Saturday, September 28, 2013

One bale of hay

My old work truck, 15 years old with perm plates but that little baby can get the job done
My little old Nissan is a work-horse. No 4-wheel drive so it sits outside in the freezing weather all winter and starts on the first turn of the key in the spring, rear'n to go. All I ever do is change the oil. Fifteen years ago I needed a new vehicle so my husband sent me out shopping with a blank check. I probably could have bought a Lamborghini but I didn't need a car with a funny door, I needed to be able to haul stuff. (He was a lttle surprised when I came home with an inexpensive pickup)

The AC and heater are now kaput. Radio is shot. The windshield wipers squeek like crazy. The shocks are gone. A big crack in the windshield, but it runs so smoothly you can't tell if the engine's running. I know people in their big fancy trucks point and laugh at me, running with the big boys with Cody in the passenger seat. Who cares? I just smile and wave at them.

Another gardening tip..... hay bale in the back for covering the rose bushes. Hummm, they're making those bales heavier every year. (Yeah, right...... Manzanita, you're just getting to be a wimp. Buck up)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

What is the Song?

What is the song Dale is singing?
Roy Rogers left his brand new boots out on the porch and in the morning discovered a mountain lion had destroyed them. He was so angry, he grabbed his rifle,  jumped on Trigger,  told Dale he was going to get that mountain lion and headed up the mountain. He returned an hour later with the big cat stretched across the back of his saddle. Dale came running out of the house singing (she was always singing) ....... "Pardon me Roy, is that the cat who chewed your new shoes?"
Tell me if you get it right.  (The picture is a hint ....also say it fast.)

It's time to Plant bulbs
If you want a sea of tulips in the spring, now is the time to plant them, says gardener extraordinaire. 
That would be me.  I have some bulbs that I dug up from the Bozeman house before it sold but normally they would stay in the ground year around, once they have been planted. 

Here's a tip as to where to buy the healthiest, biggest and most beautiful tulip bulbs.  Costco.  They just came in and are sold out in a very short time.  So go down and get yours.  Another tip on the easiest way to plant tulip bulbs.  In place of planting the bulbs individually, dig one big hole, sprinkle a small amount of fertilizer and place the bulbs close together, pointy side up.  Cover with some newly purchased compost soil and wait for spring. Deer do love tulips so I plant mine in the fenced areas.  Adios bloggie  friends. 
Tulip bulbs ready for planting

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Love Satire

I have 2 favorite Satirists. One is Pat Hatt, author of children's books and a popular blog, "It's Rhyme Time," where he adds daily posts as written through the eyes of his cat.  I believe it takes pure genius to satirize and also a vast storehouse of information from which to draw.  Pat has a large following of faithful fans and it is from that pool of human frailties that he gleans some of his best material.  No subject is sacred as Pat will attack with ridicule the common stupidities that others shy away from.  His humorous writings always give an underpinning of moral justice and his animation is  entertaining with a message.

Below is Pat's latest video, STUCK,  that lends a slightly different tone to his repertoire.

Pat's work reminds me of another Satirist, Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butt-Head. But it is  because of Judge's movie, Idiocracy, that I became a fan of his.

Idiocracy stars one of my favorite actors, Luke Wilson, who wakes up in the future in a world of extremely dumb people after a military experiment-gone-wrong. That makes Luke the smartest man in the world and the most logical candidate for US President. A funny, funny movie but the nagging truth behind it all gave me chills.

I love Satire and Hatt and Judge are two geniuses who can keep me laughing and entertained.

Below is a trailer of Idiocracy.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

Last evening, my daughter dropped me off  at my house after we had just come from viewing a neighbor's fabulous gardens. My 8 foot sunflowers greeted me and I doubt if the deer could reach the tops now.  They grew way beyond the chicken wire. 

My neighbor's fence that surrounded her yard was an unusual design of iron.  It was straight for 10 feet, then curved out for a 10 ft. expanse and then curved inward in an S-fashion.  It was a gorgeous contour to highlight the brilliant flowers.

Her yard boasted 13 seasonal arrangements so there was color blooming from March to October.  She graciously invited me back today to give me some of her volunteer plants BUT my new Mac is arriving  and I have to be here to sign for it. I'm sure my K and L letters will now work but what panic it is for me to learn a new computer.

I'll go out and get a step-ladder and kiss my sunflowers "good-morning."