Monday, December 23, 2013

But keep it simple

Today is the oldest you've ever been
Yet the youngest you'll ever be

Bah Humbug. I always get stuck with the crappy hats
I rarely let misfortune get me totally down and yet, I'm not an idiotic 
pollyanna either. I was just getting settled into the old house in town
and BAM, the water pipes froze and busted. Bad, bad, bad destruction.
Now, pipes repaired, water all sucked up and dried, new insulation in, 
and sheet rock finished. I stood on a ladder most of yesterday,
painting the ceiling and thinking how lucky I am, at age 84 to
be climbing up and down a ladder and pushing a paint roller over my
head. (Thank you parents, for the strong, uncomplicated genes)

What's left? New water heater and the wood floors to be sanded.
I like to keep things simple.
The little 5 year old girl came into the garage where her father
was working and asked, "What's sex?" 
Flustered and stammering a lengthy explanation, he finally said, 
"Why do you ask?"
Little girl: "Cause mommy said, tell daddy dinner's ready in a
couple sec's." 

So let's keep it simple. (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Little Beauty

1930 Model A Ford Coupe

Look at that little beauty above.  A Ford Coupe with rumble seat. I learned
to drive in the identical car when I was nine. I grew up on my Grandparents
farm on the South Dakota/Minnesota border. With a good wind you could
spit and hit either state, if you're into spitting, that is.

I lived with my parents during the school months but back to the farm in the
summers where I could drive all over the countryside in my Uncle's coupe,
Little Beauty.

South Dakota was the last state to require a driver's license..... 1954 and 1959
for taking an exam. That was only for men and women didn't need a license
until much later. Shows how many women were on the road. Haha

Little Beauty had the famous rumble seat and beneath that was a little fold-up
luggage rack. It was a magnificent place to carry your big chunks of ice for
the ice box. If the car didn't start, you set the spark (by the steering wheel)
got out the crank and gave it a few turns. There, one had to be cautious.
Don't let go of the crank as it could back-lash and break your arm. 

As I was driving this morning, I was recalling all the driving changes.
And now, kids just don't have the freedom we had. We didn't have TV or
computers. but we had a radio and could drive. Lots of changes........
some good, maybe some not so good. What do you think?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Broken Record

I know I sound like a broken record. I talk about GMO's and
chemtrails, boring subjects that no one likes. I don't want
to talk about it either. It's boring, frightening and IT'S

But it's Christmas and you don't want to think about that.
Got news, You'll be popp'n GMO's  like crazy with all
the parties and celebrations. Yuck.

If you don't want to listen to an old broad, here's an
interesting young guy who will tell you the truth.
Too boring, perhaps, to listen to the whole thing but
just try a little (may save your life) at least hear a small
portion of it.

I'm off to have lunch with a friend at a Health Food
Store. At least you know they don't serve GMO's.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holy Moly

I just posted on stress and how 2 moves 
in one summer and getting rid of a 
life-time's stuff, nearly "done me in." 
This is it. Can't get any worse. WRONG. 

OH MY GOD. Yesterday I was making my lunch and a
strange bang, followed by the sound of rushing water
sent strange chills through my body.  What the....? I ran
around the house like a mad-woman, up stairs and down
in the cellar, searching where water could be rushing.
Nothing.  I went back to the kitchen and witnessed
rain from the ceiling, along with falling plaster.

I've never had pipes freeze and burst before, but the temp
has been 25 to 30 deg. below zero for over a week. I was
so shocked, I didn't know what to do first.  Call the plumber.
I think the receptionist thought I was having a heart
 attack and I almost was.

Back to cellar to "try" to turn the water off, but the
plumber, only last week had put in a full house water
filter and changed the shut-off valves. Oh God.

By now the water was up to my ankles in the kitchen
and spreading to the rest of the house. Cody shot under the
bed and Puss headed for high ground. I struggled to get
furniture and electrical cords to a few patches of dry

Nice thing about small towns and using the same
plumber. He was here in less than 5 minutes but the
house looked like the aftermath of a tornado. I called
the insurance gal, the people with the big fans and started
draping the floor with towels to soak up the water.

Within an hour guys were buzzing through the house
and did their jobs with great authority. The plumber
found two holes.... both hot and cold pipes, repaired
them and handed me the pieces of pipe, saying save
these for the ins. adjuster.

Big holes in the ceiling and big machines roaring
throughout the house.  Just when you think things
couldn't get worse, watch out, they usually do. Haha
The kitchen floor, sucking up the water

Big machines throughout the house

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


          We either make ourselves miserable 
           or we make ourselves strong.
         The amount of work is the same.
                                         by Carlos Castneda

Often times we are sick, but because it comes on so gradually, we have
no idea it is happening. It begins with fatigue. For two years, I had a
ton of stress, dealing with disposing of properties and a life collection
of "stuff." When it was over, I realized what a terrible toll it has
taken on my body. Through detox cleanses, herbs and supplements,
I am slowly regaining little bursts of energy that I wasn't even aware I
had lost. At times, I can feel the surge of radiant health in my
legs by wanting to stretch out and take longer strides. It is only a
peep and a promise, like walking past a wood fence with
knot holes and catching a glimmer of what's on the other side.
How delightful!

Here's a very, very short vid that I promise will add joy
to your day.