Sunday, January 8, 2012

I've Been Absent

Dear Bloggy Friends,
Some of you are wondering if I'm sick because I haven't posted or commented recently. Yes, I'm sick at heart. My body aches for Americans because our Constitution has been violated. I could scream, "Why do people want to give up their freedom?" I've lived my life but so many of you haven't. Are you aware we will have no Constitution to fall back on? Do you even care? Why did our elected officials, yes, the very people we sent to Washington, choose to remove our civil liberties? I'm talking about the passing of the NDAA bill. (National Defense Authorization Act). The bill comes up every year to appropriate money for the military. That's OK but here are 2 new clauses that are terrifying.

I did read the bill but it's long and much that old ladies don't understand. The one clause, to arrest without a warrant and hold without a trial, violates our 4th, 5th and 6th amendments, as I see it. If that isn't scary enough, the other clause is aimed right at WW3. It imposes tough sanctions on Iran's state-owned Central Bank. The sanctions will freeze any institution doing business with Iran's monetary authority. Half of Iran's oil sales are processed through this bank. It would be like an oil embargo. A scrap metal and oil embargo is why Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Other things were involved but that was the catalyst. I do remember.

Every war I've lived through has been launched after a staged provocation. The elite must convince the people that a foreign enemy threatens their way of life. Where no genuine threat exists, they have no qualms in manufacturing one.

President Wilson and the sinking of the Lusitania..... staged. Think nothing of the lives that were lost for greed. The wars on terror and Vietnam.... all manufactured. We all know FDR had to pull a lot of strings to get the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor and for over a year, he stalked German U-Boats with old sub-chasers, inviting the Germans to fire on them. I guess I've been kind of a student of wars all my life and researched them.

When the powers that be, in the foreign banks, need money, they give the word to start the war. But it has to be manufactured provocation to produce the element of FEAR. Then there is an outcry of the people to start the war and people, you have been bam-boozeled all along.

If a 3rd world war occurs, not only will your sons be sent off to die, there will be a depression that will make the 30's look like you lost your lunch money. Already China and Russia said they would side with Iran. Think people. Raise your voice before it's too late.....and it almost is.

Americans, if you value your freedom or really aren't aware of what you are losing, please look at the video below. You'll be glad you did. He says it far better than I can.