Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rosie the Riveter

Perhaps you know I begin my day writing a rhyme over at Pat's
'Rhyme Time" blog. It's my little "I'm still OK" test. His post
always gives me a good laugh plus today's title is a memory jab

Been there. It was smack-dab in the middle of WW2 and there
was not an able-bodied man left on the street who was not in
uniform. Women who had never lifted a finger outside of the
kitchen, took to working in factories and food production.

It was a fantastic time, women stepping out of their girdles
and zipping up their coveralls. The summer I was 14, I got a
job at the local corn-canning factory.  Hair tied up in a
bandana, I looked like all the other "Rosie, the Riveters" with
my standard little black lunch box, packed with enough
sandwiches to cover lunch and snacks for a double shift.

I worked in the cutter room where the sharp blades on a
conveyer belt cut the corn off the cob. This room was not
for the clumsy and when working such long hours, one
 really had to keep their wits on board.

The war was what Really closed the book on the great
depression.  Jobs, jobs, jobs beckoning from huge signs
 were the pied pipers that brought women and young
adolescents out into the work force. Lucky Strike Green
may have gone to war, but we were actually earning that
green folding stuff that would buy us food and a few
trinkets we had been without for such a long time.

Swing music blaring from radios where ever we went.
Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey. In spite of the war,
those WERE the days.  I guess that would be called
my coming of age. LOL

Monday, December 1, 2014

It's December one

A statue of my husband at the bb field of the Twin in Minneapolis

Yipes, today is Dec. 1, my husbands birthday.  He was born
103 years ago in Montreal, Canada.  The photo above is
of a bronze statue of him at the new ball field in Mpls. It
is such a life-like statue, that for me, it's a little creepy.
Calvin's life was baseball so it is fitting that he now
greets all the Twins fans at the door.

Calvin's life was one of enchantment that he shared
with me for over 25 years. Dec 1....smack-dab in the
middle of Sagittarius astrology and one so lucky to be
born on this date is a laugh and a love a day.

So to Calvin and all you lucky Sadges to be born on this
day, I give you the high-five and say, "Celebrate like only
a Sagittarius knows how."

Calvin Griffith  1911-2000   RIP

Monday, November 24, 2014

Raw Sweet Potato Soup

Here is a video of Terry and me making raw sweet
potato soup. We were, more or less, playing around
and using the soup as a prop but, no kidding, it is
delicious and just in time for Thanksgiving. 

We used raw sweet potatoes, onion, garlic, a little nama shoyu (or any form
of salt),  a little chili powder, and water. We dumped everything into the
Blendtec blender, put the setting on soup and were rewarded with a beautifully
 orange tasty soup.

Terry, from "My Journey with Candida" has been visiting Montana for
the last month.  We dabbled in many areas......making videos, being
one of them. LOL


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Repeat it Often Enough

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,
people will eventually come to believe it.
                          quote attributed to Joseph Goebbels and often, Hitler

This day, in 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  Like the
whole world, I was numb with shock.  My eyes were constantly focused on
the little TV that sat in the kitchen of my home in Minneapolis. Two days after
the killing, we witnessed live, another killing, when Jack Ruby shot Lee H.
Oswald, the suspected Kennedy killer, the man who shouted out when
apprehended, "I'm a patsy."

Today, all information pertaining to Kennedy's killing will say he was shot
by a lone gun man, Lee Harvey Oswald.  Who has the time to dispute that
or who even cares any more. I care and for 51 years Kennedy's assassination
has been my obsession. So many books written ........ sooo many theories but
the Warren Commission is still touted to be the final word. Amen. What
a joke that is, but again, if the government said it, it must be true.

The Kennedy killing quest has taken me down
hundreds of paths that branch out in every 
direction and produced names of people, famous 
and obscure, who were never allow a voice or 
were mysteriously eliminated. 

But repeat it often enough and it will become history.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Have You Ever Met a Blogger in Person?

Terry, from "My Journey With Candida," is visiting me. 
 She only had to mention 2 little words (elk hunting) to 
entice her husband to pack the pick-up and head for 
Montana. While her husband hunts, we are having a 
blast doing crazy things, such as hunting for
fossil rocks. I can't drive by a rock pile without Terry
saying, "Stop the truck" and she's out poking around
in a rock pile. We've been to ghost towns, casino 
hopping, mountain climbing and Terry saw her first
live cattle drive. What fun having her here and showing
her my part of the world. 

Our Halloween costumes. Manzi on the L and Terry in the orange wig
Terry poking around in a fossil rock pile. That mountain went straight up
Some remains of Marysville ghost town
Another ghost town tucked away in the Elkhorn Mountains

Have you ever visited in person with a blogging buddy?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Hour of Long Shadows

I  am not a person of spikey, peaky, up or down emotions. In other words,
I don't think I'm moody, at least I've never been accused of it.  Within
 life's normal circumstances, I usually feel content and happy BUT there
 is one exception that no one has ever noticed nor have I ever talked about
 it and here I am, devulging it to all bloggieland. (We tend
to get bold when we are talking to a screen.)

This is what I have noticed.  In the summer hour,
 before the sun is setting, when it casts long shadows, an extreme sadness
rushes into the pit of my sttomach, like a home sick feeling for someone
or some place. Weather conditions always have to be the same; no wind,
warm, the feeling of stillness in the world and I'm looking at long shadows.

All of the conditions have to be there, for this sad feeling to occur, so it
isn't something that happens with regularity BUT it has been with me
my whole life.

Ken is a trusted psychic I've known for a long time and I've used his
ability mostly as a medical intuitive. He has never been wrong and his
findings can always be proven correct with western medical testing as
x-rays, etc.  During one session with him, I mentioned this "long shadow"
 occurance. Ken said, "Just a minute," as he went into his little trance or
the thing that he does.

This is what he said.  In a past life, when the weather
conditions were exactly as I mentioned, I watched my four sons be

Yes, I do know I have been reincarnated........way too many times
to ever count and I also know many people think it's hogwash.
Whatever. It is just my little true story.

