Thursday, January 28, 2016

What's to Happen?

Do you think we are living in scary times or 
is it business as usual for you without a care
in the world? 

Are you watching the presidential debates or do you leave that up to
someone else?  Trump said he may skip the debate tonight because of
Megyn Kelly but Joe Skousen says it's because Trump doesn't want to
get pinned down at this point with his answers to the Muslim
questions. That sounds more reasonable. Would Trump ever back
away from M. Kelly?  I think not. We'll see if he's there tonight.

I like Joel Skousen's political savvy, just as I liked his uncle, Cleon
Skousen, when he wrote "The Naked Communist" back in 1958.

Have you noticed how America has taken a flip-flop from the
times of the cold war?  Little kids used to check under their
beds at night to make sure there were no "commies" hiding.
Now, that kindly looking old gent and socialist,  Bernie Sanders,
draws in the young people by the thousands.

Do you think there will be an election in 2017 or do you think
there is a possibility of a national disaster?

Where do you think the stock market is heading?  Do you
think the Feds have scrapped the bottom of the barrel or do
you think they'll try a QE4? Everything seems to be in another
bubble right now. Will they burst and then fly around the room
backwards, like pricking a balloon? I have several
close widow friends who have their money tied up in the
market and naively trust a stock broker.  I suggested it may
be a good time to get out and buy metals. Nope, they trust
that "same as a shoe salesman," looking out for their best
interest.  Oh My God.

Just a few thoughts to ponder.


  1. The country has survived many bad Presidents, I think well be ok. As to finance, no one ever profited from panicking.

    1. Joeh
      I have that gut feeling that this is it. It's taken a long time and they've been patient and some of them just get old and die so what does that do for those individuals. I know Charlote Iserby (sp) writes about skull and bones and I believe her father was one of the founders (she's my age). That must have been still in the 1800s and their first plan was to take down the children by changing schools and the method of teaching. The actual dumbing down. Took a long time but they did a good job, I'd say.

  2. We are living in scary times, but I also think that every generation before us has thought the same thing and we seem to muddle through okay. it helps to not dwell on what might possibly happen, which is how I live; with me it's business as usual, all day every day. I'll deal with the bad when/if it happens.

    1. River
      Oh yeah....every generation had their own peculiar sets of problems.
      Thanks for the comment and enjoy the happy days.

  3. Hi Manzanita - life is carrying on as it does for the little people - we cope in our way ... sometimes sensibly, sometimes not. Politics seems to be around everywhere at the moment - and it's all fairly unpleasant. We need some honest talk ...

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary
      Yes, life has seemed fairly routine up to this point in time. I think a lot of people sense something like a storm or a huge wind like so many poets talk about. And then others just keep on living hand to mouth and don't feel a thing. LOL

  4. In all honesty I would never want to run a country but the people that do are all a bit crazy, we get reports on your politics and the bosses of all countries are very simular, but I must admit your Mr Trump is a bit crazier than most.

    1. OMG Merle
      That would be a horribly thankless job. Maybe it would have been easier earlier when this country was just beginning, but most likely not. Trump may sound a bit crazy but in truth, he's got the guts to say what many of the Americans are thinking. But who knows if that would make a good leader.
      thanks for the comment

  5. As far as safety goes we live in a time where we are safer than any other time, I mean if you slip and fall there is 911. 100 years ago, be screwed. As far as financial crap goes, I have nadda, so meh. I doubt it will go full bottom out, but you never know. Trump is a damn nut job, wanting to put up walls and kick people out and such, it's going backwards. And the ones who are behind him all seem to be bigoted a-holes. U.S. really does seem to be going backwards.

    The only national disaster I ever see happening is a great depression type situation again, something to do with the earth/weather screwing us or some sort of plague. Then there is you know some aliens decide to wipe us out, some nut with a nuke decides to set it off or a meteorite or something hits us, but those three are highly unlikely.

    In the end it will be the same old same old until it's not because the sheep don't want to break away from the herd and do anything else.

    1. I am greatly disturbed at Trump's supporters. If you don't support their position, they go all nuts on you. I think we've seen that movie before. In the 1930s.

    2. Yep, and those are the kind of nuts that are scary because they have this blind faith or whatever you want to call it in him and they'll be behind whatever he asks. No matter what.

    3. That's right. In the 1930s.

      Also never trust a stock broker, even when you're broke.

