Monday, December 23, 2013

But keep it simple

Today is the oldest you've ever been
Yet the youngest you'll ever be

Bah Humbug. I always get stuck with the crappy hats
I rarely let misfortune get me totally down and yet, I'm not an idiotic 
pollyanna either. I was just getting settled into the old house in town
and BAM, the water pipes froze and busted. Bad, bad, bad destruction.
Now, pipes repaired, water all sucked up and dried, new insulation in, 
and sheet rock finished. I stood on a ladder most of yesterday,
painting the ceiling and thinking how lucky I am, at age 84 to
be climbing up and down a ladder and pushing a paint roller over my
head. (Thank you parents, for the strong, uncomplicated genes)

What's left? New water heater and the wood floors to be sanded.
I like to keep things simple.
The little 5 year old girl came into the garage where her father
was working and asked, "What's sex?" 
Flustered and stammering a lengthy explanation, he finally said, 
"Why do you ask?"
Little girl: "Cause mommy said, tell daddy dinner's ready in a
couple sec's." 

So let's keep it simple. (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Little Beauty

1930 Model A Ford Coupe

Look at that little beauty above.  A Ford Coupe with rumble seat. I learned
to drive in the identical car when I was nine. I grew up on my Grandparents
farm on the South Dakota/Minnesota border. With a good wind you could
spit and hit either state, if you're into spitting, that is.

I lived with my parents during the school months but back to the farm in the
summers where I could drive all over the countryside in my Uncle's coupe,
Little Beauty.

South Dakota was the last state to require a driver's license..... 1954 and 1959
for taking an exam. That was only for men and women didn't need a license
until much later. Shows how many women were on the road. Haha

Little Beauty had the famous rumble seat and beneath that was a little fold-up
luggage rack. It was a magnificent place to carry your big chunks of ice for
the ice box. If the car didn't start, you set the spark (by the steering wheel)
got out the crank and gave it a few turns. There, one had to be cautious.
Don't let go of the crank as it could back-lash and break your arm. 

As I was driving this morning, I was recalling all the driving changes.
And now, kids just don't have the freedom we had. We didn't have TV or
computers. but we had a radio and could drive. Lots of changes........
some good, maybe some not so good. What do you think?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Broken Record

I know I sound like a broken record. I talk about GMO's and
chemtrails, boring subjects that no one likes. I don't want
to talk about it either. It's boring, frightening and IT'S

But it's Christmas and you don't want to think about that.
Got news, You'll be popp'n GMO's  like crazy with all
the parties and celebrations. Yuck.

If you don't want to listen to an old broad, here's an
interesting young guy who will tell you the truth.
Too boring, perhaps, to listen to the whole thing but
just try a little (may save your life) at least hear a small
portion of it.

I'm off to have lunch with a friend at a Health Food
Store. At least you know they don't serve GMO's.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holy Moly

I just posted on stress and how 2 moves 
in one summer and getting rid of a 
life-time's stuff, nearly "done me in." 
This is it. Can't get any worse. WRONG. 

OH MY GOD. Yesterday I was making my lunch and a
strange bang, followed by the sound of rushing water
sent strange chills through my body.  What the....? I ran
around the house like a mad-woman, up stairs and down
in the cellar, searching where water could be rushing.
Nothing.  I went back to the kitchen and witnessed
rain from the ceiling, along with falling plaster.

I've never had pipes freeze and burst before, but the temp
has been 25 to 30 deg. below zero for over a week. I was
so shocked, I didn't know what to do first.  Call the plumber.
I think the receptionist thought I was having a heart
 attack and I almost was.

Back to cellar to "try" to turn the water off, but the
plumber, only last week had put in a full house water
filter and changed the shut-off valves. Oh God.

By now the water was up to my ankles in the kitchen
and spreading to the rest of the house. Cody shot under the
bed and Puss headed for high ground. I struggled to get
furniture and electrical cords to a few patches of dry

Nice thing about small towns and using the same
plumber. He was here in less than 5 minutes but the
house looked like the aftermath of a tornado. I called
the insurance gal, the people with the big fans and started
draping the floor with towels to soak up the water.

Within an hour guys were buzzing through the house
and did their jobs with great authority. The plumber
found two holes.... both hot and cold pipes, repaired
them and handed me the pieces of pipe, saying save
these for the ins. adjuster.

Big holes in the ceiling and big machines roaring
throughout the house.  Just when you think things
couldn't get worse, watch out, they usually do. Haha
The kitchen floor, sucking up the water

Big machines throughout the house

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


          We either make ourselves miserable 
           or we make ourselves strong.
         The amount of work is the same.
                                         by Carlos Castneda

Often times we are sick, but because it comes on so gradually, we have
no idea it is happening. It begins with fatigue. For two years, I had a
ton of stress, dealing with disposing of properties and a life collection
of "stuff." When it was over, I realized what a terrible toll it has
taken on my body. Through detox cleanses, herbs and supplements,
I am slowly regaining little bursts of energy that I wasn't even aware I
had lost. At times, I can feel the surge of radiant health in my
legs by wanting to stretch out and take longer strides. It is only a
peep and a promise, like walking past a wood fence with
knot holes and catching a glimmer of what's on the other side.
How delightful!

Here's a very, very short vid that I promise will add joy
to your day.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Take on the Story

Happy 4th Thursday of Novenber 
and to Americans, Happy Thanksgiving.
Yesterday I drove to Bozeman to be with my family.

What is your take on the Thanksgiving story?  Here are the facts I just
looked up. The first Thanksgiving was ordered by the Pilgrim church to
give thanks because they had survived the gruesome winter.

William Bradford, who had been chosen leader, designed a communal
farming system, where everyone worked and had an equal share in
the land and the food. But it didn't work. Some people, knowing they
would receive their share if they worked or not, became lazy and put
a burden on those who did work. It just simply failed and they
almost starved.

