Monday, May 20, 2013

Three Bucks

3 bucks out look'n to make a little dough (ahem, doe)
These guys are the whole dang reason I'm putting up chicken wire around my flowers and trees.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

That Time of the Year

Next to dancing, I love gardening

Some new little fruit trees I'm planting. Height of expectation, planting trees at my age.

The ceiling of my neat little greenhouse. 

All my life I've had gardens, both veggies and flowers. I learned at a very young age to plant with the Moon. I plant root vegetables in the Moon's 3rd quarter but I missed it this year so I thought, what the heck, I'll plant in the 1st.  No good. The daikon bolted already, meaning all tops and no bottoms.  Another reminder that we must respect and live with nature.
Adios Bloggie Friends

Monday, May 13, 2013

Work The Room

Because my husband had a ball team, we were obligated to attend many parties. Calvin, the typical  Sagittarius, loved a social setting with a lot of sports people. He neither smoked nor drank but looked forward to gathering with the "guys" for rousing sports conversations and I was always left to seek my own party talk.

When we arrived at a party, Calvin would give me a little peck on the cheek (well, it was really along with a pat on the fanny) and say, "Go work the room." Very few women attended sports functions so I soon realized that it was to my advantage to learn how to talk sports with the "guys."  It soon became apparent that a wife could either enhance or hinder her husband's reputation and I chose the first. (A feminist, I am not)

Now I started equating  blogging to "Working the room." Successful bloggers really know how to "Work the room" with their varied gift of gab and the proof is in the blogs that sparkle. Within my  circle of bloggie friends, I'd like to mention some who really know how to "Work The Room."

                            Work The Room Bloggers

The first blogger who comes to mind, and REALLY knows how to  "Work The Room," is Gary, who writes  KLAHANIE  and also posts for Penny, a terrier of modest internet stardom.  He writes meaningful comments to every blogger (not just the one-worders).
Gary can make you laugh, cry or put you in a world of fantasy.

Hilary from Positive Letters....inspirational stories could work 5 rooms with a different subject for each individual. She is a gracious lady who writes of life in UK, history, films, pubs or how to make a pond pudding. Her posts are sometimes spicy, sometimes melancholy, but always entertaining.

Terry who writes My Journey with Candida writes about natural health and any subject that happens to pop into her head. You never know what to expect with Terry but you always get a lively and positive post and she could work a whole bunch of rooms.

Murr writes  her blog, Murrmurrs with a subtle humor that I love. I read one of her sentences and stop for a moment before it hits me........ then I break into laughter and think, OMG, that is the funniest thing I've read. Talk about "Working a room."

The place where I spend most of my time when blog-reading is "It's Rhyme Time," authored by Pat Hatt, writer of children's books. But the blog is actually written by a Cat.  Pat has created a kind of sanctuary home-base, reminiscent of the old TV Cheer's bar, where everyone knows "your name." (As the song says)  Because it feels so much like home, there are conversations within conversations pertaining to Cat's rhymed post or the scramble for #1. Most of the comments are written in rhyme, although not obligatory, words just sorta start rhyming after you visit a few times. "Working a room" is Pat's middle name.

While lurking at Pats, I met some people who are pretty good room-workers in their own right.
Poke the rock tells it exactly like it is, minces no words and expects no less in return. She is also a talented artist who favors illustrating her point with stick people or finger puppets.

Another lurker that I met at Pats is Mail4Rosey. Rosey posts about the adventures of daily life. It's always fun to peep  into the lives of a family and get to know them. She would be a sparkling asset to any room working.

And there is John Debellis, a stand-up comic who writes Another 920 Spot. He writes his one-liners about controversial subjects that often lead to a lively conversation. (I think he likes that)   John would schmooze his way around a room with the best of em.

Then we have the two Susans. Susan Swiderski writes, "I think, therefore, I Yam"  
and her humor knocks my socks of (and my boots). And there is Susan Kane, writer of
"The contemplative cat," who posts illustrious flash fiction.  Put them in a room together.
WOW..... the room will be worked.

Mark Means is another blogger I'd put my money on to work a room and then do a repeat. Mark writes "Left and Write. adding a touch of spice and sparkle to his magnificent writing.

Robin writes "Your daily Dose."   Her blog smacks of humor in her writing of a personal experience, politics, films, songs, you name it.  Here is a Room Worker who will also hold your interest with a torch song as she sits poised upon the grand piano.

Arkansas Patti is author of "The New Sixty"  a blog of humorous stories and I relish every word.
A gal with a colorful past makes delightful reading. Patti would WOW the whole room.

There are many more but a dozen (The Dirty Dozen but I guess it's really a baker's dozen) will be enough room workers for now.  If you have time, I suggest you pay them a visit and watch
them weave their magic.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Pinnacle of Audacity

The Pinnacle of Audacity
Puss thinks she is "king of the hill" when she can take over Cody's prize possession.
I thought fur would fly but Cody backed off .........................


Second Choice

 And went to her other bed in the crate. Is that called sibling sympathy or sharing or what?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Women Smokejumpers

Women  smokejumpers hold the bar of excellence to a high degree. 

Fire season is here and no one is more revered than our fire fighters.  When they return from a fire,  cheering people line the streets for a welcome home.  Smokejumpers are flown into remote fire areas and parachute in.  During the season, bags are packed and the moment the call comes, they are in the plane. 

Women have been smokejumping since 1981 and have to pass the rookie test along with the men. The test consists of 7 pull-ups, 25 push-ups, 45 sit-ups, run a mile 1/2 in less then 11 min., carry 110 lb over 3 miles in less then 1 1/2 hr., finish by making it over a 6 ft wall.  A stigma was attached to women smokejumpers in the beginning.  The men didn't want the public to think their super tough job was easy if a woman could do it. Women soon proved otherwise as they jumped from planes and fought fires shoulder to shoulder with the men.

In the year 2001, out of 400 smokejumpers, 35 were women.  This year there are 370 jumpers spread across 9 bases. The Montana base is located in Missoula. 

What a comfort it is to have our fire fighters on the job. I sayGO FIRE FIGHTERS and
Photo by Kenton Rowe from an article by Lori Messenger in Montana Magazine