Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Take on the Story

Happy 4th Thursday of Novenber 
and to Americans, Happy Thanksgiving.
Yesterday I drove to Bozeman to be with my family.

What is your take on the Thanksgiving story?  Here are the facts I just
looked up. The first Thanksgiving was ordered by the Pilgrim church to
give thanks because they had survived the gruesome winter.

William Bradford, who had been chosen leader, designed a communal
farming system, where everyone worked and had an equal share in
the land and the food. But it didn't work. Some people, knowing they
would receive their share if they worked or not, became lazy and put
a burden on those who did work. It just simply failed and they
almost starved.

Then Bradford divided up the land and gave each person their own
piece of land so they might farm for only their family and do with it
as they wished. Ahhh, privatized farming. Huge success. Each person
took pride in ownership and no one was lazy if they wanted to eat.

 July 20, 1623, a 2nd Thanksgiving took place but this time it
was to celebrate and give thanks for their abundant prosperity.

That story certainly brings a message at this particular time.

Monday, November 25, 2013

It Was Sunday Morning

Car exhausts linger low in the air and the snow
 has a definite squeaky crunch.
Hoarfrost covers the power lines and fences. You 
KNOW it's cold. The outdoor thermometer registers
8 degrees. I pad around the kitchen in sheepskin slippers,
wearing cotton flannel PJ's from Vermont Country Store
Catalog, as I dish out breakfast for the critters.

"Thank you, thank you." A beautiful cold Sunday that
gives me reason for going back to bed and reading. A
whole glorious day of reading from that exciting pile
of unread books beside my bed. For one thing, I'm
reading my way through the presidents, in no special
order. Look out Jackson, here I come.

I go back in my bedroom and close the door to all
distractions. I snuggle down into a warm comforter and
grab a book from the unread pile. I deserve this.

How was your Sunday?

Some of my unread pile

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Family Affair

I believe in marriage
I believe kids get values when raised in a family
I believe in Astrology

John Gray, author of the Venus/Mars books, says, "The average length of a marriage/relationship is about 5 years."

Reason: The average person experiences
constant stimulation with Facebook, drugs,
Miley Cyrus, reality TV, Mayor of Toronto, sex
life of Kim Kardashian and eating in gourmet
We expect constant titillation and after 5 years with the same person, boredom sets in. So we
dump the relationship and go on to titillation with someone new..

The present educational system encourages sexual conduct of kids by providing sex classes and arranging abortions. The government affirms that they (the gov't) are now the family of the children.
 In reality, when parents are absent, this brainwashing works and puff, like the magic dragon, the
family vanishes.

Astrology,  divided into 12 houses, lists the 7th house for marriage and the 5th house for love and romance. Ah Ha..... what does this mean? Anyone can figure this means marriage is a contract, a consolidation of properties. BUT.....The 5th house is for romance and (affairs).

So.... ah.... how do we get back to marriage and family values?

It's simple: Return to the 50's values of "stay married (protection of the assets) and have family
dinners, smoke cigarettes and have lusty affairs.  It always worked in the movies.
Problem solved...... lol
If you don't like my solution, do you have a better one?
Happy Thursday, Dear Bloggie Friends.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Put Your Money

"Put your money where your mouth is."
 Someone once said that to me and I'm not sure what they meant.  Is it, "Do the things you talk about?" OK..... I do.

This is another one of those unpopular posts about healing with herbs. I realize most people
prefer to take a chemical pill and I'm always
yapp'n about herbs.

In an old book I found a recipe for liver cleanse
from 1802 by a Swiss doctor. I used it last month and had marvelous results. The four herbs are
Angelica, Dandelion root, Gentian root and Wormwood.  I sat and looked at the recipe for at least a year because modern herbals give Angelica credit to being a very dangerous herb. Phooey, probably not as dangerous as swallowing a prescription pill.

I do not recommend this to anyone unless they live their life by herbs. Terry, at My Journey With Candida, went on this cleanse with me (again) this past weekend. She is posting on it too and you can get a different angle from her.  What a find when I first came upon her blog. It's exciting and comforting to share health experiences and I found a beautiful friend.

Another natural healing tid-bit.  Essiac tea or Herbal Extract prevents and cures most cancers. Of course, not sold in the US (although you can purchase the individual herbs and brew it yourself) so I order mine from Canada.

I have a spot of skin cancer on my face, which is no surprise, because I'm in the sun all summer.  It's been there for a couple of years but lately turned aggressive. I began taking Essiac six weeks ago and already the area has shrunk to half the size. Main herbs are Burdock, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm, and Indian Rhubarb.

Another proven herbal cure for skin cancer is "Black Salve" made from the plant, "Blood Root."
I bought some and at first was going to use that but the area is close to my eye. Blood Root will pull out the whole cancer within a few days but I prefer not to use it on my face.
Another Happy Monday, Dear Bloggie Friends.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Happy Monday Veterans Day dear bloggie friends.
Take a veteran to lunch.
I'm going to write a short post about change. Not the hope and change that was promised with the present government administration because that is coming along nicely.  I just want to mention change in general. Change doesn't agree with me. My across the street neighbor is moving this week and I am sad to see her leave. I guess good neighbors are luck of the draw and I have been absolutely blessed with the best neighbors one could ever wish for.  It will feel like a big void in my life when Judy closes the door for the last time on her comfortable brick house. We have come to know each others habits  so well and in that way we tend to look out for each other.

I say, "good neighbors will last forever, if they don't move away." lol
Do you have good neighbors?

As many of you know, Flamenco has been my thing for most of my life. My granddaughter sent me a card with this picture on the front. I go into hysterics every time I look at it.

Monday, November 4, 2013

A glitch is a glitch, a glitch, a witch, no not Mr. Ed


There seems to be a little fracas about health care these days. People can't sign up for health care because of a "glitch." Lions and tigers..... oh my goodness. What's going to happen to the human body if it doesn't get chemicals dumped on the cells. WHY.... WILL WONDERS NEVER CEASE....... THE BODY MAY JUST BE ABLE TO HEAL ITSELF.

A glitch, a glitch, is there a witch (doctor) in the house????
Do you really believe that a country that has the electronic sophistication of gathering and storing every word we utter or write can be so clumsy and inept about setting up a call-in program for people who want to sign up for health care???????

I like to watch magicians work and notice the way they draw attention to one hand so the audience can't see what the other hand is doing.  Let's see, as I stroke my chin and purse my lips in a thinking aspect.  ummmm  ..... if enough insurance companies drop people, they'll be chomp'n at the bit to sign up for health care, even if it costs a bazillion dollars. Good idea......can't be without the chemicals for long.

Acute care is necessary. Surgeons have skillful steady hands that can performm miracles but as for the rest of the doctoring, one can do a better job on themselves. Herbs are the greatest.

 No one asked, but that is just my opinion from the side lines.