Then Bradford divided up the land and gave each person their own
piece of land so they might farm for only their family and do with it
as they wished. Ahhh, privatized farming. Huge success. Each person
took pride in ownership and no one was lazy if they wanted to eat.

 July 20, 1623, a 2nd Thanksgiving took place but this time it
was to celebrate and give thanks for their abundant prosperity.

That story certainly brings a message at this particular time.

Monday, November 25, 2013

It Was Sunday Morning

Car exhausts linger low in the air and the snow
 has a definite squeaky crunch.
Hoarfrost covers the power lines and fences. You 
KNOW it's cold. The outdoor thermometer registers
8 degrees. I pad around the kitchen in sheepskin slippers,
wearing cotton flannel PJ's from Vermont Country Store
Catalog, as I dish out breakfast for the critters.

"Thank you, thank you." A beautiful cold Sunday that
gives me reason for going back to bed and reading. A
whole glorious day of reading from that exciting pile
of unread books beside my bed. For one thing, I'm
reading my way through the presidents, in no special
order. Look out Jackson, here I come.

I go back in my bedroom and close the door to all
distractions. I snuggle down into a warm comforter and
grab a book from the unread pile. I deserve this.

How was your Sunday?

Some of my unread pile

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Family Affair

I believe in marriage
I believe kids get values when raised in a family
I believe in Astrology

John Gray, author of the Venus/Mars books, says, "The average length of a marriage/relationship is about 5 years."

Reason: The average person experiences
constant stimulation with Facebook, drugs,
Miley Cyrus, reality TV, Mayor of Toronto, sex
life of Kim Kardashian and eating in gourmet
We expect constant titillation and after 5 years with the same person, boredom sets in. So we
dump the relationship and go on to titillation with someone new..

The present educational system encourages sexual conduct of kids by providing sex classes and arranging abortions. The government affirms that they (the gov't) are now the family of the children.
 In reality, when parents are absent, this brainwashing works and puff, like the magic dragon, the
family vanishes.

Astrology,  divided into 12 houses, lists the 7th house for marriage and the 5th house for love and romance. Ah Ha..... what does this mean? Anyone can figure this means marriage is a contract, a consolidation of properties. BUT.....The 5th house is for romance and (affairs).

So.... ah.... how do we get back to marriage and family values?

It's simple: Return to the 50's values of "stay married (protection of the assets) and have family
dinners, smoke cigarettes and have lusty affairs.  It always worked in the movies.
Problem solved...... lol
If you don't like my solution, do you have a better one?
Happy Thursday, Dear Bloggie Friends.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Put Your Money

"Put your money where your mouth is."
 Someone once said that to me and I'm not sure what they meant.  Is it, "Do the things you talk about?" OK..... I do.

This is another one of those unpopular posts about healing with herbs. I realize most people
prefer to take a chemical pill and I'm always
yapp'n about herbs.

In an old book I found a recipe for liver cleanse
from 1802 by a Swiss doctor. I used it last month and had marvelous results. The four herbs are
Angelica, Dandelion root, Gentian root and Wormwood.  I sat and looked at the recipe for at least a year because modern herbals give Angelica credit to being a very dangerous herb. Phooey, probably not as dangerous as swallowing a prescription pill.

I do not recommend this to anyone unless they live their life by herbs. Terry, at My Journey With Candida, went on this cleanse with me (again) this past weekend. She is posting on it too and you can get a different angle from her.  What a find when I first came upon her blog. It's exciting and comforting to share health experiences and I found a beautiful friend.

Another natural healing tid-bit.  Essiac tea or Herbal Extract prevents and cures most cancers. Of course, not sold in the US (although you can purchase the individual herbs and brew it yourself) so I order mine from Canada.

I have a spot of skin cancer on my face, which is no surprise, because I'm in the sun all summer.  It's been there for a couple of years but lately turned aggressive. I began taking Essiac six weeks ago and already the area has shrunk to half the size. Main herbs are Burdock, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm, and Indian Rhubarb.

Another proven herbal cure for skin cancer is "Black Salve" made from the plant, "Blood Root."
I bought some and at first was going to use that but the area is close to my eye. Blood Root will pull out the whole cancer within a few days but I prefer not to use it on my face.
Another Happy Monday, Dear Bloggie Friends.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Happy Monday Veterans Day dear bloggie friends.
Take a veteran to lunch.
I'm going to write a short post about change. Not the hope and change that was promised with the present government administration because that is coming along nicely.  I just want to mention change in general. Change doesn't agree with me. My across the street neighbor is moving this week and I am sad to see her leave. I guess good neighbors are luck of the draw and I have been absolutely blessed with the best neighbors one could ever wish for.  It will feel like a big void in my life when Judy closes the door for the last time on her comfortable brick house. We have come to know each others habits  so well and in that way we tend to look out for each other.

I say, "good neighbors will last forever, if they don't move away." lol
Do you have good neighbors?

As many of you know, Flamenco has been my thing for most of my life. My granddaughter sent me a card with this picture on the front. I go into hysterics every time I look at it.

Monday, November 4, 2013

A glitch is a glitch, a glitch, a witch, no not Mr. Ed


There seems to be a little fracas about health care these days. People can't sign up for health care because of a "glitch." Lions and tigers..... oh my goodness. What's going to happen to the human body if it doesn't get chemicals dumped on the cells. WHY.... WILL WONDERS NEVER CEASE....... THE BODY MAY JUST BE ABLE TO HEAL ITSELF.

A glitch, a glitch, is there a witch (doctor) in the house????
Do you really believe that a country that has the electronic sophistication of gathering and storing every word we utter or write can be so clumsy and inept about setting up a call-in program for people who want to sign up for health care???????