So, knowing this, do I still have the sad feeling during the perfect
condition of the long shadows?  Yes I do BUT there is now a
feeling of understanding  and........I know this sounds silly........
also a feeling of forgiveness associated with it.
Have you ever experienced past life feelings that you would 
like to share? 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Go'n a Little Country

  Sunday morning came my way
 In the X-Terra to spend the day
Over two passes a mountainous climb
Came into scenery oh so sublime

Blew into Bozeman nine thirty exact
My relatives waiting, that was a fact
We laughed and we danced, acted most silly
Nana turned country, bizarre, willy-nilly

Cody slept in the back and didn't give a bark
Back home to my chickens before it grew dark
A day in the life of a silly old broad
The song is by Ashly and the Broad ain't no fraud

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Float in a moat, everybody has a boat

Have you ever been faced with the decision to suffer through
something you hate vs. hurting someone you like?  Innocently
enough, I often end up in that predicament.

Perfect example

I was on my knees pulling weeds along the lot line of my
yard when my neighbor drove up, jumped out of
the car, all in bliss heaven and goggledee-eyed from her
marriage of a week ago.  She (a much younger spry-of-legs
version than her newly acquired husband) ran over to me while
 he struggled to get out of the car.

With breathless excitemet she exclaimed,  "Guess what we
bought....guess what we bought!

Ummm....twin beds?

"We bought a boat."

She's beaming and hugging me and bouncing up and down.
Looking me right in the eye, I'm not so sure now if the bliss I
 see is for the new marriage or the new boat, but it's definitely
there as her voice asked in a new high-powered pitch,
"Do you like boats?"

OH MY GOD.....I knew exactly what was coming next. No
crystal ball, I just knew. She was going to offer me a ride in
her boat.  Now don't misunderstand. I love this neighbor so
much, in fact she is the best neighbor I've ever had.
She's moving and I'll miss her terribly BUT that is not the
point. The point is I HATE BOATS. They are simply my
idea of "nothing to do."My husband had a party boat for
ten years and I never stepped foot on it.  Really. Swaying along
the Florida coast line with his alcoholic relatives was REALLY
my idea of nothing to do, but that's another story). And no,
I'm not afraid of water. I grew up on a lake that was a mile
wide and as kids we swam back and forth (but a really
stupid thing to do).

So if I put it mildly to my neighbor, that I don't like boats,
she'll say, "Oh come on, you'll love it." I have to put it
strongly and nip it in the bud right away but whatever
I say, she'll think I'm a jerk.

I said in kind of quiet voice, "I detest boats."  Oh,
her face, you would have thought I had slapped her.
Not only did she most likely think I was a jerk......I felt
like a jerk. Newly acquired husband finally made
it out of the car and approached with a picture of the
new boat.  I gushed and gushed over the beauty of the
 boat, hoping to redeem myself a little and  just
wanting to return to my weeding.  Oh, woe.

Here's my big question.....
What would you have done/said? That is, if you had
my same feeling about boats, which you most likely
don't because all people love boats, except me.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Do you think you'll be a spring chicken again?

One chicken to another, "And how is your life going?"

All spring
chickens get
old. Proof of
the pudding,
here are 2 of
the baby
chicks that
I got in

It seems like
lately all
I hear is,
"You ain't
no spring

All I want to say is, "Screw you. Don't you think I have mirrors.
I can see that."

As a dancer most of my life, it saddens me even more to watch
my head jut forward as my shoulders and back become rounded.
And the very, very worst thing happening to this "has-been spring
chicken"  is that when I try very hard to straighten up, I
absolutely can't.  I am frozen in a hideous position that is 2 inches
shorter than my former self.  What is this sucky old age that is
touted to be "the golden years." Blaat....

I should have asked what you want first, the good news or the bad
news but I just gave you the bad news first.  Rejoice....... there is
good news.  I have discovered that young people can be old inside
and old people young, depending on how much one uses the short
muscles that support the large ones.  People go to a gym every
day and work on the same large muscles without ever giving a
thought to what supports those hunkers.

To wonderful new technology:  I hate you because you rattle my
brain, but I also love you because you transport me miles
from home  where I can inject knowledge into my shrunken
brain cells.

I've been taking exercise lessons by Skype from a wonderful
gal who had cured herself of this old age malady when she was
very young and for 30 years she has helped others regain the
height they lost and for instance, are able to clip their own
toe nails again. (You have to be where I was, to fully appreciate
what this toe-nail thing means.....Ha)

The exercises are totally different from the ones you would
do in a gym and she keeps adjusting a program that is uniquely
designed to strengthen each person's core.  My friend,
Marilyn has been doing this a year and has already gained back
the 2 inches she's shrunk. I have a long way to go but joy
of joys and hallelujah, I can again balance on one leg, yoga style, without a
wobble.  That alone is back to spring for this old chicken. LOL

How's your springy chicken do'n?
PS..I don't understand computers at all. I first published this post
and it was lined up the way I wanted it and after a day it took off
on it's own and ended up all crazy. I don't know how to change
it without doing the whole thing over. and age.
Double blatt

Monday, September 8, 2014


Do you ever think
of strawberries? I
do. I recall the tiny
sweet wild berries,
growing around
our cabin in Northern
MN. Pure ambrosia
of the gods.  You
could lie down in
a patch and eat
your way into a
state of bliss.

That was also
around the time
when   Ingmar
Bergman's movie
"Wild Strawberries"
came out. (mmmm think I'll have to see that movie again)

All of these thoughts popped into my mind like a mini jolt
of lust when my neighbor asked if I wanted some
strawberry plants. Suddenly,  reality of the govt. food
regulatory agencies came to mind and I thought of the large
attractive strawberries that now dress up the produce
departments but taste like one of Cody's dog chews.

Also remembering how they send out the long runners and
take up so much room, I was about to tell the neighbor, "no"
when she went on to say they were Alpine, tiny little berries
that produced no runners but stayed in a clump. uummm, I
 thought for a second and said, "I would be happy to take
some plants."

I planted 5 small plants that flourished into round molds
of lush green, dripping with tiny red berries of a decadant
memory. OMG they ARE the wild strawberries of my past.
I've been reliving an old movie all summer.

