Sunday, December 13, 2015

The News

Do you want to hear the news, the Real news? Watch.   LOL

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Stash With Abash

The old Toker, Willie Nelson.  Whatta Guy

Willie does what he wants to do, dress as he wants to dress and
smokes what he wants to smoke. If he goes to prison for a while,
so what. At least he's his own person and look at all the lingering
songs he's given to the world.

He's right, you know. Marijuana is one of the all-time greatest
medicinal plants ever grown in North America. I can't think of
anything that it WON'T cure.  Actually it's the oil that is used
for healing. It was at one time legal in MT but the yayhoo
governor revoked it after it was voted in by the people. Now,
when it's put on a ballot, it gets rejected by the big pharma

I'm considering driving to CO to visit Marilyn and spend some
time taking advantage of the healing properties of the oil for
my skin cancer and glaucoma.

As I was looking at the presidential hopefuls, I at one time
was carefully scrutinizing Dr Ben Carson.....intelligent, soft-spoken
Ben until he said he supported mandatory vaccinations and
wanted a more extensive war on drugs. That did it for me. Bye
bye Ben. It only proves he's tightly in bed with big pharma and
probably even drives one of those BMW's Daddy Pharma gives
away to doctors at the big freebie conventions.  As a doctor I
thought that Ben would especially value the merits of hemp.

I just saw a video on hemp oil by an elderly seasoned grower
of the precious medicine who lives in Nova Scotia. (Pat, there
ya go) but he was afraid Canada would be closing them down
soon, too. Too bad. The governments want all the money for
themselves. Ha

I wish Willie was my neighbor. I bet he has a good stash and
it would be heavenly to listen to him sing too.  Deam on.....

Do you have any definite views on legal hemp. I just bet
you do. Wanna share?