I like to watch magicians work and notice the way they draw attention to one hand so the audience can't see what the other hand is doing.  Let's see, as I stroke my chin and purse my lips in a thinking aspect.  ummmm  ..... if enough insurance companies drop people, they'll be chomp'n at the bit to sign up for health care, even if it costs a bazillion dollars. Good idea......can't be without the chemicals for long.

Acute care is necessary. Surgeons have skillful steady hands that can performm miracles but as for the rest of the doctoring, one can do a better job on themselves. Herbs are the greatest.

 No one asked, but that is just my opinion from the side lines.

Friday, October 25, 2013

There's another row of wood behind this one and both rows  extend beyond
                 I asked the Buddha, "What did you do                  
                         before    Enlightenment?"
                                                            Chop wood
                                                            Carry water
                            And what do you do after enlightenment?
                                                           Chop wood
                                                           Carry water
Getting ready for winter as it will be here next week.  A lot of trees at the ranch decided to give up the ghost. Now the electric log splitter cometh forth. That log splitter is neat and I can handle it. I can't do the axe thing. Wimp.

I grew up with woodpiles and they were significant in my life...... kinda like electric lights were to some people. Hahaha  Wood piles were a great place to climb to the top, sit and think.  They were usually in the shape of a mountain when the wood was split by hand and just thrown into a pile. There was also a saw dust pile whose fragrance would drive one into a wood nymphs ecstasy.

That was then but it's now. I didn't even light the stove once last winter. The thermostat seems to do the trick but it's reassuring to know there will be heat if a solar flare hits or TSHTF for any other reason.
Do you do the wood thing?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Something you may be interested in and maybe not

Then how about a little laughter.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Milk Delivery. Demonstrations.

 2013  Car

     Midnight at the Oasis. Sing my camel to sleep. This car may look new to you but it reminds me how much I hated milk when I was growing up. They're not building cars for speed these days, that's for sure.
Milk Home Delivery Truck.....1930's and up
How well I remember the old milk delivery trucks. All white, the delivery men dressed in white, just like the color of the bubbly stuff that comes from cows.  Everyone had a little box sitting on their doorstep where they left empties in exchange for bottles of milk. It also held notes to the milkman if they needed butter and eggs.  It sure beat running to the 7-11.

I don't like to put my 2 cents in this but I wonder if Americans know what they are doing. This weekend a million vets are supposed to march on D.C.  Who is going to clean up after them? Evidently they won't be allowed to clean up after themselves. I just read that a civilian took his lawn mover to the grounds around Lincoln Memorial and began to cut the grass. He was promptly run off by Park Police and 3 cars filled with armed authority. Also, 10,000 truckers are scheduled to circle the D.C. Beltway in protest for 3 days.  ummmmmm

I don't care how peaceful the demonstration, crowds litter. What about porta-potties? I heard the Feds won't allow them. They say due to government shut-down, there is no money for maintenance of public parks. Sooooo what will be the outcome of this? Perhaps a reason for the president/government to seize total power? The president could declare a national emergency and pass an executive order to get dictatorial control in the name of preventing collapse.  Maybe that is what everyone wants. I don't know, beats me.                                                                            

Saturday, September 28, 2013

One bale of hay

My old work truck, 15 years old with perm plates but that little baby can get the job done
My little old Nissan is a work-horse. No 4-wheel drive so it sits outside in the freezing weather all winter and starts on the first turn of the key in the spring, rear'n to go. All I ever do is change the oil. Fifteen years ago I needed a new vehicle so my husband sent me out shopping with a blank check. I probably could have bought a Lamborghini but I didn't need a car with a funny door, I needed to be able to haul stuff. (He was a lttle surprised when I came home with an inexpensive pickup)

The AC and heater are now kaput. Radio is shot. The windshield wipers squeek like crazy. The shocks are gone. A big crack in the windshield, but it runs so smoothly you can't tell if the engine's running. I know people in their big fancy trucks point and laugh at me, running with the big boys with Cody in the passenger seat. Who cares? I just smile and wave at them.

Another gardening tip..... hay bale in the back for covering the rose bushes. Hummm, they're making those bales heavier every year. (Yeah, right...... Manzanita, you're just getting to be a wimp. Buck up)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

What is the Song?

What is the song Dale is singing?
Roy Rogers left his brand new boots out on the porch and in the morning discovered a mountain lion had destroyed them. He was so angry, he grabbed his rifle,  jumped on Trigger,  told Dale he was going to get that mountain lion and headed up the mountain. He returned an hour later with the big cat stretched across the back of his saddle. Dale came running out of the house singing (she was always singing) ....... "Pardon me Roy, is that the cat who chewed your new shoes?"
Tell me if you get it right.  (The picture is a hint ....also say it fast.)

It's time to Plant bulbs
If you want a sea of tulips in the spring, now is the time to plant them, says gardener extraordinaire. 
That would be me.  I have some bulbs that I dug up from the Bozeman house before it sold but normally they would stay in the ground year around, once they have been planted. 

Here's a tip as to where to buy the healthiest, biggest and most beautiful tulip bulbs.  Costco.  They just came in and are sold out in a very short time.  So go down and get yours.  Another tip on the easiest way to plant tulip bulbs.  In place of planting the bulbs individually, dig one big hole, sprinkle a small amount of fertilizer and place the bulbs close together, pointy side up.  Cover with some newly purchased compost soil and wait for spring. Deer do love tulips so I plant mine in the fenced areas.  Adios bloggie  friends. 
Tulip bulbs ready for planting

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Love Satire

I have 2 favorite Satirists. One is Pat Hatt, author of children's books and a popular blog, "It's Rhyme Time," where he adds daily posts as written through the eyes of his cat.  I believe it takes pure genius to satirize and also a vast storehouse of information from which to draw.  Pat has a large following of faithful fans and it is from that pool of human frailties that he gleans some of his best material.  No subject is sacred as Pat will attack with ridicule the common stupidities that others shy away from.  His humorous writings always give an underpinning of moral justice and his animation is  entertaining with a message.