      Hi Manzi :)

    4. I'm sure it doesn't make any difference who becomes our next president.. It's difficult to tell who the devil is when they stand with their hand on your shoulder. That's what Spears used to say about Hitler. Did you read Joe Hagy's blog today? He said it's between a Wackadoodle, a Dickhead, a known liar, a pompous loudmouth and possibly a soda-hating 3rd party candidate. LOL

    5. Blue
      Stockbrokers can fool me once but not twice. So
      it's not shame on me. Haha

    6. Never twice at your shoe
      Well, good for you
      And I'll raise you a Scooby Doo!

    7. Pat
      This is going to feel spookier than when Cuba had all the nukes pointed at Florida. I recall it well. Now it will be from all directions. Another biological manufactured disease.... Silka or something.... I forgot.
      Would I really freeze if I spent a winter in your woods? Ha
      We used to have a summer cabin in Northern Minnesota and we could walk into Canada through the woods. Of course, in those days, I was still looking for a Mountie in the red coat and jodhpurs. Who says a uniform can't be sexy. Ah....Nelson Eddy.

  6. Sadly, each age has its demons. I was born at the end of the Great Depression and the beginning of WWII. Somehow we seem to manage the scary times but we may have a problem this time changing Mother Nature who has been abused. She isn't easily manipulated.
    If we could only rearrange our system of checks and balances so that it no longer bred gridlock.
    Sometimes I feel we are running out of time but I am sure my parents had that same feeling about the time I was born.

    1. Patti
      Yeah, I know what you mean but I don't think my parents ever had that feeling nor did I. For us the war ended the depression and everyone seemed to have great hope and expectation. Things were booming like a gold strike town. But I do get that feelig now. Not for me personally but for everyone and it's an unusual spooky feeling.

  7. I really don't know if we're poised on the brink of disaster or I'm just being a crazy old paranoid. One thing I DO know is that, for the first time in my life, I don't feel as if my government will protect me and my family if something very bad happens (I never felt that way under the Boner-in-Chief, Bill Clinton, or Mr. Peanut, Jimmy Carter). Heck, even FDR (THAT piece of work) urged Congress to declare war when we were attacked (for what it's worth, I believe he forced the Japanese's hand). Bottom line, I'm pessimistic. One of the things I say when I read about all the celebrities dying (Bowie, Rickman, Frey) is that "they're getting while the getting's good." I'm mostly joking. But, not completely.
    I recorded the debate last night because I worked. Not bad, but I wonder if it's just another example of politicians just blathering on and on.
    Trump? That dude scares me. I know my history. I've read about Weimar Germany and a bombastic speaker promising to make his country great again. And the legions who enthusiastically supported him.
    That didn't work out too swell.
    Trump would be GREAT fun over a beer. But we do not need a bar buddy as president.

    1. Al
      Not paranoid, at all. Heck no. But I understand what the NWO is trying to accomplish and that is mixing up all the ethnicities so everyone is all one homogenous blend. Look at Germany already. It's a real mess without any borders. Boner-in-chief.....hahaha funny one. Ya, Churchill knew he couldn't win the war with just France and Italy and FDR had made election promises to the mothers so he put all those sanctions on Japan and gathered the fleet in one vulnerable spot. Nimitz kept telling him it was dangerous but he was repeatedly told to stand down.
      I've felt the same way about 3 people that were friends since kindergarten. They all died just 2 months ago.
      This is hard to believe but a friend (she's 4 years older than I am) who grew up in Germany keeps insisting that they, meaning her family NEVER know what was going on until it was actually over. She kept saying that they felt the depression but life for the average German just went on as usual. And then again recently I met a neighbors mother who also grew up in Germany and she said the same thing.
      Do you think they were just in denial? They had to know Germany was at war but perhaps they didn't know about the Jewish people but that too, seems impossible. What do you think?
      Even though Trump may be a narcissist, they can make great leaders because they always have to be center stage. I think he's done a great job of putting the kobosh to all this political correct el crapo.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I don't think it's impossible, as crazy as that sounds. Normal people preoccupied with their normal lives. Yeah, I can see it. As far as the war? Good grief. If you lived in Dresden (to name one), you had to know things weren't going well.
      I really hope I'm wrong about Trump. I'm just afraid he's the Right version of the leftist POS we have right now.