Remember runners....round clumps and
sheer lust.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

No, It's Not Easter, It's The Real Deal

An unexpected event took place
yesterday. I entered the chicken
coop and found 3 perfect pullet
eggs in the nesting box. How
exciting. That meant 3 of my
girls had started to lay. All I
could think was, truly organic
eggs for breakfast as I was
about to snatch the eggs from
resting place.

I withdrew my hand because
I had a better idea.

My little neighbor boy, who
has just turned 2, loves to
carry on a tender conversation
with the chickens as he feeds them veggie scraps from their table. He brings over most
of his parent's visitors so they too can get acquainted with the chickens. I laugh as
 I've watched some of the reluctant guests draw back in fear as the tame chickens
surround them.

I wasn't even aware if he knew that chickens layed eggs but I felt it was more befitting
for  this adorable child to gather the first eggs for his breakfast. His expression was
 priceless as his small baby hands gently placed each egg in the basket. I realized this
was a marvelous way to begin teaching kids about life and where our food chain comes

When a hen goes broody, I'll have to get some fertile eggs for her to sit on
and hatch. (No roosters allowed in town, so no chance of having our own fertile eggs)

I'm closing this by saying, "Chickens are delightful pets and teachers."

Monday, August 25, 2014

86 That Person

Have you ever been 86'd? 86, meaning kicked out, told to leave, given
the boot? I was curious as to how that phrase came about so I looked
it up and found many conflicting origins. The one most given was in
the 20's there was a code number of 86, meaning a restaurant or soda
fountain was out of an item. They would yell 86.

I ran into a friend that I hadn't seen in a while and she said, "Do you
remember when we were 86'd from the widow's club? I didn't but
once reminded, I now recall.  Sounds a little harsh, kicking grieving
widows out of a club. Actually there were 3 of us who got the boot. Our sin
being we also belonged to the Oasis Club and this club didn't want those
widows. Hahaha.... what a deal! That was 14 years ago and we had all
just recently lost our husbands.

Groucho Marx said, "I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would
have me as a member." He also said, "Wives are people who feel they
don't dance enough.  In some quirky way, I can relate to both.
Do you want your hair to grow? Cut it when the moon is in Leo.  Truth.
I'm a truthsayer, meaning would I lie to you?  I always want my hair to
grow. When they were giving out hair, I was in the wrong line. I was
in the boob line so I ran over to the hair line, that was closed and by the
time I got back to the boob line, that was closed too. Get the picture?


OMG  It's almost September. It brings on a September song but don't
worry, I won't sing it. (I may hum a little) Next month Terry from
My Journey with Candida, and her adorable husband are coming to
Montana for elk hunting. She's bringing sequins and we're going to
get all gussied up and hit the casinos, floozy style. We have sooooo
many plans and you know there will be a plethora of poop and worm

Gotta run. A handi-man is coming to re-design the chicken coop.
What a life my chickens have. Just lay me an egg a day and I'll be
your slave. LOL

Friday, August 15, 2014

There really is someone older than I am.

No pictures. This is from my old mac. That failure of the vid in my last post was
most likely the fault of this worn out computer which has served me well. I
have a brand new mac that hates me but not as much as I hate it. Why do they
have to make things more complicated when they seem to be working just fine?

Do you know anyone with more years under their belt than I have?  I do.
Her name is Lo (from Lois) and she is 87. Yup, she has 2 years on me. I
love Lo because she is so free and honest. I thought I was but Lo reaches
out beyond. You can feel her attitude of, "I'm me and I don't give a sh__
what anyone thinks."

She'll say it just that way too. Boy can she swear. I heard cuss words I
never knew existed and if that is the way she feels, it's OK with me.  We
both have poor eyesight and she never proof reads. I'm getting there.

Lo's husband was a jazz musician and she occasionally plays some of
the most toe tapp'n jazz. I think some of it is his, some not.

Her writing is funny to the point of often putting me in hysterics.  Now
days, her health is not the best and she evidently spends more time in
bed and compains about it but in a very humorous way. Her posts have
bigger spaces inbetween and I don't know if her eyesight is good enough
for her to read many blogs. She used to read mine, I know and I do
appreciate that. I wish I had her gift for writing.

Her blog is "It's Always Something" in case you want to take a peek.

I just received a back order of a new watering can, a Peter Rabbit style
that does not leak water. I waited all summer for it and I can see why
everyone wants one. But get has a big sticker on the can that
says it has a 10 year guarantee. means I'm OK with it until
I'm 95. I suppose then, I'll have to get a new one. LOL
OMG...It's almost time for my exercise class on Skype and I have to do that on
Ms Priss New Computer. I have to get gussied up a little for that. LOL

Monday, August 11, 2014

Are Your Ducks in a Row?

It's good to see that someone has their ducks in a row. I've been trying to
do just that, all summer. But now the asters are beginning to bloom and 
that means summer's gone, kaput, finished, the end. Am I sad or a little
blue (like the Grumpster?) naw.......I'm ready to learn something new. 

I did learn a few tid-bits this summer that I'm tossing into my massive
tid-bit bag. I learned not to get too attached to neighbors..... they move.
Neighbors on all sides and neighbors next to the neighbors who move,
move. It's like dominos falling and I just moved back here.  Is it me? No,
I think they are all getting new agendas. I saw the new houses of 2 neighbors
and they are leaving their beautiful trees and moving into a treeless hot
lot. Oh well, perhaps the new houses have a sun porch BUT they
wouldn't need a sunporch with shade trees. Not my concern.

I'm always disappointed when liars pants don't explode in flames. That
would be the simple way to identify liars or the long nose trick. Both
would work equally well and we could cross the street, if we happened
to see one approaching but we woudn't want to get run over by an
oncoming fire truck trying to quench the pants.

It wasn't a plan to stay away from blogging all summer but it slowly evolved
as my delight in gardening gained momentum. I realize many of my bloggie
friends thought I had bit the dust... emote (I think that's the Arabic word).
Still kick'n, still going to post. I hope everyone had a delightful summer,
got lots of sunburn and did just whatever the heck pleases you.