Below is Pat's latest video, STUCK,  that lends a slightly different tone to his repertoire.

Pat's work reminds me of another Satirist, Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butt-Head. But it is  because of Judge's movie, Idiocracy, that I became a fan of his.

Idiocracy stars one of my favorite actors, Luke Wilson, who wakes up in the future in a world of extremely dumb people after a military experiment-gone-wrong. That makes Luke the smartest man in the world and the most logical candidate for US President. A funny, funny movie but the nagging truth behind it all gave me chills.

I love Satire and Hatt and Judge are two geniuses who can keep me laughing and entertained.

Below is a trailer of Idiocracy.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

Last evening, my daughter dropped me off  at my house after we had just come from viewing a neighbor's fabulous gardens. My 8 foot sunflowers greeted me and I doubt if the deer could reach the tops now.  They grew way beyond the chicken wire. 

My neighbor's fence that surrounded her yard was an unusual design of iron.  It was straight for 10 feet, then curved out for a 10 ft. expanse and then curved inward in an S-fashion.  It was a gorgeous contour to highlight the brilliant flowers.

Her yard boasted 13 seasonal arrangements so there was color blooming from March to October.  She graciously invited me back today to give me some of her volunteer plants BUT my new Mac is arriving  and I have to be here to sign for it. I'm sure my K and L letters will now work but what panic it is for me to learn a new computer.

I'll go out and get a step-ladder and kiss my sunflowers "good-morning."

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life Could be a Paper Clip

Is there anything more boring than a paper clip? Yes, indeed. Life without laughter.

My personality is rather hum-drummy. I can delve into serious matters but I wish I had a quick wit and could make people laugh.

Norman Cousins wrote Anatomy of an Illness, telling how he cured himself of a fatal illness by living with laughter every day. (He later said the disease may have left him anyway because he didn't fear the disease. That is another story but I'll just focus on the laughter part.) The doctors were baffled to witness such medical defiance.

I've been seeking out old movies or old re-runs that make me laugh. I've rediscovered Frasier. Every member of that cast clicked beautifully and each individual got their share of laughs. Niles is such a hoot who gets laughs with every expression.  The show seemed to lose it's pizazz after Niles and Daphne got married.  It felt like new writers to me but it still gave plenty of laughs.

Some situation comedies bore me silly but I'm open to any suggestions you might offer. I don't want my life a paper clip. I want my life one big loud belly laugh.  So be it!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Whistling Girls and Crowing Hens

I grew up steeped in old wives tales. My grandmother had one of those old sayings or omens for everything and of course, I believed her. The one I followed faithfully was, "whistling girls and crowing hens will always come to some bad end." I didn't want to come to a bad end but I always yearned to be able to whistle. My grandfather, my uncles and the hired men all whistled but they were men so they wouldn't come to a bad end.

By the time I grew up, I had figured out the old wives tales were just a part of country culture and I tried whistling for the very first time but still just a little nervous that the bad end might be just around the corner.  I'd pucker up in whistler imitation but no sound came out. I couldn't whistle.  Throughout the years, I'd practice a little but the tunes were always flat and off key. How disgusting.

For the past 3 years, I've been practicing whistling whenever I'm in the car. I've had a slight break-through and I'm whistling a real tune..... on key. YAY.  I'm not bragging that it's good but I can whistle.

Whoever said "you can't teach an old dog new tricks?"  nyuk  nyuk  nyuk

Hey Bloggie People..... do you whistle?

Here's a vid of a guy whistling without moving his lips. I did post this a couple of years ago so those of you who have been with me for a while may have seen it.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

That Time Again

Beautiful plump apricots can be seen in almost every neighborhood. We've become the Hunza Land of Montana. 

Perhaps one more week on the tree. My 2 dehydrators are ready and rare'n to go.  Dried apricots have even a higher concentration of beta carotene than the raw and the raw apricot is like a health miracle. A bumper crop on this tree that is in my daughter's yard.

I will not list all the health benefits (trust me, there are many) but 2 biggies that most people have interest in...... delays cancer and is a powerful "fat" fighter.

I planted 5 more fruit trees this spring, of which, 2 are apricot.  Hey bloggie friends....... plant some fruit trees. Free Health Care.

Are you a tree planter?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Gary's Blog Fest

It's Gary's Day..... What does that mean?

   It's Blogfest Party    
Gary at Klahanie hates blogfests
so this blogfest is in honor of our dear hating blogfests blogging buddy
This blogfest calls for us to list 3 blogfests we would never join.
My 3 are
1. Mermaids or Mermen I have known and loved. Haven't we all been in love with a fish or two?

2. Sausages of the Balkan Countries. Now here's one for the books with plenty of garlic.

3. Carnival people I would like to invite to lunch. I love carnival people. I can't imagine a more fun lunch but I wouldn't have lunch with them for their stories would make me want to join the carnival and who would water my plants.

Gary, we love you.  Enjoy your anti-blogfest Gary Fest. You are the best 
 This blogfest is hosted by 
Alex J Cavanaugh
Mark Koopmans
Robyn Engel
Morgan Shamy 

Visit Gary, the hosts...... visit everyone. Happy anti-blogfest

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Late For The Garbage

The old Henny Youngman joke....

Am I too late for the garbage?
No. Hop in.

That is my pattern every Sunday morning. Neighbors share alley garbage cans and I have 2 on my property that are shared.

I save my garden weeds and prunings until early Sunday morning because nobody likes a garbage can hog. If there is any room, I chuck in as much as I can. In luck this morning. The can held contents of 2 wheelbarrows heaped high with weeds.