    4. Al
      Sorry, I don't get online very often, anymore. So many of the Jewish people were shop owners and wouldn't you think they wondered why they were all closed? I think they must hav been like frozen statues, not able to speak or think. Perhaps they even rejected the whole thing so much that they believed the lie.
      Yeah, Trump has's prob the narcissist in him that is taking over. Very typical and pathetic of that
      personality . What exactly does the phrase, "going to hell in a handbasket," mean?

    5. I used to know the meaning behind that phrase (there really is one), but I've forgotten.

    6. I used to know the meaning behind that phrase (there really is one), but I've forgotten.

  8. Arkansas Patti pretty much voiced my thoughts.

    I don't watch the news anymore.

    1. Susan
      I'm going to get rid of cable. I'm spending $200 a month and I rarely ever turn on the tube anymore.

  9. Playing with the stock market is another form of gambling, which your friends ought to realize and thus not put all their eggs in one basket. Trump become our President? Shudder. When the man loses money on a project, he walks away and claims bankruptcy. I can see him doing that to our government, and selling our country to the biggest bidders who give him the most money and pretense of power. I don't think he has any leadership or management skills that make him capable of running our government. Hopefully the majority of voters see through Trump.

    1. Susie
      So far, so good. It's been a good life in this country with all the freedom we've always had. Sometimes I let my mind wander to what it would be like to live in a country without those freedom. Not very pleasant.

  10. You pose several frightening questions--I wish I had the answers!!

    1. Fishducky
      I suppose, shortly, we'll all know the answers.

  11. I think I'm naturally a paranoid person. Here in South Africa I'm always fearing for the worst. Our economy is in the toilet right now and our government just keeps making things worse. I hope things will improve for you, though. That someone will be elected that will only make your country better, and who you approve of, of course:)

    1. Dear Murees
      I have always found politics to be extremely interesting.
      Just that little tid-bit you mentioned, I find interesting but of course, a real hardship for your people. I've heard there will be economic up-heaval here too, and very shortly. People throughout the world find it hard to believe when the monetary system goes awry, esp. after such good times.
      Thank you, Murees, for the kind words and I sound like Ms. Beauty Queen contestant when I say, I want world peace and comfort. (smile)

  12. My mom has trusted a funeral director to take her life insurance out of my name, and put it in the funeral home's name, so she can be so sure everything is done the way she wants it done. I'd do it the way she wants, she knows that, but 'the funeral director is so 'nice' and he was so wonderful when her mom (my sweet Gram) passed.' He's not trying to rip her off, oh no!!! She's a grown woman, I voiced my opinion, she can do what she wants. I never asked her what she did. She never volunteered, so I'm assuming she changed it over.*silly* and shame on that man.

    1. Dear Rosie
      You clicked open a memory for me. I remembered that my mother did the same thing. But she lived in a very small town where everyone knew each other and seemed to trust them too. (Something I've lost in my old age). I think that pre-payment is something that funeral directors seem to practice. It's fine if they REALLY can be trusted because it does take some of the decisions and burden off the mourners. But there are so many scammers out there so how can we know just who to trust. To try to put your mind at ease, I'm telling you that my mother's funeral went OK but I definitely think it's the old-fashioned thing of the past.

    2. I'm glad to hear yours went well. I hope my mom's does too, but I don't want it to happen for a long, long time. ;)

    3. Rosie
      I know. Mom's are so dear and so much missed when they are gone. I still spend a few moments thinking of my mother each day of my life.

  13. I must be a masochist, because I've watched most of the debates. I even watched Trump's "event" when he skipped the Fox debate. Not that I am a Trump supporter. Far from it. He shudders the stuffing out of me, and it amazes me how many good decent people cheer his hate-mongering, obnoxious, in-your-face insults, lies, and half-truths. He is a bombastic narcissist, and I truly hope he doesn't get the nomination.

    Yet, still, I remain optimistic. I still believe good will overcome evil in the end, and I think this is a fascinating time in history to be living. Even if the worst does happen? I can only die once, and that's gonna happen, no matter what, so I simply don't worry about it. I just learn as much as I can about what's going on in the world, hang onto my ideals as best as I can, and enjoy the ride.