Looking forward to visiting with you all, once again. Yay, it's good to
be back

Saturday, May 17, 2014

An Average Day

4 AM  Wake-up. My inner alarm just likes to wake up at this time so I turn on the computer and head over to Pat's "Rhyme Time" and write my rhyme.  If my rhyme makes sense, I know I'm alert for the day. WOW, mighty handy little check points.

4:05 AM  Roll out the yoga mat and do 21 reps each of 5 Tibetean yoga exercises. Creek, crack goes my spine but now I'm ready for the 30/30 plan.  If you're in the dark about this, it means, eat 30 % protein within 30 minutes after waking or the body goes into stress mode, thinking it isn't getting any protein and hoards fat.

4:15 AM    The yoga reps go fast and I'm ready for a spinach/pea powder smoothie with added supplements. Yuck on the taste but I can swallow anything if I know it's doing my body some good.  Next I have 3 egg yolks and a piece of sprouted grain bread with yummm..... butter. Butter, butter, butter..... my all-time favorite food but I look for unsalted organic and I add my own salt.... pink himalayan salt.

5 AM  I feed critters.... dog, cat and 5 chickens.

 6 AM finds me puttering out in the green house, watering, weeding, repotting and singing old 40's tunes from  from the top of my lungs with Cody howling because it hurts her ears. So much for my singing.

 By 8 AM my neighbor dropped off some 2x2  in. long lengths of left-over wood from some cabinets he's building. He thought they'd make great stakes for tomato plants and bingo, he is correct. We chatted and laughed about last evenings episode with the Barred Rock Chicken who didn't want to go in the coop. Bam... he nailed her with a fishing net and I grabbed her. He admitted that was the most action that net has seen. Ha

I grabbed my purse and was going to check out the string bark for paths at Wal-mart when I spotted the back of my work truck. Dang, I had forgotten to unload 25 bags of compost soil and this was not the way I wanted to begin my day. Neighbor had left for work so nothing to do but get out the wheelbarrow and begin hauling. OMG.... this is crazy.

By 9 AM I was in the Walmart nursery parking lot waiting for someone to load 10 bags of bark and wondering how they would get unloaded, since the 25 bags of dirt had taken every drop of my energy.

On the way home, my little truck drove right up to a "City" coffee hut. This day called for the zip that only coffee can give. I ordered a double espresso over ice but the cute little barista gave me a lecture on how to order it. She said the espresso had to go in the cup first and the ice added on top or there would be a burned taste. Shucks, it always tasted burned to me anyway and that's what I liked about it. But
I listened, she gave Cody her treat, I tipped her and left.

Next, I pulled into Agri Feeds to get pellets for the chicken coop floor.  The owner, a burly gentleman put a large bag of pellets in my pick-up and said there was no charge as he wanted me to try it and see if my chickens liked it better than the wood chips. People are just plain "nice" here.

I was home by 9:30 and suddenly knew a lucky duck was on my shoulder. Geno, my old handi-man who had moved to Boulder, was sitting in his van waiting for me. He was going to paint the chicken coop, the new tool shed and the garage ....AND.....he unloaded the bark.

That meant I could begin hoeing the compost into the garden soil.  Bam..... I suddenly remembered I had forgotten to tell the sprinkler guys that there is a leak in the system so Cody and I walked the 3 blocks to talk to the sprinkler people. A lovely walk this time of year because the whole town was fragrant with new fruit blossoms. Dale, the lawnmower service man who had worked there forever, was at the front desk. After lamenting how our mornings were going, I think his aim was to make me laugh with a joke. Here it is..... a 3-legged dog walked into a bar and said to the bartender, "Boy am I pissed.  I'm out to get the guy who shot my paw." I couldn't help but smile, especially at Dale's innocent effort.
He came around the desk and gave me a hug..... I don't know why but people just do that in these
Mayberry-like towns.

My life may sound pretty boring to most of you but neither can I imagine big city living and walking around  on hot cement all day.  Each person has a life to live that suits them. What a perfect world this is.  If so inclined, give us a peek into your life.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zingiber Officinale

A few of my herbs

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
Z is for

Fooled Ya!

It's really Ginger but
try to find a good
"Z"  herb.

Zingiber is a tropical plant found in E. Asia, Australia, India
and China.

I am a great fan of ginger, both in my cooking and in my
teas. I love the zippy bite of ginger that will mask the
bitter taste of some of the important herbs.
Aside from using it in cooking, it can be taken in a
tincture syrup or in capsule form.

Medical Uses:  
Used for colitis, diverticulosis, gas, indigestion,
nausea, morning sickness, paralysis of the tongue,
hot flashes and as a colon clease

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for Yellow Dock

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
Y is for Yellow Dock

So many of our
herbal plants
have been handed
to us by Native
Americans.  Yellow
Dock is another
medicinal plant that
has been
brought to the
attention of
the Europeans
who settled
in America.

The yellow refers to the interior color of the
root, rather than the flowers or leaves. The darker
the yellow, the stronger the plants. Plants collected
in water are useless as the roots are light colored.
If you pick your own go for the deep yellow.
There are plenty to go around.  Tiz better to pick
your own than to cultivate it in your garden, as
in truth, this is a big ugly plant. Why introduce
it in your herb garden?

Medicinal  Use: The herb has great value  for
taking care of the skin.  Yellow Dock is one of
the best astringents and antiseptics, also good
for cuts, scraps, wounds and lacerations. A real
boon for chronic skin disease, a blood purifier,
enlarged lymph glands, liver ailments, sore
throats and anemia.

Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for Xylosma Japonica

         A-Z Challenge
         My theme is herbs
         X is for Xylosma

This was a tough one.  Not
many plants beginning with
the letter X.

Xylosma grows near the
seaside and is native to
central and southern Japan
and the Woodlands of Korea.