A lot of back-breaking, butt-shot work here.

I got a new Sangean radio; not that I needed one because  I have a radio in every room and various parts of the yard.  I was curious about this one and so far, I am well pleased. Rugged and quality tone. I have a radio going where ever I'm working. Unlike most people, I never listen to music except when I choreograph or dance but when I work, I am tuned to talk shows. One hears more of the truth and better news coverage on the radio.
Do any of my bloggie friends listen to the radio or am I the last holdout ??????
New Sangean Radio

Anyone remember Neil Young singing.... "The Losing End?"  Don't know why but it just flipped into my head. My daughter used to sing it and sing it until I was singing it.  (LOL)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Still no mountain hike

Ho Hum.... The mountain is still posted.

Middle of the day, I watched an old movie, "The Cowboy Way" with Woody Harrelson and Keifer Sutherland, because I couldn't tear myself away. I would never call Woody Harrelson good-looking but man, does he have sex appeal! This movie was made in 1994 but I was laughing and cheering throughout.  I had seen it years ago but forgot about it.  Woody and Keifer play the roles of cowboys  and they looked plenty authentic to me. I was still laughing out loud when I turned off the TV and went outside.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Oh Baby Oh

Howdy Guys and Babettes
Most of you will want to slam me for this one. Go ahead. I can take it.  I know that many of my opinions are as archaic as the bundling board and for that I do not apologize.

Tournament golfer, Hunter Mahan, was leading through 36 holes in the Canadian Open and was the odds-on-favorite until a phone call came that his wife had gone into labor. He walked off the course to be there for the birth and waved good-by to a potential million bucks.  He later thanked his sponsers for appreciating what is important in life.

OK, just what is important in life? I'm sure it's different for each person and varies with generational mores. Is not being at the birth going to do irreparable harm to the little duffer?  Would perhaps winning a cool mill. be a nice little nest for the college fund?

If I had been Mrs. Mahan, I would have screamed at my husband to get out of here and do his thing or at least go down to the pub and get drunk with the guys. What woman needs a guy in the way when she is gearing up for a job that has to be done alone. He already had his say in the reason she is in this situation. Enough. What's he going to do, help her push? Oh perhaps they will hand him the scissors and tell him where to cut the cord. Big Deal.

Now it's all share your wealth or so the citizens (oops can't say that word anymore) have been brainwashed to do because of all the POOR people in the US. Show me, a child of the great depression,  one poor person in the US.  I know poor and what you would show me wouldn't even come close, especially what with all the government hand-outs.

So, am I placing money over fatherly love?  No, I'm saying that using your god-given talents and providing money for your family IS fatherly love.  When this child is grown and looks at the parents still being married, he/she will understand the real meaning of family love.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

La De Dah.... Pink Ice Cream

OK, I've had enough summer.  I smelled the roses, planted a bazillion new plants, had the lawn aerated, suffered several bee stings and had sugar ants on the porch. That is it!!!!!  I'm ready for wool,  goose down, velvet and tweed.

Summer went by fast. I already smell autumn in the early morning air. I haven't even had a chance to wear my "Pretty Woman Dress." Remember the movie, "Pretty Woman," when Julia Roberts went to the polo match wearing that brown polka-dot dress.  I found the identical dress on a rack and it fits me perfectly.  Only in Montana, we aren't fancy enough for polo and the dress just ain't the rodeo type.

I don't know what's happening up on the mountain. Cody and I were entering the trail head and a big warning sign was stuck in our path.  It said there is mountain lion activity and to enter at our own risk. It also gave the rules (ha) to follow if one appears.  No thanks. Cody would think it's just a friendly pussy cat and want to play.  We have always been aware of bears and mountain lions in the area but this is the first official warning I've seen. Back to walking the fair grounds.

Adios beautiful bloggie friends. Wishing you all the week of your dreams.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Big Race

Weiner, Weiner, he's our man
If he can't do it
No one can
Hahahahahahahahahahah He's a joke ....... but the scary thing is, he could just get elected as Mayor of New York.

More pictures of Anthony Weiner were gracing the internet even after he had left the political scene. Now his internet handle is Carlos Danger and making hot news with Cindy Leathers, a 23 year old, heavily tatoo'd (ahem) female.  When her mother was interviewed, she said, "God help New York if he gets to be mayor and you can print that."
This is the first time I've ever reported SMUT.  Hmmm... kinda fun.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fashion Me

3 of my 5 sewing machines. 4 of them have to hit the road, Jack and don't come back.... no more, no more

When I was young every house had a sewing machine. I wonder if ANY house has a sewing machine today. I'm still tossing stuff and surprise, I found 5 sewing machines and 2 sergers.   I'll keep one sewing machine, although I'll most likely never use it again since I need a magnifying glass to thread a needle.

Sewing machines may go out of vogue but women still love to dress in style.  Me thinks women will always like to dress in a classy mode. Soooo I got to thinking, "Who designs, sews and works in the fashion industry?" Answer..... people who know how to sew. If I had a child who had an interest in clothes design, I would encourage them to learn to sew and suggest fashion school. I bet there are more jobs waiting in the fashion industry than there are for a graduate in "woman's studies." Ha   It's a tough economy today.... steer kids where the jobs are.

It seems like I always knew how to sew but then I taught myself tailoring.  I would try on the most expensive, exclusive clothes in the swank shops in Minneapolis and produce a pad from my purse so I could sketch/copy the clothes in detail.  This included type of stitches, gussets, kind of shoulder pads and any little detail. I'd go home and sew it. I sewed all my dance costumes, all my girls clothes and sport jackets for the boys.  I had no desire to pursue it as a profession BUT if it had been in todays economy, I probably would have.

