone is a good soap holder that I've been using by the kitchen sink.