Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Hour of Long Shadows

I  am not a person of spikey, peaky, up or down emotions. In other words,
I don't think I'm moody, at least I've never been accused of it.  Within
 life's normal circumstances, I usually feel content and happy BUT there
 is one exception that no one has ever noticed nor have I ever talked about
 it and here I am, devulging it to all bloggieland. (We tend
to get bold when we are talking to a screen.)

This is what I have noticed.  In the summer hour,
 before the sun is setting, when it casts long shadows, an extreme sadness
rushes into the pit of my sttomach, like a home sick feeling for someone
or some place. Weather conditions always have to be the same; no wind,
warm, the feeling of stillness in the world and I'm looking at long shadows.

All of the conditions have to be there, for this sad feeling to occur, so it
isn't something that happens with regularity BUT it has been with me
my whole life.

Ken is a trusted psychic I've known for a long time and I've used his
ability mostly as a medical intuitive. He has never been wrong and his
findings can always be proven correct with western medical testing as
x-rays, etc.  During one session with him, I mentioned this "long shadow"
 occurance. Ken said, "Just a minute," as he went into his little trance or
the thing that he does.

This is what he said.  In a past life, when the weather
conditions were exactly as I mentioned, I watched my four sons be

Yes, I do know I have been reincarnated........way too many times
to ever count and I also know many people think it's hogwash.
Whatever. It is just my little true story.

So, knowing this, do I still have the sad feeling during the perfect
condition of the long shadows?  Yes I do BUT there is now a
feeling of understanding  and........I know this sounds silly........
also a feeling of forgiveness associated with it.
Have you ever experienced past life feelings that you would 
like to share?