My son's friend,  Andy,  started sewing ski clothes for his friends because the commercial clothes were a bad fit.  He expanded to all sport clothes and has a successful business called  Outa Wear .
 My favorite sport jacket is his design and I use his kayaking vest  that is sooo snug that not a bit of breeze gets in when I'm on the water.

So.... I have to thread and try each machine to decide which one I'll keep and the others can take a trip to the thrift store. I was thinking of a "donation to charity yard sale" but even that sounds like too much work right now.  Adios sewing machines.

Any of my bloggie friends own a sewing machine these days?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Life is Just a Bowl of Juneberries

       The neglected overgrown Serviceberry (or Juneberry) shrub desperately needed attention.  I spent 5 hours picking the fruit, cutting out dead wood and giving form to the bush. That is the 4th shrub I've revamped this week.  I'll make a little wine with this already-sweet fruit and it won't need much sugar.  I don't invest in fancy wine making equipment, I just use fruit, yeast, sugar and water.  No one has complained yet. 

      This lot is a huge gardeners delight. So far I have a little orchard started with 7 fruit trees, the bird sanctuary, doggie yard that also houses the firewood, gooseberry bushes and a flower garden.  Then there is the rock garden with mostly shade plants and a big old tree, 3 more flower gardens and the small greenhouse. I have to scrape and paint a small picket fence and arbor and 4 wooden benches.  My project is beginning to show some shape and I'm as happy as a pig in mud.  Oh, I started a little Aspen grove in case this project gives me a headache.  Ha  Native Americans would rest in an Aspen grove and let the rustle of the leaves cure their headache. That is where the word aspirin comes from.  Oh, the very, very best thing....... the dirt is deep black and alive with earth worms.  If I happen to spade up a worm, I gently put it back into the soil. (More worms, Pat....nyuk nyuk)
Anyone like gardening as much as I do????????                                                                              
I admired each red juicy berry as I dropped it in the basket
Cody watches the berries and keeps the magpies away

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sing Baby Sing

There is an old, old song called "Sing Baby Sing." As a family, we do just that. Good or bad voice, on or off key..... we still sing. This morning I was belting out my wake-up tunes and saw the new back alley neighbor outside. I hope I don't soon see a "house for sale" sign in his yard.

We send songs to each other. This is granddaughter singing for her Aunt Amy.
I'm trying to hide it as I'm sure she doesn't want it posted.  She says I always post everything. She may be right. She may even disown me as a grandmother. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

After The Holiday

My son's new house, yard. 
Cody goes crazy with fireworks. I used to raise German Shorthair dogs and you can shoot a gun right over their heads. Not Cody, I drop a pan on the floor and she dives under the bed. In Montana, Helena and Billings outlawed fireworks this year. I didn't hear one "loudenboomer" in Helena but I spent a couple of days at my sons in Bozeman and I thought I had dropped into a war zone.

His new house is finished and the yard is seeded in Idaho Fescus. a drought-resistant grass that needs no mowing.

My brother and I took the 2 mile dog walk on Saturday AM. Then I walked with son's neighbor to the Farmer's Market and all around the grounds. That place is HUGE.  When I returned, my son suggested a walk so we walked (I don't know how many miles) in the woods along the river.  I guess we are just walk'n fools. Ha  But my hips feel it today.

I returned to Helena for the Sunday TV  marathon of Jesse Stone with Tom Selleck. I just have to watch every scrap of film whenever Tom Selleck is on.  He really does love baseball and used to pop in at the ballpark whenever he was in town. My husband would come home and say, "I had lunch at the ballpark with your boy friend today." (And I was home doing laundry)

Back home to routine today. I have an acupuncturists appointment this AM and I'm teaching Flamenco this afternoon after the moving break.  Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, the 4th and Canada Day.  Sending love to all my bloggie friends, where ever you may be.

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Co-ink-e-dink

An after-class picture
Geno is my handyman. He is moving to Boulder Montana, a small town about 27 miles away.  I've been fussing over that news because he did most of my heavy yard work.

Rachael has been my advanced Flamenco student (and friend) for over 10 years. She lives in Boulder Montana. She and I ran into Geno at a music festival last summer and we all sat together.

This morning I got an email from Rachael saying that Gino is her new next-door neighbor.  A co-ink-e dink or what?

Geno is taking a good share of the surplus furniture from the ranch, since he's moving from an apartment to a house.

Isn't it neat the way friends meet friends and then re-meet as friends?

Thursday, June 27, 2013


My next project is re-doing the rock garden, already a work in progress.

I awoke this morning with the realization I am on the threshold of the rest of my life. That could be one minute or twenty years. Whatever it is, I'm beating my own drum and leading my own parade.

Ranch..... finished. Yesterday I turned in my key, signed over the deed to new owners and I will never, never, never visit that land again. I've moved many times in my life and I never revisit or look back.

I always need a project..... ask my family. Next project..... bring back the rock garden and all the forgotten gardens on this 2 1/2 lot yard.  This old house has stood vacant for 8 years and working in the yard is like the story of the "Secret Garden," I never know what I'll uncover. Already,  I've added many new trees, scads of perennials from neighborhood cuttings and new nursery plants.

Here's to a splendiferous summer. How is your summer project going?
In case anyone is curious about the header plant...... it is a Sea Holly. It has thistle-like blue flowers and foliage. Plant where you want it because it resents being transplanted.  The bloom will retain it's vivid color when dried if picked when bloom is fully open.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Murder in Birdseye Area

If you look at my wall header and just over that first ridge is Threemile Road, with a short road offshoot, Turk Road. Since it's inception, Turk Rd. has been the center of contention by it's landowners. Road violations, trespassing, boundary disputes and people being the target of a high powered rifle were common happenings on Turk Rd. To my thinking, all residents were equally guilty of being "trigger happy hotheads."

