Friday, August 21, 2015

Maybe It's Because

Today I am a copy cat. I heard Beate's
song and was immediately transported
back to 1949, when my husband and I
discovered our song, 
              Maybe It's Because
      I'll wager most of Beate's readers were transported
      back in remembrance of "their song." Great
      job, Beate.

When Louis Armstrong came to town,
it was as a dance band, not as a single
performer. What a guy he was as he'd
even visit our table inbetween sets. 
      It was easy to fall in love to his music but I knew
         I would marry Daryl the first moment I saw him.
         His father was a patient at the hospital where I
         was training and he came to visit his father. On
         that first meeting, he asked me to go dancing.
         I remember going back to the dorm, telling my
         room-mates that I had just met the man I was
         going to marry. They said I was crazy. Ha But
         we were married 3 months later, after graduation.

The rest really is history. 


Sunday, August 9, 2015


Way to Go Fella's
Traveling across the country in a restored 1908 Franklin, 3 elderly gents were
re-stocking their vintage car with snacks for the road. Everything about this
car looked brand-spank'n new, including the leather trunk that sat on the
luggage rack.
The Franklin auto was manufactured from 1902 until 1934. It competed with
the luxury big boys but like many of the more expensive cars, folded under the
rigors of the depression.  I had never heard of that make of car, have you?

As the gentlemen closed the doors on this fine old car, one shouted back
to me,"Hope we don't hold you up on the highway."

Nope, it was my pleasure to wave as I passed them. LOL
Yesterday I wrote a post about a depressing subject but today, I don't know why I wrote it. I can get sad but I'm 
never depressed so it's gone, deleted, kaput.(In case you caught a glimpse)