Medical Use:  The ashes
of the stem bark are mixed
with water and used to treat
jaundice, scrofula, sores
and tumors.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for Wormwood

A-Z Challenge
My theme is herbs
W is for Wormwood

Wormwood is a good
old favorite that
many of us are
familiar with.
actually expells
worms, although
it has many
other medicinal

There are
of Wormwood and we have several different types
growing in the mountains. Wormwood has a deep
bitter taste, so it is usually in a recipe with other

Worm absinthium was used to make absinthe, a
green color liquer, that is now outlawed in
most countries.  It has been rumored that Vincent
Van Gogh was wacked out on absinthe when he
cut off his ear.

More Medicinal Uses.  There are many uses
for Wormwood such as increasing bile, aids in
blood clotting, for fever, a sedative and insect

Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Valerian Root

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
V is for Valerian Root

Valerian has been
used as a sedative
since pre-christian
times.  It
appears in
virtually every
text in the world.

Most people find the taste disgusting
but I rather like it, as I tolerate any 
natural plant source that I know will
be of help to me.

Medical Use: Valerian is used for
anxiety, mascular spasms, 
convulsions, migrains and stress
headaches. It leaves one feeling
refreshed.... not lethargic.... so why
wouldn't  Valerian be prescribed
when it is a safe and effective 
herb instead of prescribing a 
chemical drug, namely valium.
Oh I know..... follow the money.!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Uva Ursi

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
U is for Uva Ursi

Kubla Khan learned
the merrits of this
herb during his
invasions. Uva
Ursi is of the
family and
grows in upper
elevations in
long trailing
stems running just below ground level.

Medicinal use:  for kidney and bladder stones and disinfecting
the urinary tract. As a good astringent, a tea of the leaves is
great for skin irritations, heat rash and hives.

Used for nephritis, cystitis as well as for kidney and bladder

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Toadflax

A-Z Challenge
My theme is herbs
T is for Toadflax

Toadflax, along
with Spotted
Knapweed had
been my nemesis
on the ranch.
This pretty little
yellow snap-dragon-
like plant looks
harmless in a
setting but it
has been defined
a noxous weed and
it spreads like wild fire and is a bear to dig up.

Medical Use:  Toadflax is a strong but potentially
irritating stimulant. It is generally used in a combination
with other herbs for a liver tonic, cleanser or flush. A
scant tsp. of the dried herb is combined in a tea with
such herbs as Oregon Grape, Yellow Dock, Burdock
or Dandelion.

It is the best native hepatic remedy for chronic liver
inflammations and hepatic flare-ups.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Skullcap

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
S is for Skullcap

For hungreds of
years, Native
Americans used
Skullcap as a
nervine for
anxiety and

What a stroke
of luck to have
Skullcap for
their nerves at
a time in
history when
European terrorists were chomping up bits of their land.

Medicinal Use:  For blood clots in the brain, inflammation,
seizures, stroke, viral infections and to lower
It's a sure fire treatment for any nervous system
malfunction of a mild or chronic nature.  In combinations
with ginseng, it is very effective in treating DT"s of
It is usually more effective to combine Skullcap with other
complementary herbs.

Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for Red Clover

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
R is for Red Clover

Red Clover is that
tightly growing
 plant that
invades lawns.
You've probably
tried digging out
the deep tap root.

I discovered the
worth of Red
Clover years
ago when I was
cancer cures. I
discovered it
was used along with chaparral in cancer formulas
and with very positive results. It can be used'either as
a tinchure, tea or capsules.

Medical Usage:
As well as a cancer fighting agent, it contains a
large number of immune system enhancers.
Other uses include using  it in autommune  doses,
chronic fatigue, appetite suppressants, blood purifier,
relaxant, skin problems, inflamed lungs, gout and

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Quince

                   A-Z Challenge
             My theme is Herbs
             Q is for Quince

It appears that Q's for medical herbs
are in short supply.

Quince is the pear shaped fruit 
from the cydonia ablogata or
quince tree. 

The seeds are dried and used either 
ground or in the whole form. 

I have never used Quince for
medicine, most likely because
the Quince doesn't grow in my
neck of the woods but people
are reported to use it medically
for cancer treatment, canker 
sores, gum problems and for
sore throat.

Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for Pennyroyal

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
P is for Pennyroyal

Besides being made
into a tea for colds
and promoting
Pennyroyal is  a
fragrant insect
repellant. This
can be very
effective for
hikers and
They can
crush the
leaves and rub them on their skin and on the

This is one of those herbs that has to be
supervised when taken orally because of
the volatile oils. It was listed in the
Pharmacopoeia from 1916 to 1931 but
removed as an intestinal irritant.

A Pennyroyal tip:
Braid the Pennyroyal in with a string
for a flea collar for your pet. 
Good results. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Oregon Grape

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
O is for Oregon 

Long before
travelled the
Trail, American
Indians used
Oregon Grape
plant for food
and medicine.

The active ingredient that makes this herb
an effective remedy is an alkaloid called
berberine. This powerful substance is
found in other healing herbs, such as
Goldenseal.  It was in the official
pharmacopea until 1950. After WW2
when the chemical companies began
their lofty ascent, most of the herbs
were removed from the

Medical Uses:
Helps bile fuction for the liver,
purifies the spleen and blood,  useful for
topical skin treatment when made into a

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Nettles

A-Z Challenge
My theme is herbs
N is for Nettles

Traces of Nettles
being used for
medicine has
been found through
out history.  Yet....
the FDA lists Nettles
as an herb of
"Undefined Safety."

It's often known
as "stinging
nettles" because
it leaves your skin
stinging with little
bumps if you come in contact with it. I've gathered
Nettles since I was a young child, dried it and
used it in a tea. It likes a rich soil so it is often
found at the edge of gardens. I used to find it
behind the chicken coop where the chicken
manure enriched the garden. My grandmother
taught me how to cut it...... with scissors and
always wearing gloves. Then drop it into a
basket and you won't get stung.

The list of medical uses is very long and
I always had my own dried stash.