Then the monstrous violation occurred when Mike Crites put a chain over an easement road so owners couldn't get to their property.  Lawsuits and threats became the norm as neighbors took sides.  Mike Crites, with his 4 wolf dogs, was living his Montana dream off the grid as neighbors gave mixed messages about his personal life. In June, 2011, Crites wolf dogs were discovered running loose and Crites was missing. Where would he go since his wallet and pick-up were in his yard.

Six months later, Crites dismembered body was found in plastic bags at McDonald Pass outside of Helena. From news reports, there seem to be a couple of suspects but without any evidence.  No one is talking. Perhaps the neighbors know and are honoring a code of silence as to who did this chilling murder. The crime has put a halt on all real estate sales within the Birdseye area. Who would buy a house in an area where a crazed killer resides? Some people just left their homes and "for sale" signs reign supreme. I guess I am lucky that a neighbor is buying my ranch. The deed will pass this coming Wednesday.

Most people don't dwell on the fact that a murderer is living among us. I didn't....... not until another article reminding us of the crime appeared in the newspaper.  There is very little crime in Helena, made apparent by all the unlocked houses and car doors. But when there is a crime, it's a bone-chilling whopper.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When is a Rock Not a Rock? When It's a Wall.

 Around 20 some years ago, my son asked me, "What is the most permanent legacy one can leave? " Perhaps half joking and without thinking, I answered, "A rock wall." To my surprise, son and his wife spent half the summer searching out and gathering local rock and the last part of the summer, building the wall.  The header picture shows the length of the wall.

The wall is a work of art, hand crafted with love and respect of the nature that produced the rocks.  I cannot imagine a more hallowed legacy to prove that someone had lived upon this earth.

The ranch is sold. People ask if I feel sad. Sad for some buildings that will eventually wither and rot? No, not my style. But then my voice cracks and my eyes fill with tears, "It's the wall I don't want to leave." I close my eyes and I can hear my husband's voice whenever I cried, he'd say, "Stop all that caterwauling.  That wall will be here long after all signs of humans are gone."

 It will make a lot of people happy, it's the greatest legacy you can leave, Zahnie and Katie.
Have you ever thought what you would leave as a legacy?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Better to Remain Loyal

A smallish to medium tree in my yard died. The location was good and when cut, it would fall free of obstacles.  I called Mr. Bushy the tree man I've used many times. He said he was busy but may be able to squeeze it in  the next day. 

The next day I was outside planting new trees to fill the dead trees vacancy. Another tree man, Mr, Bradly drove by, spotted the dead tree, stopped and said he could cut and remove it at that moment.  I was put in a dilemma because Bushy had not come. I asked the price and Brady said $50. I was tempted to accept and have it over with here and now but something gnawed inside me that I HAD called Bushy so I felt obligated to wait for him.  Obviously he was too busy and would do it next week.

The week end came. On Saturday I was in the house when the doorbell rang. It was Mr. Brady's helper who gave me the same spiel again, in the neighborhood, could cut/remove right now.  I explained again that I had called Bushy first and I felt my loyalty was to wait for him.

Bushy came Monday morning.  He remembered the tree because he had trimmed it last year, in one last attempt to save the poor tree.  The first thing I asked was, "How much?"   He said forty bucks and I smiled inwardly because I was still a loyal customer and saved ten bucks.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Alan's Song

Hey Bloggie Friends
Have any of you kitchen dancers (esp. Su-sieee and the husband) taken up dancing after A-Z?  My granddaughter, Ashly, wrote an excellent WALTZ song for beginners.  You can't lose the beat as the 1-2-3 literally shouts at you.  The song is written in old-timey country and called ALAN'S SONG. I made a short vid of Ashly washing Cody Dog so you can hear the song. (I haven't made a video for such a long time, I forgot how to add titles. )  Ha

Ashly wrote the song for me after Alan died.  I never expected to find a dancer in Montana with as much natural rhythm as Alan had. We danced every Sunday at a little Honkey Tonk that catered to excellent bands, not only country, but swing, blues and jazz. Alan had 10 years on me, but he was still the best swing dancer I had ever danced with. He had danced in competition during WW2 while he was in the Navy. Holy Moly, dancing with Alan was just plain fun. I haven't been out dancing socially since Alan died. My heart just isn't in it. But I still teach a little so at least I get my DANCE FIX. I think about social dancing and some day I may venture out again.

Ashly's band with her singing Alan's Song. (Washing Cody)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Three Bucks

3 bucks out look'n to make a little dough (ahem, doe)
These guys are the whole dang reason I'm putting up chicken wire around my flowers and trees.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

That Time of the Year

Next to dancing, I love gardening

Some new little fruit trees I'm planting. Height of expectation, planting trees at my age.

The ceiling of my neat little greenhouse. 

All my life I've had gardens, both veggies and flowers. I learned at a very young age to plant with the Moon. I plant root vegetables in the Moon's 3rd quarter but I missed it this year so I thought, what the heck, I'll plant in the 1st.  No good. The daikon bolted already, meaning all tops and no bottoms.  Another reminder that we must respect and live with nature.
Adios Bloggie Friends

Monday, May 13, 2013

Work The Room

Because my husband had a ball team, we were obligated to attend many parties. Calvin, the typical  Sagittarius, loved a social setting with a lot of sports people. He neither smoked nor drank but looked forward to gathering with the "guys" for rousing sports conversations and I was always left to seek my own party talk.

When we arrived at a party, Calvin would give me a little peck on the cheek (well, it was really along with a pat on the fanny) and say, "Go work the room." Very few women attended sports functions so I soon realized that it was to my advantage to learn how to talk sports with the "guys."  It soon became apparent that a wife could either enhance or hinder her husband's reputation and I chose the first. (A feminist, I am not)

Now I started equating  blogging to "Working the room." Successful bloggers really know how to "Work the room" with their varied gift of gab and the proof is in the blogs that sparkle. Within my  circle of bloggie friends, I'd like to mention some who really know how to "Work The Room."

