Friday, July 29, 2011

Cody thinks humanoids are funny. Above is a picture of the parking lot for a doggie walk. You park, enter through the gate and follow the chosen path.

Do you see anything odd? The pet owners are out for their own exercise as well as the dogs......YET ......they park as close to the gate as possible. I've seen cars wait for a space near the gate. Is this crazy or am I? If you are out for a walk, what's a few extra steps? They're a plus, in my book.

Cody says, "Don't bother me. I'm too busy sniffing every blade of grass."

P.S. Guess which car is mine. (Hint it's a red X-Terra)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Gary Indiana

I get songs stuck in my head. Old songs, songs from the past, songs that young people of today probably never heard of. I don't know the newer songs or music because I've been remiss about keeping up with all aspects of the times.

Has anyone ever been to Gary, Indiana? I haven't. But the song, Gary, Indiana from Music Man has always made me curious about the city. I sing it because it's a happy song and it adds joy to my heart.

I found a video on YT of Robert Preston singing Gary, Indiana from the movie of Music Man. Pop in for a few bars if you don't remember the song...... or not. Have a very cheerful day, dear bloggy friends.

Here it is~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Lavender

Lavender Blue, Dilly Dilly
Lavender Green
When I am King, Dilly Dilly
You Shall be Queen

My lavender is in full bloom. I felt sorry for the lady who came into the garden store of Costco yesterday and asked for lavender and they said they were all out. She looked so disappointed. I would be too, without my lavender.

Toss a few sprigs of lavender into your bath for a sensual fragrance and sink into dreamland. Repeat over and over, "You shall be queen." If I were to be queen, I'd have been born into royalty or my name would have been Kate or Grace. What say?

Friday, July 15, 2011

My 7 Links

Thanks to Red, of "Red's Australian Round-Up," I've been nominated to participate in My 7 Links, started by Katie @ Tripbase.

Evidently this idea is new and surging through the blogosphere. I have to place 7 of my posts in different categories and in turn I will nominate 5 bloggers to do the same.

Choosing the post is darn-right difficult. On re-reading my old posts, none of them seem to explode with excitement and some of them make me want to hide under the table.

But here goes......
My Most Beautiful Post ....... The Garden
Also my last post. The subject is the garden I'm trying to create and the established English garden I discovered.

My Most Popular Post ...... To Spritz or Not to Spritz
This post asked the question," is it OK to wear perfume in public?" There were lively comments on both sides but the general opinion seemed to favor "no perfume in public."

My Most Controversial Post .............. Spa Day Montana Way
This post is a pun on fancy, glitzy day spas. Old radon mines in Montana are popular with natural healing as a cure for certain diseases. Cody (dog) and I spent a couple hours in The Merry Widow mine in Basin.

My Most Helpful Post .......... What is a Feedlot
This post tells of the horrors that cattle are subjected to before the beef hits the supermarkets, all wrapped and red in cellophane.

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me ...... Bata de Cola
This post was the letter B for the A-Z April Blog Challenge. My theme was Flamenco and a Bata de Cola is the Spanish dress with a long train. The interest in this dress surprised the heck outta me.
A Post That Didn't Get the Attention it Deserved ...... Where is All The Talent
This post was very early in my blog writing and I doubt if I had any followers at that time. The post says that people die with their talents and all the talent ends up in the cemetery. Older talented people could pass on their secrets and teach younger people.
The Post I'm Most Proud Of ......... Car Show According to Marilyn
My friend, Marilyn and husband were taking their kids plus neighbor kids to a car show. Their car broke down on the way and they spent hours at a service station. The kids amused themselves at an old car graveyard out back of the station while the parents twiddled their thumbs. Too late to go to the car show, they were wondering how to tell the kids. On the way home, the kids were excited and thanked them over and over for the fun day at the car show. Moral of the story..... give kids an old car graveyard to play in any day, over shiny new cars.
What's next?

I'm to nominate 5 people to pass this on to and they will do the same as above. (If they are so inclined.) There are sooooo many followers I would like to select but I'm choosing 5 who have been with me since "Tad Was a Pup." Here they are in no special order.

The New Sixty ............ by Arkansas Patti

Teresa Evangeline ........ by Teresa

My Journey With Candida Terry

The Feathered Nest .......... by Delores

This & That, Here & There, Now, Sometimes Then ....... by Su-sieee
Thank you for being my faithful followers throughout all my posts, no matter how dippy they were. Now it's your turn.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Garden

Bloggy Land is bursting with colorful posts of birds and flowers. My flowers are new, whimpy and uninteresting in their primitive state. On a drive to my son's house, I happened to spot the above established, slightly unkempt, and beautifully wild garden. I stopped to gaze and take a picture.

Scene 1
I had arrived at my son's and he was telling me about his friend who traveled in his job but rented out his house by the week during the summer. No intellectual biggie, just random conversation between Mother and son.

Scene 2
Next our conversation moved on to landscaping. I mentioned that I had stopped to look at a garden I liked and described it. Son asked, "Was the house yellow?" I didn't know because I wasn't looking at the house but I said I had snapped a picture as I dug my camera out of my purse. Sure and behold, it was his friend's house. All I could think of was, the lucky people renting the house for a week and discovering the garden as a beautiful, bountiful bonus.

Scene 3
Back at my house. I studied my newly planted lonely single plants and knew it would take years to reach that wild leonine look I wanted. Is there time to grow a garden? I'm not foolish enough to grow a tree but perhaps a few more seasons of flowers is not unreasonable.

This is a part of my rock garden area. Still lots of vacant space for planting.

Thankfully I planted these peonies when I first bought the house. What a delight.
I hope all my bloggy friends are enjoying the summer, birds and their gardens BUT now, as Voltaire said, "We can all go out and cultivate our gardens."

Monday, July 4, 2011

I Ponder

You are all probably familiar with the videos of this beautiful man who was born without arms or legs. In comparison to what he has accomplished with his limitations, we with normal bodies, should be stars in another galaxy. Some of us are but also many of us sit in a dark funk, complaining about, "Lord knows what!" We've been given this generous gift of a body with limitless capabilities. When I have doubts, I love to watch this man bring me back in balance.

Gibson Guitars sponsor Saturday afternoon performances in Bozeman, Montana. My Granddaughter, Ashly, is frequently asked to participate. It's an informal setting with a comfortable feeling of participation between entertainers and audience. I wanted to shoot some vids with my Flip so I was trying for a better view. Ashly announced, "My Grandmother is playing musical chairs. She's changed seats 3 times." This brought a lively discussion about my motives and I wanted to hide under the stage. But twas all in fun and here is part of a song, "Room to Roam." Excuse the shaky parts. Ha