I'll list a few medical uses: An astringent
and diuretic. Mixed with alfalfa and red
clover, the recipe makes a glorious
mineralizing tea and is extra protection
against osteoporosis.  Nettles leaves are
a substantial nutritional supplement and
is a lot more sensible than dried pond scum
or dehydrated grass juice like barley or wheat.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for Mistletoe

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
M is for Mistletoe

Mistletoe has a
more lofty purpose
than enticing a
holiday kiss.

This is a
parasetic plant
that thrives on
Juniper trees in
the U.S.

Some of it's many medical uses include lowering blood pressure.
It's a relaxant, an immune stimulant and anti-cancer herb.  It's
also used in treatment of lungs, ovarian and other cancerous
 tumors. It's quite effective after radiation treatment in
re-establishing the immune system.

Mistletoe is also terrific for migraines and considered one
of the best non-addictive tranquillizers in the herb

Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Lobelia

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
L is for Lobelia

In it's herbal form,
many say that
Lobelia doesn't
belong on the
home medicine
shelf, as all
parts of the
plant contain

Indians first
Lobelia to the
settlers. In fact
the Shakers packaged it for sale overseas.
Similar to Tobacco, it is sold over the counter to help
people stop smoking.

It is often known by other names, as "Red Lobelia,"
Cardinal Flower, Indian Tobacco, "Eyebright."

Lobelia is an effective emetic but I believe that is
when you just step over the line into pushing more
poison onto the body than it can tolerate.  In one way
the older herbalist still believe that...... something
akin to homeopathy. But where homeopathy is
"like cures like," the lobelia cure is more like
"puke your brains out" and then take some more
Lobelia. I mostly follow the older herbalists but
on Lobelia, I'm not quite sure where I stand.  I've
probably crossed the line many times in my
zeal for self-healing and I'm still ticking.

If you stay within the limit of good judgement,
here are other medical uses:  treating lung
disorders, angina, asthma, cough suppressant,
a sedative as it lessens pain.

It's rather mysterious as an herb but I've
always been drawn to it.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for Kava Kava

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
K is for Kava Kava

Kava Kava comes
from the root of
Piper Methysticum
a member of the
black pepper
family. It is
native in the
South Pacific

The plant is
ground and
pulverized and
made into a
cocktail.  It is a depressant  but it's not fermented,
doesn't contain alcohol and is neither an opiate or
hallucinogen. It doesn't seem to be addictive, either.

Medical Use:
Kava is used for anxiety, depression,  muscle
spasms, pain, psychosis and seizures.

Long term use may cause side effects.

Friday, April 11, 2014

J is for Jimsonweed

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs.
J is for Jimsonweed

Jimsonweed is
and should not be
ingested or smoked.
Even brushing
against it will
irritate the skin.
In America, it
was controlled
by shamans and
medicine men. Don't ever use or inhale the fumes if you have
glaucoma.......unlike Cannabis plant, which lowers the pressures
of glaucoma.

Medical Use:
Jimsonweed is grown commercially, as the active principles
are extracted for carefully controlled doses. The plant contains
some scopolamine and the flower is almost identical.  If any-
one remembers I wrote a post on the scopolamine tree from
Colombia that was used by the CIA and KGB. The plant
has the power to make a person perform crimes, even kill
when a mind-control suggestion is given. Jimsonweed
has some of this potential.

As a controlled substance, it relieves the spasms of
bronchial asthma and painful joints.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Irish Moss

A-Z Challenge
My theme is herbs
I is for Irish Moss

The term Irish Moss
usually refers to a
seaweed (Chondrus
crispus) herb that
can be collected
at low tide on
the rocky
Atlantic coast-
line of NW
Europe and Canada.  (Not to be confused with the garden plant,
 also of the same name).

I order the fresh moss because of it's mucilaginous content.  It
takes a couple of days to go through the process of washing but
then I mix it in a blender and refrigerate it where it will stay
fresh for 2 to 3 weeks. It's wonderfully healthy to use as a
thickner for smoothies, gravies, puddings, etc.

Irish moss has become associated with the Irish potato
famine. The moss was consumed by desperate people in
order to ward off starvation and met with amazing results.
Not only did they manage to keep from starving, they were
supplied with minerals .

Medicinal  uses:  The herb is used for the common cold .
as it is very soothing to throat,  lungs and bronchites
and any time there is a call for a soothing gentle healing.
It's also soothing to ulcers. It can act as a blood
thinner so do not take it if you are on coumadin.  Irish
Moss can treat the thyroid with it's iodine content.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Hyssop

A-Z Challenge
My theme is herbs
H is for Hyssop

"Purge me with
Hyssop and I
shall be clean;
wash me and I
shall be whiter
than snow."
David of 
Psalms 51:9

Hyssop is
in the bible
as a cleanser
for both the physical and spiritual. The
leaves have a slightly  bitter but minty
flavor with a sweetish fragrance.  They
make a nutritious salad green  and  a
few drops of the oil in your bath is
pure heaven.

Many mornings, my early drink of
tea consists of Hyssop, Yellow Dock,
and Ginger. My body called for these
three herbs through muscle testing by
my naturopath. So they shall get it

Hyssop is used in beauty products,
especially as an astringent, face mask
and bath oil. Beyond that, info on
Hyssop seems to have slipped beneath
the cracks. I've done a bit of digging
in old books and found the healing
miracles of Hyssop for reducing tumors,
edema, shingles and psoriasis.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Gentian

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
G is for Gentian

Go to the nearest
mountain above
8,000 feet and
you will find
Gentian in the
wet meadows.
The higher you
go, the more
plants you'll

Gentian is, perhaps the best stomach tonic in
the plant kingdom. Intensely bitter but it has
none of the after taste of some of the other
bitter herbs.

Gentian was an ingredient described on
Egyptian papyrus from 1200 B.C.
Greeks and Arabs used Gentian
preparations for liver and stomach cures
and here's a big cheery NOTE.....
It dispels worms!!!! That would be for
all you squimish people who would get
wormed and not even know it. Ha

The tea is useful for fevers and joint
inflammations. BUT before you dive
into it, check your tongue.
If the tip of the tongue is red and your
mouth juicy, You don't need Gentian. If the
mouth is dry, your tongue moderately
coated, gums puffy.... you need bitters,
hence, take Gentian.

Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Feverfew

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
F is for Feverfew

Feverfew is a perennial
plant found growing
on rocky slopes.
It emits a refreshing
aromatic aroma as
it is of the
Other names
that you may have heard it called, midsummer daisy, wild
chamomile and febrifuge plant.

From 1978 scientists have made studies to find properties
Feverfew might share with aspirin. Researchers conclude that
substances in the plant appear to make smooth muscle spasms
responsive to body chemicals that trigger migrain muscle spasms.

Medicinal Use: Traditional for migraines, muscle tension and
arthritis. This is a valuable migraine herb. If one eats the leaves
it should be done in very small doses, as 3 or 4 of the little
leaves each day. To hide the bitter taste, the leaves can be
mixed into food.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Echinacea

A-Z Challenge
My theme is herbs
E is for Echinacea

Just about every
gardener grows
this plant in
their flower
garden. The
common name
for this perfect
bloom is
who have this
plant in their
garden, do
not realize it's medicinal value.

More than any other plant in the plains states,
American natives used Echinacea as a remedy
for colds, flu and as a blood purifier because of
it's ability to increase the body's immunity and
for it's antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and
antiviral properties.

This herb should be included in the daily diet
of people whose immune system is

Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Dandelion

A-Z Challenge
My theme is herbs
D is for Dandelion

The lowly,  much
maligned dandelion,
scorned and
poisoned by most
home owners, is
"King of Medical

The plant first
appeared in the
10th century
medical journals
of Arabian
physicians. Today health food stores sell dandelion greens in the
"salad greens" department. Whenever I can find them, I juice the
leaves. Years ago I used to pick my own from vacant fields but
 it's not safe to harvest your own as now as most are satuated with

Medical Uses:  Dandelion is a powerful cleanser of the liver
and it has excellent affects on the kidneys, spleen, stomach,
pancreas, gallbladder (increases bile production) and it is
one of the best herbs for building up the blood.

Dandelion tea bags are sold in health food stores. A good
idea to make this your morning tea.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Coltsfoot

A-Z Challenge
My theme is Herbs
C is for Coltsfoot

Coltsfoot plant
is more commonly
found in Europe
but also found
sporadically in
N. America.
The flower looks
like an aster
but when you
spot the yellow, you think it's a dandelion.  The name is curious.
After the flowers have withered,  broad, hoof-shaped leaves
Both the flowers and the leaves have midicinal purposes.

As far back as Pliny and Dioscorides, old herbalists regard Coltsfoot
as the best herb for lung and thorasic complaints.  It serves as a
prime cough remedy.

The old herbalists smoked Coltsfoot to capture all it's
curative values.  The leaves are the primary ingredient in
British herbal tobacco and smoking this is beneficial
to sufferers of asthma, catarrh and most lung troubles.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Blessed Thistle

A-Z Challenge
My theme is herbs
B is for Blessed

This plant has
been healing
people since
the bubonic
plague during
the Middle

You may
recognize it
by some of it's other names, as Spotted Thistle, Holy Thistle
St Benedict Thistle. By itself, it has a strong, bitter taste so
is better combined in a recipe.  Here is a warning with
recipes. Don't use Blessed Thistle when taking other
plants from the compositae family (as daisies and asters).
Cross sensitivity may occur.

You can make this herb as a tea, a tincture or in capsule

Medicinal Use: A good blood cleanser, strengthens
heart, aids circulation, alleviates inflammation of lungs, and
acts as a brain food for poor memory.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Angelica

A-Z Challenge. 
My theme is herbs.
A is for Angelica

Angelica has been
used as a medical
herb since 1665, year
of the Great
Plague. The Am.
Indians used this
herb to treat
broncial colds
and congested
resiratory tract.

The plant is a
member of the parsley family and has a strong tangy odor with a
sweetish to burning taste.  All parts of the plant are used and the
Chinese recognize this as "dong quai."

I use Angelica in a recipe for the liver, along with dandelion,
wormwood, and gentian.

Other Uses:  The stem can be steamed and eaten like
asparagus. The leaves can be brewed into a fne tea and the oil
of the root can be added to bathwater for a relaxing soak.

Medical Use:  It induces sweating, stimulates blood
circulation, liver function, ulcers and indigestion.  It has
also been known to help alzheimers patients.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Learning Techie Things

A cello shoot that I had the privilege to participate in
Although I'm
horrible at
electronic stuff,
I embrace
it with my
heart and
soul.  The
mechanics of
it comes
hard for me.
Jeez, even
my older
didn't grow
up with
computers.  So where does that leave ME? You haven't heard
much from me lately because I'm on my "tunnel vision kick" to
learn the mechanics of my new computer. Things haven't changed
much from my old Mac but there is just enough change to confuse
 and leave me yearning to improve my videos.

The picture above was from a cello shoot, I had been envited to
tag along on because the musician had borrowed a Flamenco
costume of mine for one of her settings. I did absorb tons of
knowledge from these young professionals and I also learned
that some settings take physical stamina and courage.

I especially wanted to watch the shoot where she wore my
dress which took place atop one of the highest Bozeman
mountains, that meant a long climb carrying camera
equipment. I think they looked at my wrinkles and gave me
an easy out, saying it was a hard climb and would I rather wait
for them below.  No, I was determined not to let "age" get in 
my way.  

I even carried a portion of the precious camera equipment but
when we reached the top, my knees were jello.  What a gorgeous
view this spot presented but I couldn't even get my camera out.
What were these young people, Mountain Goats or just native
Montanans who lived for sports in these mountains?

No, I haven't been climbing any more mountains during my
absence but I'm doing a lot of studying and expermenting.

I'm always amused at people's reactions when they see
I live in a studio.

These 2 pictures are of what most people would have for a living room 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Manzanita

Happy Birthday to Me

Today Manzi is 84
Crash the cymbals
Beat the drums
I'm still breathing

Marilyn just sent me this

The Geography of Women  

Between 18 and 22 a woman is like Africa, half
discovered, half wild, fertile and naturally beautiful.