                            Work The Room Bloggers

The first blogger who comes to mind, and REALLY knows how to  "Work The Room," is Gary, who writes  KLAHANIE  and also posts for Penny, a terrier of modest internet stardom.  He writes meaningful comments to every blogger (not just the one-worders).
Gary can make you laugh, cry or put you in a world of fantasy.

Hilary from Positive Letters....inspirational stories could work 5 rooms with a different subject for each individual. She is a gracious lady who writes of life in UK, history, films, pubs or how to make a pond pudding. Her posts are sometimes spicy, sometimes melancholy, but always entertaining.

Terry who writes My Journey with Candida writes about natural health and any subject that happens to pop into her head. You never know what to expect with Terry but you always get a lively and positive post and she could work a whole bunch of rooms.

Murr writes  her blog, Murrmurrs with a subtle humor that I love. I read one of her sentences and stop for a moment before it hits me........ then I break into laughter and think, OMG, that is the funniest thing I've read. Talk about "Working a room."

The place where I spend most of my time when blog-reading is "It's Rhyme Time," authored by Pat Hatt, writer of children's books. But the blog is actually written by a Cat.  Pat has created a kind of sanctuary home-base, reminiscent of the old TV Cheer's bar, where everyone knows "your name." (As the song says)  Because it feels so much like home, there are conversations within conversations pertaining to Cat's rhymed post or the scramble for #1. Most of the comments are written in rhyme, although not obligatory, words just sorta start rhyming after you visit a few times. "Working a room" is Pat's middle name.

While lurking at Pats, I met some people who are pretty good room-workers in their own right.
Poke the rock tells it exactly like it is, minces no words and expects no less in return. She is also a talented artist who favors illustrating her point with stick people or finger puppets.

Another lurker that I met at Pats is Mail4Rosey. Rosey posts about the adventures of daily life. It's always fun to peep  into the lives of a family and get to know them. She would be a sparkling asset to any room working.

And there is John Debellis, a stand-up comic who writes Another 920 Spot. He writes his one-liners about controversial subjects that often lead to a lively conversation. (I think he likes that)   John would schmooze his way around a room with the best of em.

Then we have the two Susans. Susan Swiderski writes, "I think, therefore, I Yam"  
and her humor knocks my socks of (and my boots). And there is Susan Kane, writer of
"The contemplative cat," who posts illustrious flash fiction.  Put them in a room together.
WOW..... the room will be worked.

Mark Means is another blogger I'd put my money on to work a room and then do a repeat. Mark writes "Left and Write. adding a touch of spice and sparkle to his magnificent writing.

Robin writes "Your daily Dose."   Her blog smacks of humor in her writing of a personal experience, politics, films, songs, you name it.  Here is a Room Worker who will also hold your interest with a torch song as she sits poised upon the grand piano.

Arkansas Patti is author of "The New Sixty"  a blog of humorous stories and I relish every word.
A gal with a colorful past makes delightful reading. Patti would WOW the whole room.

There are many more but a dozen (The Dirty Dozen but I guess it's really a baker's dozen) will be enough room workers for now.  If you have time, I suggest you pay them a visit and watch
them weave their magic.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Pinnacle of Audacity

The Pinnacle of Audacity
Puss thinks she is "king of the hill" when she can take over Cody's prize possession.
I thought fur would fly but Cody backed off .........................


Second Choice

 And went to her other bed in the crate. Is that called sibling sympathy or sharing or what?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Women Smokejumpers

Women  smokejumpers hold the bar of excellence to a high degree. 

Fire season is here and no one is more revered than our fire fighters.  When they return from a fire,  cheering people line the streets for a welcome home.  Smokejumpers are flown into remote fire areas and parachute in.  During the season, bags are packed and the moment the call comes, they are in the plane. 

Women have been smokejumping since 1981 and have to pass the rookie test along with the men. The test consists of 7 pull-ups, 25 push-ups, 45 sit-ups, run a mile 1/2 in less then 11 min., carry 110 lb over 3 miles in less then 1 1/2 hr., finish by making it over a 6 ft wall.  A stigma was attached to women smokejumpers in the beginning.  The men didn't want the public to think their super tough job was easy if a woman could do it. Women soon proved otherwise as they jumped from planes and fought fires shoulder to shoulder with the men.

In the year 2001, out of 400 smokejumpers, 35 were women.  This year there are 370 jumpers spread across 9 bases. The Montana base is located in Missoula. 

What a comfort it is to have our fire fighters on the job. I sayGO FIRE FIGHTERS and
Photo by Kenton Rowe from an article by Lori Messenger in Montana Magazine  

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zydeco

Zydeco is a heavily syncopated dance originally danced throughout Louisiana but has become popular all over the United States. It is not included in the competitive dance program but can be recognized as a specialty dance. The Zydeco is more often danced in the Zydeco and Cajun clubs, where they hold their own competitions.

The dance is a blend of Creole, French and American traditional.

Zydeco is characterized by a lot of fast stomp'n that must be great for the cardio vascular as, especially in Louisiana, the elderly can out-dance the young ones. For an exhilarating syncopation of social fun find yourself a Zydeco club and dance the night away.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is For Yoga

Many Ballroom dancers practice Yoga poses because it adds flexibility and calms the mind.

Every Ballroom Competition is a stressful day with dancers adrenals bouncing up and down. To be able to find a quiet corner in-between dances, and lose one's self in a peaceful meditation can calm the frantic stage fright and attract the judges eye for a higher score.

Judges score on a whole raft of personal traits beside the quality of the dance. They are good at spotting the nervous, frantic, worried dancers and they tend to score them accordingly. So, the trick is to fool the judges and keep that calm exterior vibrating "winner."

Below, a short vid on yoga