Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life Could be a Paper Clip

Is there anything more boring than a paper clip? Yes, indeed. Life without laughter.

My personality is rather hum-drummy. I can delve into serious matters but I wish I had a quick wit and could make people laugh.

Norman Cousins wrote Anatomy of an Illness, telling how he cured himself of a fatal illness by living with laughter every day. (He later said the disease may have left him anyway because he didn't fear the disease. That is another story but I'll just focus on the laughter part.) The doctors were baffled to witness such medical defiance.

I've been seeking out old movies or old re-runs that make me laugh. I've rediscovered Frasier. Every member of that cast clicked beautifully and each individual got their share of laughs. Niles is such a hoot who gets laughs with every expression.  The show seemed to lose it's pizazz after Niles and Daphne got married.  It felt like new writers to me but it still gave plenty of laughs.

Some situation comedies bore me silly but I'm open to any suggestions you might offer. I don't want my life a paper clip. I want my life one big loud belly laugh.  So be it!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Whistling Girls and Crowing Hens

I grew up steeped in old wives tales. My grandmother had one of those old sayings or omens for everything and of course, I believed her. The one I followed faithfully was, "whistling girls and crowing hens will always come to some bad end." I didn't want to come to a bad end but I always yearned to be able to whistle. My grandfather, my uncles and the hired men all whistled but they were men so they wouldn't come to a bad end.

By the time I grew up, I had figured out the old wives tales were just a part of country culture and I tried whistling for the very first time but still just a little nervous that the bad end might be just around the corner.  I'd pucker up in whistler imitation but no sound came out. I couldn't whistle.  Throughout the years, I'd practice a little but the tunes were always flat and off key. How disgusting.

For the past 3 years, I've been practicing whistling whenever I'm in the car. I've had a slight break-through and I'm whistling a real tune..... on key. YAY.  I'm not bragging that it's good but I can whistle.

Whoever said "you can't teach an old dog new tricks?"  nyuk  nyuk  nyuk

Hey Bloggie People..... do you whistle?

Here's a vid of a guy whistling without moving his lips. I did post this a couple of years ago so those of you who have been with me for a while may have seen it.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

That Time Again

Beautiful plump apricots can be seen in almost every neighborhood. We've become the Hunza Land of Montana. 

Perhaps one more week on the tree. My 2 dehydrators are ready and rare'n to go.  Dried apricots have even a higher concentration of beta carotene than the raw and the raw apricot is like a health miracle. A bumper crop on this tree that is in my daughter's yard.

I will not list all the health benefits (trust me, there are many) but 2 biggies that most people have interest in...... delays cancer and is a powerful "fat" fighter.

I planted 5 more fruit trees this spring, of which, 2 are apricot.  Hey bloggie friends....... plant some fruit trees. Free Health Care.

Are you a tree planter?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Gary's Blog Fest

It's Gary's Day..... What does that mean?

   It's Blogfest Party    
Gary at Klahanie hates blogfests
so this blogfest is in honor of our dear hating blogfests blogging buddy
This blogfest calls for us to list 3 blogfests we would never join.
My 3 are
1. Mermaids or Mermen I have known and loved. Haven't we all been in love with a fish or two?

2. Sausages of the Balkan Countries. Now here's one for the books with plenty of garlic.

3. Carnival people I would like to invite to lunch. I love carnival people. I can't imagine a more fun lunch but I wouldn't have lunch with them for their stories would make me want to join the carnival and who would water my plants.

Gary, we love you.  Enjoy your anti-blogfest Gary Fest. You are the best 
 This blogfest is hosted by 
Alex J Cavanaugh
Mark Koopmans
Robyn Engel
Morgan Shamy 

Visit Gary, the hosts...... visit everyone. Happy anti-blogfest

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Late For The Garbage

The old Henny Youngman joke....

Am I too late for the garbage?
No. Hop in.

That is my pattern every Sunday morning. Neighbors share alley garbage cans and I have 2 on my property that are shared.

I save my garden weeds and prunings until early Sunday morning because nobody likes a garbage can hog. If there is any room, I chuck in as much as I can. In luck this morning. The can held contents of 2 wheelbarrows heaped high with weeds.

A lot of back-breaking, butt-shot work here.

I got a new Sangean radio; not that I needed one because  I have a radio in every room and various parts of the yard.  I was curious about this one and so far, I am well pleased. Rugged and quality tone. I have a radio going where ever I'm working. Unlike most people, I never listen to music except when I choreograph or dance but when I work, I am tuned to talk shows. One hears more of the truth and better news coverage on the radio.
Do any of my bloggie friends listen to the radio or am I the last holdout ??????
New Sangean Radio

Anyone remember Neil Young singing.... "The Losing End?"  Don't know why but it just flipped into my head. My daughter used to sing it and sing it until I was singing it.  (LOL)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Still no mountain hike

Ho Hum.... The mountain is still posted.

Middle of the day, I watched an old movie, "The Cowboy Way" with Woody Harrelson and Keifer Sutherland, because I couldn't tear myself away. I would never call Woody Harrelson good-looking but man, does he have sex appeal! This movie was made in 1994 but I was laughing and cheering throughout.  I had seen it years ago but forgot about it.  Woody and Keifer play the roles of cowboys  and they looked plenty authentic to me. I was still laughing out loud when I turned off the TV and went outside.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Oh Baby Oh

Howdy Guys and Babettes
Most of you will want to slam me for this one. Go ahead. I can take it.  I know that many of my opinions are as archaic as the bundling board and for that I do not apologize.

Tournament golfer, Hunter Mahan, was leading through 36 holes in the Canadian Open and was the odds-on-favorite until a phone call came that his wife had gone into labor. He walked off the course to be there for the birth and waved good-by to a potential million bucks.  He later thanked his sponsers for appreciating what is important in life.

OK, just what is important in life? I'm sure it's different for each person and varies with generational mores. Is not being at the birth going to do irreparable harm to the little duffer?  Would perhaps winning a cool mill. be a nice little nest for the college fund?

If I had been Mrs. Mahan, I would have screamed at my husband to get out of here and do his thing or at least go down to the pub and get drunk with the guys. What woman needs a guy in the way when she is gearing up for a job that has to be done alone. He already had his say in the reason she is in this situation. Enough. What's he going to do, help her push? Oh perhaps they will hand him the scissors and tell him where to cut the cord. Big Deal.

Now it's all share your wealth or so the citizens (oops can't say that word anymore) have been brainwashed to do because of all the POOR people in the US. Show me, a child of the great depression,  one poor person in the US.  I know poor and what you would show me wouldn't even come close, especially what with all the government hand-outs.

So, am I placing money over fatherly love?  No, I'm saying that using your god-given talents and providing money for your family IS fatherly love.  When this child is grown and looks at the parents still being married, he/she will understand the real meaning of family love.