Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ole Mister Blues Ain't Got Me

Ole Mister Blues Ain't Got me because I installed my full spectrum light bulbs. I keep 3 bulbs scattered throughout the house, one by my computer, my reading spot by the sofa, and by my bed.

In short, the light mimics the qualities of natural sunlight and perks up the people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Syndrome. I don't know if I'm one of them because for years, I've used the bulbs during the winter before Ole Mister Blues had a chance to get to me.

Of course, you lucky people living in tropical zones can kiss natural sunlight hello and the blues good-by but for the rest of us, bulbs do the trick.

I happen to buy Blues Buster because that's what my local health food store carries but there are many brands, as Chromalix, Verulux and sold under cutsie names. Every member of my family used to ski. Now my youngest son, age 48 is still hot-shot of the slopes. His skiing family gets that high altitude natural sun but they still use the bulbs. I've heard people talking about winter depression, but we seem to avoid it with the seasonal light bulbs.

Blues can be good for something...... West Coast Swing. You don't have to know all the intricate moves, just get up and let your hips tell your body what to do. OO la la. Some hot moves for Mamas and Papas !!!!!!


  1. Oh wow!! What a song!!! Woo-hooo!! I feel like lighting up a cigarette, downing a shot of whiskey straight up no ice and looking cool in the shadows. Amazing!!!

    I have a work colleague who uses these light bulbs - she has a lamp at her desk with said bulb and turns it on over the winter. It doesn't seem to help her though -she's still as miserable as she is when it's summer! LOL!!!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday! Take care

  2. The sun actually peaked thru the clouds here today for all of 4 and a half seconds. Just enough to remind us that it really is still there behind the gloom. I could feel my shoulders begin to relax and a smile start on my face. I love the sun. Bahamas here I come.

  3. You are such a wise and clever woman. I think I'll stick with you for my regular doses of light and sunshine. xo

  4. This is such a great song! I found it not too long ago in a show I watch and wasn't able to find it again, I was thrilled to find it here!! I also love the full spectrum lights, they are a wonderful invention!! My friend over at One Mixed Bag had a fun post of all her favorite bloggers today so I just had to come and check out your place! I am now a new follower and looking forward to more wonderful posts. :)

  5. Old Kitty,
    You're the greatest and the most fun. Too bad you can't give that work friend a small piece of your attitude and se wouldn't need the bulbs. Tee Hee

    We need sun. Our bodies crave sun. Lucky you off to the Bahanas.

    You are so sweet. And I thank you very much.

    Coupon Queen,
    Thanks for stopping and I will be over to see you and become your follower.


  6. Found ya! Had to go to Bernie's blog, but found ya!

    I've always wondered if those bulbs worked. Lord knows there's never enough sun on the eastern seaboard in the winter. Might be worth checking out!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be stopping by here more often!

  7. I turn on my full spectrum light every dark winter morning! Love it. Thanks for following my blog. Following you back! Is your name connected to Manzanita, Oregon, my favorite beach place?

  8. ryoko861,
    Bernie is sweet to "pimp" other blogs :) I'm happy to meet you

    Galen Pearl,
    A beach place named Mananita. Never heard of it but it must be very well established. Ha

    From Manzanita. Thank you dear bloggy friends for your lovely comments.

  9. I LOVE Robert Johnson. Think I will go put on some tapes now.
    I don't seem to feel the lack of sunlight blues but it probably wouldn't hurt to get at least one bulb. Thanks.

  10. Great video clip. My desk is by a big window, and the blinds are always open. Most days we have sunlight. Today is cloudy and rainy. That's OK because we need the rain. But I love sunshine.

  11. I love the blues, even if it is sung by the whang of only 3 or 4 strings on an old beat up guitar. But I don't do emotional blues..ha.
    The snow and excitment of it is gone, the sun is shinning bright and the temperature will be in the 60's Friday. I will take that!

  12. Loved Robert Johnson. Sunlight surely gives a feeling of full energy.
    Wishing you a happy new year!

  13. Thanks for visitng my blog and commenting in it.

  14. I think I better go find me some of those light bulbs. Winters are long, cold and just plain hard here in Alberta.

    do the bulbs come with sounds of waves laping the shore and the smell of soft warm breezes.
    just wondering.

  15. Patti,
    Your clime is warmer than Mt.... I know you get the ice in fact I had an accident in your state on Thanksgiving day because of the ice. Never forget that!!! It was in Fayetville.

    Sunshine for the Sunny.... and that's Carol.

    I love West Coast Swing. You can do that to any blues.... Love your comments... see you later..

    Thanks for stopping by and the comment.

    Ocean waves and smells of warm breezes????? aaahhh well maybe if you stretch the imagination a real lot :)

    Thanks everybody
    Love from Manzanita xo xo xo

  16. Never heard of full spectrum light bulbs, but I am seriously thinking about giving them a whirly-go.

  17. I'd not heard of them either, they sound great. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a wonderful 2011. xx