Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back to the Country

Dear Bloggy Friends, 
My life has become an old movie. A chick flick, at that. Did you see "Under the Tuscan Sun?" My life, sort of. The female lead takes a trip to Italy to recover from a divorce and on impulse buys a charming but dilapidated villa. She hires a family group of Polish men to remodel the house. It is an inviting little flick as she becomes involved in each of their lives and YES, finds happiness for herself.

I'm moving back to the country, where the buildings have become stagnant and fences have drooped. Bob and Geno are the whiz kids who supply me with laughs, as I watch them take on a multitude of jobs. Each job is their masterpiece. They're building a greenhouse and often add little surprises for me. Today they ordered the dirt for the raised beds. I made a little video showing a big fancy truck shooting the dirt from a conveyor belt onto just the correct spot.

As in "Tuscan Sun," their family has become my adopted family and I share in the problems. The next big project is taking apart the studio floating dance floor and making a dance floor in the red barn that you will see in the video. Both men are talented; Geno an accomplished artist and Bob, an agronomist and jazz musician. We've become a collage of weird but meaningful projects.