    1. Susan
      I probably could have been a Trump supporter when he first started out. But now his rantings seem childish and embarrassingly pathetic. That is making him lose ground fast.
      Shudders the stuffing...... I like that phrase. I do understand it completely. You are seeing this whole political situation for what it is and very few people do and yet, you are able to claim the optimistic side. That is so benificent a trait. I lost mine and I know that I will never see the good prevailing. It would be so far into the future.....that is my fear. What about the planet? Would it ever recover? I guess it did once from the fossils we find...but the world now needs more people like you, Susan, with your positive mindset and faith in the future. I have to learn to keep my negativity mouth shut because I really do want all that is good and beautiful again. Zip.... (that's my mouth) LOL
      Thank you for your wise and beautiful words.

  14. Hello, greetings and good wishes.

    Presidential debates in US are always very interesting. My favorite is either Donald Trump or Hillary. Let us see what happens.

    Stock markets in India are highly fluctuating and many investors have lost money. Many are tuning towards gold as an investment and gold prices have shot up.

    In India one of the biggest topic at present is the intolerance debate. Political parties are calling each other intolerant and the present BJP government is trying to push their Hindutva agenda on the people. People who are against their agenda are called anti nationals and asked to go to Pakistan.

    There is a great upheaval in our Capital Delhi. A student has been arrested by the police for sedition although he did not utter a word to invite this draconian law.

    Some unruly lawyers who call themselves patriots beat up the students and journalists in Patiala court today and the police watched on as silent spectators.

    Very turbulent times in India indeed.

    Best wishes

  15. Oh, my god, Joseph.Thank you for filling me in on some happenings in India. I'm a news hound and mostly bore people
    silly and my family has silently rejected me with talk of my political conspiracies. But in most talk there is some truth ...... unfortunately it only comes out later. LOL Your comment is of great interest because I never find very much news about India. It does sound as if the same topics are clucking around the world.
    The intolerance debate sounds much like the word "racist" that is being tossed around here and in many other English speaking countries. Actually, there are some people here that I would like to send to Pakistan too. LOL In truth, I've always wanted to visit that part of the world from the time I was very young. I have been a seeker of natural health and I used to read about the Hunzas and how they were able to keep their good health because of seclusion to the rest of the world. But now with the highways (is it the silk road?) everything has changed.
    Do you see how easily I drifted off the subject? Sorry about that. Our countries seem to be sharing the same agenda and therefore, the same political problems. I feel that the stock market is flopping around like a fish before it's sudden demise. I have almost rejected all news on TV and I've returned to the radio where there is still a little more freedom of speech.
    And just why do policemen stand back in the face of violence? They must have their orders from somewhere.
    Thank you again for your interesting news. I always look forward to you inciteful posts.

    1. Hello,

      Here is an interesting extract from NEW YORK TIMES about India.
      They say the world is watching us. A New York Times editorial today proves just that. And well, the impression isn't quite nice.

      In a stinging editorial, The New York Times has blamed the Modi government for cracking down on JNU students and stifling freedom of expression in India.

      The “authoritarian drift” of the Modi government has come under sharp criticism by the newspaper which squarely blamed it for “the lynch mob mentality” witnessed in New Delhi in recent days.

      An opinion piece on Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNU student who was arrested on charges of sedition, says that this "confrontation raises serious concerns about Mr. Modi’s governance and may further stall any progress in Parliament on economic reforms."

      The newspaper carried a separate article on the events in Delhi after the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, JNU student leader, on charges of sedition and said that the message was clear–violence in the name of ultra nationalism is acceptable.

      "Responsibility for this lynch-mob mentality lies squarely with Mr. Modi’s government," it notes.

      Not just the Prime Minister, NYT also takes a dig at his government and other ministers.

      Quoting Home Minister Rajnath Singh--“If anyone raises anti-India slogans and tries to raise question on the nation’s unity and integrity, they will not be spared,”-- the editorial said that "Mr. Singh apparently does not realize that, in a democracy, voicing dissent is a vital right, not a crime."

      In the concluding sentence, NYT asks the Indian Prime Minister to rein in his ministers or risk sabotaging India's economic progress.

      "Mr. Modi must rein in his ministers and his party, and defuse the current crisis, or risk sabotaging both economic progress and India’s democracy," it notes.

      Meanwhile, France’s leading daily ‘Le Monde’ said in an editorial that “the horizon of Indian democracy has been oddly clouded” since the coming to power of Modi.

      “The arrest of a student of JNU and a former professor in Delhi, accused of ‘sedition’, is the latest illustration of the authoritarian drift of a Hindu nationalist government...,” said the piece.

      Best wishes

  16. I'm really scared that there are that many Trump supporters. What does this say about our country?