Between 23 and 30, a woman is like Europe, well
developed and open to trade, especially for some-
one of real value.

Between 31 and 35, a women is like Spain. Very
Hot, relaxed and convinced of her own beauty.

Between 36 and 40 a woman is like Greece.
Gently aging but still a warm and desirable
place to visit.

Between 41 and 50 a woman is like Great
Britain, with a glorious and all conquering past.

Between 51 and 60 a woman is like Israel, has been
through war, doesn't make the same mistakes
twice, takes care of business.

Between 61 and 70 a woman is like Canada,
self-preserving but open to meeting new people.

After 70, she becomes Tibet. Wildly beautiful,
with a mysterious past and the wisdom of the
ages. An adventurous spirit and a thirst for
spiritual knowledge.

The Geography of a Man
Between 1 and 80 a man is like North Korea
and Zimbabwe, ruled by a pair of nuts.

Monday, February 24, 2014

How's Your Winter Going

I did my daily shoveling but my car's buried

It appears I'm
in the house for
a few days
unless my
ploughs a
small swath
to the road.
My car is buried.

SUV's are
fairly high
off the
ground but
the snow
plough came by and put a 2 ft. embankment along the road and I
don't have one more shovel-toss in me. I shoveled paths to the
trash can, the mail box, to the garage and the street. Enough
already! I am so grateful for 4-wheel drive vehicles. What did
we do without them? Oh I remember...chains. What a pain in the
rump that was. Did you ever put chains on a car? Lay em out, back
up and attach. Then when you hit the street, ka-bump, ka-bump.

Oh I have a snow blower but I'm going to sell it. Rarely ever
used it. By the time I get it out of the garage and get it started I
can have the sidewalk shoveled. And I always turn the blower
thingy the wrong way and I blast myself with snow. Haha

Are we all enjoying winter yet?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Love and Cooks

I am NOT what one would call a "good cook." I know a fair amount about medicinal  
herbs but very litle about standard American cooking. My mother was neurotic about 
her kitchen and would never allow me near it. What cooking I learned was from my 
grandmother.  I spent my youth outdoors, gardening with my father, therefore trees 
and plants became my passion. 
All my life I've eaten simple food but with a priority on health.

BUT I devour stories about cooks who can transmit love and emotion
into food, thereby turning a sad environment into love, lust and beauty.
I suggest two of my favorite movies that describe just such events.

Babette's Feast 
A hauntingly beautiful story of 2 sisters living with their father
in an isolated village in Denmark. Although they both had
opportunities to leave the village, they chose to stay to serve
their father and the church.
Babette, a French refugee, who begs them to take her in, brings
to the village, a real love through her cooking,
I find this movie mesmerizing.

Like Water for Chocolate
Tita and Pedro were in love since they were children but
Tita, according to family tradition, had to remain unmarried
in order to care for her mother. She was raised in the kitchen
of their Mexican ranch, so she could learn what was to be
her duty in life.
Tita's deep emotion with food transfers a love or lust
 into those who partake of her food.

I have dreamed of being able to cook with emotion
........ in fact, even to cook, would please me. But it is
not my lot in life so I absorb the stories of others who
are capable of cooking with love/emotion.

Are you one who leaves love in the hearts of those
who eat your food? What a gift!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Container Grown or Bare-Root?

Along about this 
time, a young 
person's fancy 
turns to love, 
while mine turns to 
love of planting trees. 

My yard has reached
tree saturation.
Come spring, I'm
going to try to sneak in 3 small trees I've started from seed. Time these tiny
little buggers faced the outside world.

Many times I've been asked if I prefer "container balled and burlapped
 or bare-root trees." Hands down,  I prefer the bare-root but I have
planted many a tree from a pot.  After three years of growth, compare
the two.  Usually the bare-root will be more stable ..... IF the tree has
had proper early structural pruning. A deep strong taproot with one
central leader is what we are aiming for.

So many people plant a tree and if green leaves appear, they forget
about it.  Don't do that. Plant it, prune it, water it, feed it, love it. 
You'll be amazed at the true love-affair one can have with a tree.

Adios dear bloggy friends.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Parka Up

Very little snow but cold, cold, cold.  Don't let that sunshine deceive you. 
Bits and Tads and Pieces........
Since my water pipes froze and burst, I get paranoid whenever the temp drops.
A gorgeous sunny day but around 10 below zero. I hear MN is gearing up for
record cold. I grew up there..... Holy Yipes, how can it get any colder?

Yay for Colorado's legalized marijuana law. Do you recall the post where
I talked about my quarter-size patch of skin cancer on my face? I was going to
use blood root but I was indecisive because B.R. is so powerful and a
little scary. I use the commercial Hemp Oil on my face and I started applying
extra to the sore. Immediately it began to dry up and within 3 days a fairly
large chunk fell off. Within 2 weeks, it was just pink skin and I had been
fighting that for over 2 years. Was I positive it was skin cancer? Yes,
confirmed by 2 medical people. If we could make the oil ourselves, it
could be much more powerful.  Watch Hemp Oil dissapear from the shelves
now.  An herbalist here, who makes the Black Salve from blood root
that is sold in the health food stores has just been fined $90,000 by the Feds.
He's out of business .... just like they are trying to do with all supplements.

I'm reading a good book.... "The Brothers" by Stephen Kinzer.  Follows
the lives of the Dulles brothers, Allen and John Foster and their dirty
little interventions into ruining other countries. John Foster, ego maniac
as Sec of State, was totally responsible for sending troops into Vietnam
after both Britain  and France said it couldn't be won. Allen founded the
CIA and used it as his personal henchmen.

Today, Keith from "Musings of an Unapologetic Dreamer" asked the
queston, "Are people inherently good?" Here we have 2 brothers who
actually thought they were exceptional because of the way they
were raised and thought they worked for the good of the country. It
appeared that humility was never introduced into their lives and
through their one-sided view of the world, never took personal
account of all the blood that was on their hands by sending American
boys to foreign lands to kill innocent people and for WHAT REASON?
The US would have been far better off without the Dulles brothers. A
great read.