Monday, January 26, 2015

Springtime in the Rockies

It's here. Woopi Ding. Springtime has spring. I knew it, I just
knew it. I could smell it in the frozen air and hear it in the
crunch of the little icy crystals as my Snow Trax cleats bit into
the solid ice.

For the past 3 days, temps soared into the 50's and the sun
burned into the newly exposed skin of the runners and even the
strollers. People are coming out of their houses in droves.

Will we have more cold and snow? Perhaps, a little but February
is our month to shine. I'm already planting seeds in the green
house. Goji berries and more alpine strawberries. Who's
gonna be the health nut now????

I know I've been among the missing but the 2 cold months
of winter is the time for catch-up and making future plans.
Look out springtime, I'm a-com'n.

As soon as I say adios, I have to challenge one hungry
Puss to go into her travel bag. No breakfast for her as she's
off to the vet for teeth cleaning and hair matt removal. But
it's sleepy time work and I feel terrible to do it to her.

So with this little newsy tid-bit, I'll say adios and locate the
hungry Puss, who is probably under the bed because I
think she knows what is coming.